Aquatics Centre roof construction – London 2012

Hi I’m John, Project Sponsor for the Aquatics
Centre. We’re here to look at the progress being made on the construction of the wave-like
roof to the Aquatics Centre, one of the most complex engineering challenges on the Park.
Lets take a look at how this process is being taken forward. The wave-shape legacy roof weights 2,800 tonnes
and has been designed by Zaha Hadid. It’s actually supported only in three locations.
The total span is 160 metres in length with a clear span of 120 metres. During construction
the roof is supported by temporary trestles. These trestles will be removed on completion
of the final elements of the steel work. The roof will be raised slightly to allow the
trestles to be removed and then it will be lowered into its final position. Clearly the Aquatics Centre is being constructed
here in London, but it’s been a real nationwide effort to ensure the steel arrives here safely
from Newcastle originally via South Wales where the steel is being fabricated and transported
to site, some sections in its entirety, some other sections being assembled here in a designated
loading area on the site. The Aquatics Centre in Games represents the
gateway to the Olympic Park. In legacy it’s the most iconic building, and will provide
facilities for elite athletes and also the local community. This process will continue
through to the end of the summer at which point we will be able to re-excavate the pool
tanks and develop the pool surrounds. So I look forward to updating you again later in
the year.

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