Aquatic Weed Control in Charlotte NC | Greenville SC | Asheville NC

Hey it’s Richard here with Platinum Ponds & Lake Management. We are here today at an HOA that has a retention pond. This
retention pond is quite important because it is a full view of the water and a couple of fountains that they used to have that were working that are now broke. We’ve installed bottom aeration in it but today we are battling May 2015 variable pond weed. It pops up rather quickly last month it was not even anywhere to
be seen. We’ve been fighting this all last season in the early fall and late summer season had it completely under control and annihilated and you can see how quickly it raises its ugly head. This here grows in the bottom The leaf pops to the top to get sunlight and so therefore dyes are not an option. Just because it is going to get sunlight as soon as it breaks the surface of the water. So you can see it starting to
grow all the way around the perimeter of the pond. So what we are doing today is we’re using a systemic treatment and
aquatic herbicide to treat this aquatic weed here
in this retention pond. Of course you need an aquatic herbicide license to treat any water way that overflows into another waterway. We have that as well as special aquatic herbicides insurance just to make sure that we’re not
killing anything that we shouldn’t be killing. So we
do this on a monthly basis we have a monthly membership. So we invite you to check out our web
site. Shoot us an email fill out a form and we would be happy to do an aquatic map of your pond, measure the perimeter of the pond, the acreage of the pond and then we can just give you an exact quote
and what it would be to keep your aquatic weeds under control. It is really important each time you kill these aquatic weeds it adds to the
biomass in the pond and your slowly filling it in. These storm water ponds need maintenance and need to be kept up to prolong the possibility of dredging. Which is typically every 10 to 15 years. We’re trying to say the HOA money on the dredging costs by taking care of it on a monthly basis. Hope to hear from you soon. Of course check us out on the web at

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