Aquatic Xenomorphs (Swimmer Aliens) – Explained

While it has been proven in many depictions,
perhaps most memorably in Alien Resurrection, the xenomorph creature is able to swim and
navigate underwater, almost like a second nature, though it wouldn’t seem to be their
primarily ideal enviornment. With several different variants of Xenomorphs
shown throughout the extended universe, there would, in fact, be a specific breed of alien
where this is in fact the case. In the comic series Aliens: Colonial Marines,
the squad of grunts embark on a reconniscence mission to Bracken’s World, an Ocean-based
agriculturial Colony. Communications sweeps located an anomoly that
may be a marine base. Upon landing in the sector, they find the
area to be deserted, surrounded by Kelp beds, and while securing the area, the marines discover
a unique breed of Xenomorph below the surface of the water. These aquatic-based Xenomorphs, also known
as Swimmer Aliens, are massive in size, and very closely resemble Praetorians, also with
headcrests that are elongated, much like the Alien Queen. The dome, however, is flat at its top, which
can be seen emerging from the water when the creature is close to the surface, exposing
itself in a way similar to a shark’s dorsal fin. These Swimmers also have webbing between their
claws, further adding to their underwater maneuvering. The lower torso would clearly be the defining
difference between the Swimmer Alien and other xenomorphs, with a large, whale-like tail
and fins, strongly suggesting a sea creature of similar design was infected by a xenomorph
outbreak. The Bracken’s World colony seems to be harboring
a substantial horde of the swimmer aliens, with dozens, if not hundreds, that go on to
hunt the marooned squad of marines, and very true to the nature of the xenomorph, they
have adapted quite well to their ocean enviornment. Aquatic navigational abilities are able to
serve their predatory nature formidably- when first revealed, a Swimmer Alien leaps out
of the water, latches on to Private Cerrano, and dives back in with the doomed marine,
all in a quick, foul swoop that takes the entire sqaud off guard. The squad is cornered, with certain death
waiting in the dark waters below. While they’re able to fend off the initial
attack, with the APC damaged and secured above a Kelp bed, the marines have little else to
resort to than to wait atop the vehicle for rescue, which they estimate may take up to
90 minutes. They wait, while staying frosty, as more of
the aquatic beasts circle in the deadly waters surrounding them, leading to a tense stand-off
and sea-based battle. The Swimmer Aliens are as persistent and unified
in their attacks as other xenomorphs we’ve seen, tactfully attacking the APC from all
angles as the marines desparetly stave off the oncoming creatures. The Swimmers also seem to have a higher pitched
screetch, as apposed to some of the other growling and hissing we’ve seen from other
xenomorphs, and while manuevering best underwater, these xenomorphs also have the abilities to
walk on land surfaces as well, additionally carrying small, crab-like legs for such navigation. With these abilities, and especially their
ability to leap from the water at great heights, this breed of alien poses a very serious threat,
though after reinforcements are sent in to Bracken’s World, the horde is contained, and
finally subdued by a chemical fire, burning up the kelp beds and essentially boiling the
remaining xenomorphs to death. While featured in a large portion of the Colonial
Marines story arc, these specific Swimmer Aliens haven’t been featured outside of this
story, and it is never actually explained how this variant came to be. Could this xenomorph type be the product of
a facehugger attaching itself to an underwater creature? If so, what exact creature could it have been? Or do you think it may be a result of genetic
experimentation? Comment below and let me know your thoughts,
and also let me know if you’re interested in seeing further depictions of the Swimmer
Alien, if not in an actual movie, I think at least this particular Xenomorph may have
made for a unique opponent in an Alien-based video game. And NECA is always making cool adaptations
of Xenomorph Variants for their action figures, maybe it’s time they took a crack at the Swimmer
Alien. As always, thank you so much for watching,
I really appreciate it. And if you enjoyed the video, be sure to leave
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  • can u cover how does a chestburster have enough force to burst out of the hosts? im really curious about that

  • Ever since I watched BBC Walking with Dinosaurs – Sea Monsters, I was pretty convinced that if there's a place that has the most horrifying, monstrous predators, it's the oceans. And this video just proves my point.

    Water Xenomorphs? As if the terrestrial ones weren't scary enough. Imagine one of those monsters taking you to the water, you are drowning, your lungs being filled with water, your vision blurs, and you start to lose conscience as the Xenomorphs approach ready to tear you to shreds… You get my point, right?

  • lol as if these bastards weren't terrifying enough already

  • can a xenomorph build a hive on an asteroid?

  • do a speculation video on a Xenomorph Empress

  • I would really like some clarification on the boilers from "Aliens Colonial marines."

  • what about the queen in avp when she ends up in the Antarctic ocean would she go to Australia new Zealand Africa or south America

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  • The lower portion reminds me of a lobster.

  • Subbed…. Really enjoying your content. Keep it up.

  • 1:02 exposing itself. I don't know why but I pictured a Xenomorph pulling out his junk and flashing the marines lol.

  • that's why i love this channel you cover the same topics as some of the other channels do but you go so much more in depth with it and really doesn't feel like a retread of any materiel shared elsewhere

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  • Maybe it evolved or alien sea creature

  • this had to have been made frim genetic tampering

  • The queen alien couldnt swim in avp yes a chain was holding her down with that water container but she couldnt swim against it and froze to death i guess unless she made those creatures underwater dont forget in aliens the warrior alien swam underwater to grab newt

  • swimmer movie noaw

  • i think that the royal facehuger infected a wail

  • One thing is certain. All those weird new breeds of aliens created by comic books completely destroyed original Giger style art behind alien look with all it's mystery, darkness, anxiety and sexual insinuation. They turned these creatures into candy marvel x-alien.

  • so lobster alien

  • well the predators call the xenomorphs serpents from all of the avp movies and games and serpents are known to be semi aquatic so it kinda holds good theory that aliens are good in all enviorments

  • What would an Egg latch onto in the water? Coral reefs? How would a face hugger swim effectively enough to catch specialized water creatures. How would a face hugger attach and secure itself onto something so large like a whale equivalent? Perhaps a fully formed Alien stowed away on a ship to get to the planet and went to the water that way, their already proven water ablitites allowing them to catch prey and cocoon them like we see drones do in deleted scenes for 'Alien'. I cant see how an egg and face hugger which hasn't taken on aquatic DNA being successful underwater.

  • genetic engineering.

  • I think it was just a facehugger that attached to a sea creature, the xenomorphs adapt to the biology of their host, if they were an underwater species it stands to reason it would become primarily an underwater species

  • these aliens must have ifected a mulusk of some kind. or a mamal like a dolphins.this allows them to gain the aquatic abilities and the reason why the have the special heads like a squid or there high pitch noise could come from a dolphin like creater alowing echo location

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  • The Alien could be an infected dolphin

  • If this stuffs true then the Queen in AVP is still alive

  • There's one type of video I'd like to see: that being one about the Cloned Xenomorphs. As with the movie that they were featured in, they're not as well loved. I feel someone should shed some light on these unique breed of Xenomorphs.

  • I know I'm being pedantic, but it's "fell swoop" not "foul swoop." Otherwise, great video and great channel.

  • You know, I've always wondered about those little hand held proximity radars that can see enemy through walls and count in meters instead of feet or yards 🙂 🙂

  • there's a toy from Alien from alien 4 called the aqua alien which is kind of similar to the alien in the comic book

  • has webbing in between its fingers and its toes and even has a fish tale and a Finn on its head

  • although it doesn't have a Crest on its head it still kind of similar to the alien in the comic book

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  • a lobster and a facehugger

  • gotta love when a song from one of your favorite bands comes up as an ad

  • I still have the Alien Resurrection Swimmer Alien or Aqua Alien in mint condition… I remember thinking obviously that they weren't in the movie but I did remember it from the comics. The toy looking quite different from the comic version, almost like a Facehugger attached itself to a shark.

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  • I have this comic!

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  • A Lobster Xenomorph

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  • the swimmer alien doesn't really look like it came from a whale to me it looks like it came from a lobster because of the shape of the tail and the fact that it has small legs that look like a lobsters legs

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  • Ye.I think its a fachuger

  • I like this one

  • They're gonna need a bigger boat.

  • The face hugger probably impregnated a mermaid lol!

  • The swimmer alien is unique, probably facehugged an extraterestial mermaid thing. Although it would look better in a movie than it does in the comics,

  • Can Xenomorphs breath under water?

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  • Well do a Jaws movie with these xenos and a bunch of marines above and below the sea.

  • I think a face hugger must have impregnated a shark or something because the alien can take on the appearance of its host

  • swimmer alien looks sweet!

  • Lobster alien…i wonder how it tastes.

  • c'mon neca. has always been my favourite alien variation ever since i first read colonial marines some two decades ago. always imagined it (like the xeno-kenner manifestations) was a result of impregnating a sea-creature. that, or the xenomorphs instinctually create drones/warriors/praetorians to be best suited to their environment (although i like the first theory better). I've never really liked the idea of xenomorph manifestations being caused by radiation-induced mutations (as theorized in the colonial marines game) in that the xenomorph (as the perfect organism) would most likely be nearly impervious to harmful radiation due to its abundance in the cosmos. That being said, i do not rule out the idea of fast or even directed mutations as being one of the primary biological traits of the so-called perfect organism. I just don't think they are neccesarily related to harmful, mutation-inducing radiation.

  • I think a facehugger must have attached to something like a manatee, probably raised on bracken's in the same manner as cows.

  • One of my favorite toys as a kid was the aquatic alien. I always thought the alien morphology somehow figured out the surrounding environment and adapted to it.

  • I think a lobster

  • You can visit our Alien Movie fan page

  • What about the winged variant shown in the toys and even the winged queen from the arcade game?

  • could see them as transports for other aliens

  • Due to it's size, I believe it is from a facehugger that impregnated a whale-like creature.

  • mmmh giant alien crawfish.
    watch the acid while you cook 'em.

  • For some reason I always thought it had spawned from a facehugger attaching to a dolphin at some point not shown in the film. I guess just because their movements underwater remind me a bit of how dolphins move

  • I kinda see the xenos as tyranids; they adapt, given enough time, if the environment they're in requires it. That said (since I'm binge-watching atm) I believe the Queen is the pinnacle, and its size, strength and intellect/cunning and ability to lead, are the biggest adaptive advantages it has, so there is no real need for a Queen to dramatically change its form.

  • I’d expect they originated from something akin to a whale and the higher screeching could be sonar similar to dolphins

  • this is awesome. anychance youd do the full story readout like for dr church?

  • Are there zombies in the AVP universe

  • Aqua xenomorphs are so cool😃😃😃😎😎!!!

  • I'd guess a dolphin host would produce the most intelligent of aquatic aliens and thus the most formidable. A killer whale might be too big to face hug. They never talk much about anybody biting into the thingy that goes down the throat – they must have some way of inhibiting the bite reflex immediately, perhaps some type of jaw paralysis. Otherwise, hard to picture a shark NOT chomping down and killing facehugger and itself in the process…

  • please do the reconquest of earth

  • What comic is that cover art from? I usual to have it when I was a kid

  • So I'm really new here, and have a question. How is it that all these variants are always the same with in a hive? Do they only hunt the creature that birthed them? I find it hard to believe that the whole area these guys, and the Scorpion variant, live in only has one viable host.

  • Imagine a xeno facehugger mixing with a great white shark…the resulting shark/Xenomorph would be very unsettling i suspect.

  • This was a great story. I had a few issues but the stories weren't complete. Still would make for a better movie than Alien Resurrection.

  • I think a variant like this could make a terrifying sequence in a movie/game.

  • My bet on it’s origin is likely something akin to a lobster or crab. Maybe like a cuttlefish or something.

  • I'd like to see more water xenos

  • It's possible the swimmer alien evolved from normal aliens that emerged from normal human hosts. The water environment they inhabited probably caused them to evolve into more aquatic based aliens.

  • I remember this comic! I had in back in the days..need to dig it up

  • They're like crawfish or similar crustacean imo. That's what I see when I see them.

  • Wouldn't it be a aquatic alien queen

  • Man…I've been planning on making some Warhammer 40K Tyranids and this just gave me the best idea for a paint scheme and overall theme. Kudos and thanks!

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