Aquatica, SeaWorld’s Waterpark in San Diego California: Traveling with Kids

We are Aquatica SeaWorld’s Water Park. Opened in 2013, this is San Diego’s largest water park. They even have some animal exhibits. First I’m taking whether to Slippity Dippity, a play area designed for children featuring smaller slide. I’m staying under the waterfall so Brother can’t get to me. Now Dad and I are going on Kiwi Curl, a set of 60 foot tall water slides. Let’s try the open air slide. Meanwhile Brother’s doing some slides of his own. Next we’re going on Whanau Way. Then we went to Big Surf Shores, a 550,000 gallon wave pool. I’m giving Brother a piggyback ride. Lastly Loggerhead Lane, a 1,254 long lazy river that passes by the Caribbean flamingo exhibit. [Brother] Good morning flamingoes, I will get you wet! Brother and I are riding a double inner tube. We had so much fun here. Purchase your tickets at Please hit the subscribe button and don’t forget to look for your own adventure.

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