Are the Upcoming Biomes actually Good Enough?

In a bid to make ‘Minecon Live’ feel… Relevant? Necessary?, we’ve been getting annual votes
on what we want to see added to Minecraft in future updates. 2019 saw the return of a Biome vote where
the winner, like past years will find itself eternalized in the game’s code. Opinions were divisive, but a winner was found. However there’s also debate whether these
kinds of votes hurt the game and if the features they promise are meaningful additions or just
a bit of superficial stunt-work. Minecraft is the biggest game of all time. For over a decade, it’s gone from strength
to strength. It’s established an iron grip over all our
hearts and it’s demonstrated such an incredible staying-power that it’s envied not just
by the gaming industry, but pretty much all forms of media. This may be a testament of just how brilliant
the game’s core model is. Because in spite of all that, Minecraft has
received a lot of criticism over the years on it’s update roadmap. Many argue the game has been poorly managed
on this front. For a game that is believed to have unlimited
potential, some are disappointed with the lackluster scope of updates and how a meaningful
direction seems to have been discarded long ago. These upcoming new biome updates are a great
showcase of why this sentiment exists in the community. So… we’re gonna use this opportunity to
look at all the proposed biome changes, dissect each of the new features, talk about if they’re
good, bad and what it all means in the game’s design as a whole. So subscribe if you like what you see, I’m
SimplySarc and… Are all these upcoming Minecraft biomes…. Good enough? So there are 3 biomes that are getting updated;
except there’s actually secretly 5, because Mojang has said that *all* biomes will get
their changes eventually. And 2 of last years are still on the waiting
list. This brings up a good point about output;
Minecraft isn’t getting updated fast enough and when it is, it’s not getting enough
content. The 2018 winner was implemented in 1.14, so
it would have been fair to assume the runner up and third place might have been added in
1.15 and 1.16 respectively. But with these 3 new contenders thrown into
the fray it’s become unclear on when we’re getting what. If 2019’s winner, Mountains, is getting
updated next, do 2018’s losers follow up or 2019’s? According to the devs, Mountains aren’t
actually going to get here until 1.17 at the earliest. 1.15 should be here by the end of 2019 and
1.16 (the nether update) could see a summer 2020 release. That means 1.17 could very easily be a year
or more away. If, goodness forbid, we get another vote in
2020, do we then have 8 to-be added biomes? There’s quite a bit of a backlog here and
it’s confusing when (or even if) we’ll see these biomes show up in the game. So let’s start talking about these biomes. I’d like to begin by bringing your attention
to a running theme you may have noticed, a pattern we can see not just in these proposed
changes, but also in the patch notes in recent years […] Have you noticed how many animals there are
in the game, all of a sudden?! There’s been a serious uptick! And according to these votes, lots more are
coming. We’ve seen Polar Bears, Llamas, Parrots,
Dolphins, Turtles, Fish, Cats, Pandas, Foxes and now… Bees. People have asked for these animals (and more)
lots over the years. But now that they’re here, I’m beginning
to contemplate their place in the game. There’s definitely an argument for immersion
and ambience, but you do get that sense many are here just for the sake of it. These animals aren’t just being added because
they’re pretty though, Minecraft seems to want to take on the role as an educator. Turtles, Pandas and Bees for example seem
to have been added primarily for their endangered status and the opportunity that brings to
teach players about their conservation. While this is a very positive gesture, I do
think priorities are starting to get muddled up. As a game, Minecraft’s prime directive should
be, “Is this fun?”. But you get a growing sense these additions
were conceived for their message first and the details were worked out later. The concern with all this is you end up with
fairly shallow gameplay that doesn’t really impact the game as a whole. We’ve seen this quite a lot with the new
wave of animal additions and I fear it’s gonna be much the same story with these upcoming
critters. In some cases, this even degrades the player
experience. Cats were likely added because Ocelots are
endangered and what role model would Minecraft be if it promoted children running into forests
and capturing vulnerable species? But that milestone, that gameplay experience,
that journey into the jungle to earn a cat is now gone. Ocelots are obsolete and there’s no longer
really any challenge in getting a cat. I do think things have gotten a little carried
away with how many real-world animals are being included in the game. If you’re newer to the community you might
not know this, but Minecraft once had a reputation of being kind of… weird. Like, updates would often take a bizarre unexpected
turn and it’s the reason we got things like creepers, blaze and mooshrooms. I remember this picture circulating years
ago and it was funny, not because it was absurd, but because in the Notch-era, this kind of
monstrosity could totally have been greenlit. We still see some of that creativity, but
it seems to be limited to hostile mobs. I think there’s such a thing as the ‘daytime
experience’ where Mojang wants the game to be peaceful and ‘normal’ during the
day, so you get these familiar critters from real-life, whereas at night and in the dark
everything gets all twisted and corrupted and you get these odd, almost alien influences
in the mob design. That’s fair, but I feel it’s somewhat
creatively bankrupt to just simulate things grounded in reality. Meerkats, Ostriches, Vultures, Frogs and Goats
sound fine on paper, but from a design standpoint, I’d much rather see original concoctions
to fill those places instead of yet more bland simulations of the real-world. I think Microsoft have noticed this too. In ‘Minecraft Earth’ (the augmented reality
spin-off game), there are collectible mobs to be unlocked as you play. You might have noticed though that there are
some new zany versions like dandelion cows and mushroom chickens. It’s rather telling when your official lineup
of mobs doesn’t have a strong enough identity to carry themselves that you need to step
in with these sorts of inventions to remain marketable. All in all though the important question with
these mobs is, do they improve the biome’s experience or are they just flashy distractions
that don’t really get to the meat of the issue? The taiga biome won in 2018 and added berries,
campfires and Foxes. These features… were cute, but if we look
back with a critical eye, did this actually expand that environment in a meaningful way? Not really. And this begs the question, do Mojang now
consider the taiga biome ‘done’? It’s been looked at, it’s been updated
in their eyes, is this the last we hear about it? If so, it’s a little disappointing because
that biome (and most biomes) still feel desperately neglected. And this feeling rings true with many of Minecraft’s
updates, there’s that sense that only the surface was scratched with what they could
do and lots of potential was left on the table. I’ve been a little critical so far, so let’s
talk about some more of the proposed features and what I do like. If I think generic animals aren’t cutting
the mustard, then what approach do I think would work better? Termites are actually quite a cool idea and
not the type of thing we’ve really seen before. It could create this whole new recycling mechanic
and maybe even act like a new hazard similar to fire, where your plants and vegetation
need to be protected. The same could be said for tumbleweed, is
it block? Is it a particle? Or is it an entity? And if so, how will it’s physics and collision
work? Storage boats are one of those things you
think you’ve always needed, but when it actually comes to it… not so much. Unless there’s some unexpected mechanics
involved, I don’t think anyone would really use that feature. It’s too niche a purpose and you could just
use a llama if you really needed that sort of function. Most of these choices involved the addition
of a new tree or plant. And it’s really hard to argue that these
sorts of things aren’t good ideas, because a major problem with Minecraft’s biomes
is their generation sucks. Trees are a really cheap, easy and effective
way to alter the appearance of an environment without having to put too much effort in,
so I’m all for new plants. But of the tree choices, the mangrove in the
swamps was the most needed; Palm trees in deserts would probably be quite rate, Savannahs
already have a unique tree, whereas swamps have been rocking those modified oaks since
like, beta 1.8. A dedicated tree-type is long overdue. However, of all biome votes past and present,
I think the Mountains had the best pitch (and that’s why it won!). Why did it win? Because it was the only biome that would get
some actual generational changes. It’s not just all fluff, one of the biggest
things that needs addressing is how the terrain looks and the Mountain option was the only
one saying it was gonna do that. Mountains in their current state are one of
my least favourite places in the game. Beautiful vistas are regularly ruined because
some hideous mountain is spoiling the view. Their biome tint is ugly, they don’t actually
*look* like mountains and that dirty snow layer at the top was an awful addition all
those years ago. All that said, we can’t get carried away. The optimist in you would hope the generation
changes are tackled perfectly, but ‘Romantic Views’ could just mean they stretch the
height scale a bit and we end up with messy amplified terrain instead. So what exactly is it that I think isn’t
quite right about these ‘biome updates’? I’d say my biggest complaint is that the
scale and scope just isn’t there. These features that I’ve criticized; they
can all be forgiven, but you need a heck of a lot more content. Ambient polar bears are fine, but they can’t
be your headliner. These biomes need 10x the amount of content
that is currently being proposed. 2 or 3 minor changes doesn’t really have
a significant enough effect, you need lots and lots more of those small additions to
really start feeling it. But small changes, no matter how many you
have, can’t carry it all the way. There also needs to be deep, fundamental restructuring
going on. You can’t just tack on new trees or add
a new type of mound in the generator, you need to plunge your hand right into the heart
of the game’s code and seriously reassess how biomes themselves work. This is all very easy for me to say and it’s
very likely that the exact work I’m talking about is currently taking place right now. But I think what really gets me so impassioned
about biomes specifically is that Mojang’s gradual strategy doesn’t work here. They’ve said in the past they purposefully
take things slow as to not shock the playerbase with unfamiliar content, but you can’t do
that with something like biomes (or a cave update). They’re too big, they’re too far reaching,
teeny features added over the span of years is ineffective because to get to the root
of the issue, you need to rip it all out at once. The way they updated oceans is an excellent
example of how to do it. Oceans are definitely a biome, but they’re
kind of more important than most biomes because they take up so much space and connect everywhere
together. And Mojang probably realised this. But can you imagine if they’d approached
the ‘Update Aquatic’ like they’re approaching these biome votes? What if we’d just gotten a dolphin, a drowned
and some sea pickles? The update would have sucked! But instead they added dozens and dozens of
new features and mechanics, some small, but there were some massive sweeping ones in there
too. And it really shows, because if you go back
to 1.12, that part of the game is almost unplayable retrospectively now. And that’s the kind of feeling you wanna
evoke with these Biomes updates (or I guess any update), that sense that you’ve been
introduced to something you didn’t even know you were missing and can’t live without
it from that point onwards. Because of all that, these upcoming changes
feel a little like busywork; like they’re buying for time and ultimately delaying what
inevitably needs doing. You could argue that these votes were intended
to just be small parts of otherwise larger updates and what I’ve suggested exceeds
that intended scope. While that’s likely the case, I don’t
think these important, long-requested updates should be tied to these sorts of events if
that means they can’t be done proper justice. So are these Biomes updates good enough? I think there are some desirable features
here and there, but I also think their lack of direction, scale and scope really makes
them miss the mark on the work that actually needs doing. I’m hopeful that if and when we see these
new features, they surpass my expectations and make me eat my words. Let’s wait and see. But anyway, that’s pretty much all I have
to say on the matter. Well there’s actually a ton more I have
to say, but we only have so much time in the day and I think I’ve gotten my main points
across. But anyway, thanks very much for watching,
I’ve been SimplySarc and I will catch you in the next one

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  • i think they should just stop and let us modders make the changes we want. because the decisions they are making are kinda crappy, and we still do not have a cave update we been asking for for 5 years now. I have no faith in mojang to continue to make a good game, this is why people that love it all use forge and mods to play, because vanilla minecraft is boring. also can they not use imagination? why can they only redo already existing biomes? why not make all new ones? it was mods that kept minecraft going as long as it has and they really need to acknowledge that fact, modders made minecraft fun, mojang made minecraft boring.

  • If I see one more snow meme..

  • There never going to actually add the biomes you know….

    THATS why the votes hurt the game, they make people vote on what feature does not get put on the chopping block rather then what gets added then people always vote for the worst option (Taiga, Mountains, and Phantom mob)

    Causing mojang to remove or scrap every cool idea

    I was wishing swamp would win, a biome only mildy changed from Beta or Mesa which was unchanged since it got added, but nah people wanted a second mountain mob and snowier snow for a biome already overhauled

    And my least favorite area in Minecraft? Everywhere, everywhere looks the same and bland

    Minecraft needs custom worlds back and more content for them, like average tempature, along with rainfall being added and more wet biomes or dry biomes, it's all just temperate average rainfall biomes now.

    But the community seems to bow down to Microsoft as there neew overlords, but Microsoft kills franchises.

    Notch should not have sold Minecraft to Microsoft

  • Bigger biomes with biome variants within each biome. Then sub lvl biomes below that!

  • As long as the desert's palm trees get put onto islands, I'll be happy.

  • I really enjoy all the Minecraft B-Roll, not only is the topic interesting but my eyes are entertained as well.

  • mojang: "Ok. Look, the sweetberries give you 0,5 of your food back!"
    me: "ok why didn't you add like a whole bunch of cooking stuff?"
    mojang: "shut up idiot"

  • Goats made Minecraft lot better

  • Here are a few issues I think about when it comes to updates.

    I'm no programmer but how much time are they putting into these updates? How often are they working on them? I don't like the idea of waiting a year for a few bug fixes and just a few blocks or a mob or two. There are so many good modders out there, that can change the game so much.. the time they take to make a mod seems to be much faster and contain more content than what a Vanilla update would provide.

    Another issue is the community and how Mojang react to the suggestions, people have so many original ideas and yet get turned down only to have real life things get announced instead. Example I like to use is the addition of Side ways slabs and stairs, a lot of people can make their builds so much more better but Mojang says it's not gonna happen as it takes too much time to implement but the funny thing is they are willing to add new wood types that will come with it's own set of slabs and stairs and what not, oh not to mention all the new variant stone walls, come on you can't tell me you can't add side ways slabs and stuff… I think it's not that they 'Can't' it's more of they 'DON'T' want to.

    Another issue is how they show off the upcoming updates, back in the day we use to just get the updates, there might have been a small leak every now and again of what's coming but other than that we just got them.. we didn't really complain what we got.. cause they just happened.. we experienced the new content right away however now we get told what's coming out.. most of the time and people are now so quick to judge content they haven't even got to play with yet.. that's where people rather other content instead. Yes it makes me hyped sometimes to know what's coming out but most of the time it fades cause it takes way too long to come out.

    These are just my thoughts and feelings and what I've experienced myself. I remember the random Friday updates, just out of no where we got something. We didn't even know what we were getting.

  • You put to words what we were all feeling.

  • I think Mojang and Microsoft are being overly cautious with "Minecraft" updates. I find other video game developers to have a similar mentality, ever since … … … (a void I would rather not fall into). Entertainment companies are not (and should not be) fully responsible for what children experience. Mojang and Microsoft are not their parents.

  • Minecraft devs are taking notes from EA and the sims 4 😕

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  • Mojang: If we update jungles, we will add t e r m i t e s

    Comment Section: OMG, THIS IS SO COOL

  • Adding real animals I don’t mind, but adding real animals that are completely useless is unnecessary

  • I think 1.15 will update savanna sense a biome isnt getting updating, and then 1.16 it will be desert

  • I think some additions are very useful – berry bushes look beautiful, but foxes add nothing to the game, like a more difficult dog. Minecraft somehow aimlessly avoids direction as a game, it keeps on adding bosses but has then awfully balanced.

  • I very much hope they keep the extreme hills biome and make it more rare because although the generation doesn't fit with much, it does fit very well with some things. I would not want those beautiful floating islands gone.

  • Last time I checked Mojang is less than 100 people? And they work on bedrock and java, and 2 more games, MC earth and dungeons.

  • One thing I disagree with is the potential functionality of the boat-chest. It would be SO useful!
    The ability to move lot of items over water, maybe items in flying machines, how they might interact with hoppers for some kind of unloading bay… the possibilities!
    One argument people have is "well just use shulker boxes"
    I think this is ignoring that shulker boxes are pretty late game. Not everyone goes straight for the end. Not everyone can.
    Boat-chests would be so player friendly. For all levels of players. Like a minecart chest. But.. more useful. And cheaper. And can go ANYWHERE there's water.

  • They should add sharks cuz there endangered

  • I've always said that Mojang's updates were often bad and very lackluster because of how small/insignificant their features can be sometimes.
    1.10 (i believe it was 1.10) was literally just strays, husks, polar bears, and some blocks. None of these provided use. Magma Blocks only provided use in 1.13 and up. That's two updates away.
    1.11 was… eh. The mansions were alright, I guess. The new illagers looked interesting. But the mansions are so far-spread and hard to reach that… honestly, I don't enjoy them. The loot in them isnt that good, now that village/pillage exists.
    1.12 was slightly better, but it didn't feel like it added *enough*. It just added colored blocks and (i think) parrots. Parrots aren't even really useful.
    1.13 did the game justice with its aquatic changes.
    1.14 was another great addition, changing villages so they don't look horrible anymore and giving them purpose.
    The Nether Update also looks fantastic.

    But these… biome votes, mob votes and small things they toss in because 'why not'? No. Mojang needs to update all of these biomes *properly*. Remember 1.8 and how it completely overhauled world generation around beta? Yeah. I think we could use those for biomes.

    There are MODS that add 400+ biomes into the game. Some have added 40+ biomes with unique features for all of them. Now, tell me this – if a modder can add biomes into the game, all of which have unique features and purposes, a MODDER, mind you… why can't a dedicated team do it?

    Listen. It's understandable if Mojang doesn't want to step too far into the unknown. They have a good thing going right now. Why change it?
    …Well, the answer is right in this video, I feel.
    The game has hit a point where it needs to take leaps into the unknown. It may cause fans to go 'wtf why is it changing'. Mojang. Ignore those 'fans'. People are always worried about change. But you CANNOT keep feeding the community small bits and pieces. If you keep feeding them snacks, they're going to get sick of those snacks really quick. They need a variety of meals to enjoy, not the same snacks.

  • Snowier snow

  • And I'm over here, playing a game I spent twenty bucks on for 8 years. Why should I expect free and eternal updates at all, nevermind asking that the devs make significant changes to the game? I'm delighted by the updates we've had and I'm excited about the things they've announced.

    If I find myself getting a bit bored I go play some long Rimworld or Animal Crossing sessions, depending on my mood. Then'll swing back around to Minecraft again.

    I love watching the "what if" or "i'd love to see this" videos because they just feel creative and hopeful. There's a few things I'm hoping for(yayyy nether update!). Videos like yours are creative and well presented but just come across as entitled criticism, often with a side of resentment. I can tell that it comes from a deep love for the game, I get you're yearning for the thing you love to be so much better. Just keep in mind that "better" is rather subjective and biased.

    And I'm extremely high so I'm gonna go water my flowers and chill.

  • Pandas and Polar bears are utterly useless imo

  • There is no road in minecraft

  • That forehead though

  • I actually prefer adding animals rather than the other mobs, at least in the over world. However I do wish that they added a great variety of animals, instead of mostly cute and relatively harmless ones. I would love to see the additions of crocodiles, different species of sharks, piranhas, snakes, Jaguars, and so on and so forth. Now I understand why Mojang is cautious about adding more dangerous animals to the game as many of them are endangered or threatened in the wild and don’t want to encourage incorrect behavior from his players. However there is a way to include them in the game and make them dangerous without making them monsters. Mojang can do this by making the animals added to the game less so about the ambience and more so about The actual roles they play in the real world and make it beneficial for players to protect them.

    For example crocodiles are highly aggressive and territorial which means going into a crocodile territory like a swamp would be very dangerous, however crocodiles would also be able to attack hostile mobs, providing you a kind of security system for your bases. Additionally like turtles crocodiles could drop their skates every time they grow the SKUs could be used to make crocodile armor which makes you less detectable by hostile mobs and animals while in the water giving you the crocodile signature camouflage.

    Another example is sharks when sharks feed their teeth tend to fall out players could collect these teeth and use them to craft new and unique tools and weapons.

    Basically what I’m saying is that the rewards for protecting these more dangerous animals vastly outweighs whatever benefit you get from killing them.

    Lastly, one of the most important things to keep in mind when creating these more dangerous animals is to make sure that there AI functions as similarly to the animals real life behaviors. This prevents them from being boring and makes the world and the biomes they are found in feel much more alive and unique. As well as giving the players an interesting and exciting challenge in the over world.

  • This is the reason why ive been saying that these votes need to be taken seriously. The losing biomes will never get added and that’s a fact. This game will slowly start to fade again because of the lack of care pit into each update. Adding less and less and leaving more and more empty.

  • Quick question do bees just not exist on the PlayStation 4 ( I installed it )
    Or am I just stuck on

  • Yeah, generation changes for one platform, Java. Bedrock has a strict limit for how high mountains can generate. "Snowier Snow" will be very, very annoying as If mountains aren't bad enough, sinking into snow every few blocks will make them 10x worse. You can't claim ignorance on this lije many people have, they clearly showed what it would do in the animation of the mountains.

  • I see your point. But consider

    S N O W I E R S N O W

  • Sarc why dont you start a survival series you are a awesome youtuber you do a lot of fun stuff for vids but you dont do a survival series why?

  • You are a great movie maker

  • SimplySarc: (explains about how great Minecraft is and that it hold a good place in our hearts.
    Me: 0:36, hey, look that concrete powder in the water turned in regular concrete.

  • The snow was not snowier enough

  • I have an idea, add 1.8 pvp

  • watch this:
    this video sums up the next 2 updates and why i think they're bad

  • I want mooblooms in regular gameplay pffft

  • all i want to ask is this why do we dont have rails underwater i mean who wouldnt want that

  • I swear. If they make snow more difficult to move through I'm going to flip.

  • 4:31 moyang hit this if you think
    He's dumb

  • Minecraft fans: our updates are trash and we don’t get them enough most of the time!

    Tf2 fans: amateurs….

  • Warning: As you scroll down the comment section, there will be a fck ton of butthurt Swamp biome voters, scroll down with caution.

  • I would propose a forage update.

    New crops and foliage that would naturally spawn, new tree types that can grow fruits like oranges and apples. Some trees wouldn’t grow in specific biomes, like in real life. But, you always need fantasy. So why not some fantasy fruits and fantasy trees? New fantasy mobs and animals, and you could even add bears to the forests. Every biome would have a unique purpose, like for example, icebergs could grow an ice fruit that can only grow on ice?

    It would make the game feel more fun. Of course, this wouldn’t be a priority, but it would fill the world more and make it feel more alive, and with some unique crops and mobs (pacifist, neutral and hostile) could make the game more of a challenge or introduce new animals with new mechanics!

  • Yes because goats

  • The fox isn't even on ps yet

  • I'd like to see an RPG mode added in

  • It's so obvious you recorded most of this video before the winner was announced.

  • Idea what about more fantasy like biomes similar to mushroom islands just not as rare.

  • Itd be cool if there were a biome in the mountains that like really rouff n spiky like spike biome n thered be a 1/3 chanse there would be a cave of a wich or a bigfoot or a ice giant

  • 1.8 was the best, it took Minecraft from what it was to what it is

  • Someone finally said it.

  • The updates were kinda bad that’s why I took a very long break

  • To be honest with how common ship wrecks are, a strodage boat could be nice, also for moving large amounts of matirals over vast distances, like if you wanted to move for some reason.

  • I like how you say lack of updates but other games i play like tfw or terraria havent gotten an update in years

  • 3:09

    I'm pretty sure the pandas were added due to a vote from the Chinese people

  • Mojang has a bandaid.

    Instead of ripping the whole thing off and revealing tons of content, they slowly take off the bandaid to "not bombard you."

    Personally I love being bombarded with content if its fun. But saying that just means that you don't want to keep us waiting so you give us only like half of the full update and then the rest gets in the snapshots. And then we have to piece it together.

  • 1 word : mods

    Just install mods and make a mod pack if you're waiting for updates. Seriously, for example RL Craft is interesting as it is new. So just install a mod pack to feel like Minecraft is a brand new game

  • More give me more

  • I know commenting this in a video critical about biome updates in unpopular, but I really do like the updated biomes. When I go into a spruce biome I get berries, possibility a pet fox and these beautiful spruce villages. More realistic animals are great in my mind, and I’m hoping we get a brown bear one day. The cave update will be necessary someday, but let’s be real: the nether needed it more and the nether is looking fantastic already. Bees will be a new form of automation for food, and will spawn over forests giving some ambience (and if we get brown bears imagine seeing one raid a beehive). The game is lacking some of its tremendous potential, but we need to be patient. If you look at the snapshot of 1.15, they are fixing so many bugs. Servers are pretty much unplayable in 1.13 or 1.14. Whenever 1.15 comes out, we will be able to get servers in the modern versions. 1.15 is just a bug fixing update, and we should be happy it even added content, like honey blocks which will make redstone geniuses blow our minds. So personally I like the path Minecraft is taking.

  • Why are u buying clothes at the soup store?!

  • They update the ocean but they dont update the boat (except for boat chest) i want boat look like boat not just flat plank and some oars

  • I have the village and pillage update but for some reason I can’t find any foxes . Anyone What’s up with that

  • Съб за съб още не съм започнал да правя клипове обаче ще започна и ще те следвам завинаги Обещавам ти

  • Yeah, back in the day, minecraft updates had this sort of "I had no idea I wanted that, but I now need it" feeling. But now they just feel sort of bland.

  • I agree with the message but even the small update the taiga biome received hasn't truly been added to console as we still don't have foxes properly added

  • ok who agrees with me we need them to add orespawn to vanilla

  • A lot of people complain about th amount of content. But at the same time…are you actually watching them work? They have to draw the mob, decide if it will drop something, will that drop be new? And they have to get accepted and work in teams. Plus if it came out with bugs y'all would be crying

  • My idea for a jungle biome update, ebony trees, ebony wood (similar to dark oak but darker), mahogany trees, mahogany wood (similar to acacia but darker and more reddish brown), hibiscus flowers (they come in 2 sizes 2 blocks tall and 1 block tall, they also come in pink, red, orange, yellow, white and bi colour), jungle camo creeper (a stealthier version of the creeper that blends in with the surroundings of the jungle and spawns at night in jungle biomes), butterflies (many species of tropical butterflies such as blue morpho. They’d have one heart of health and you’d need a net to catch one.), orchid flowers (many colourful species to choose from and they grow on trees), jungle villages (they are getting added as a sort of safe haven if you can’t survive the night and jungle villagers have a purpose now) and tamed ocelots (an alternative to cats making ocelots useful again and they still scare creepers so they can be used to counter the jungle camo creeper)

  • Everyone: Can we have a cave update?

    Mojang: I like llamas, let’s add llamas!

    Everyone: but-

    Mojang: Come back in 2020 to see the next real life animal we’ll add!

  • If people dont like the new fueachers then they can just play on alfa

  • Everyone who voted for mountains is naive because they thought that they would be getting the update now but Mojang said they would be implementing a new lighting engine and THEN overhauling the terrain generation algorithm.

  • I thought you said "I am simplysuck"

  • Considering they take over half a year for an update, the quality and amount of content should be 10 times the amount that we get now. Yeah, 1.14's new game mechanics were cool and all but it was only a few changes. When notch was still at mojang, updates had tons of content that took a long time to get bored of

  • If you see how fast modders move as single individual updating the game compared to entire team behind Minecraft it’s easy to wonder why they’re so slow.

  • A small modding team can make Mojang equivalent updates in a week, what does Mojang even do?

  • Basically, my opinion is that if you are gonna make these people wait months, or a year for these small updates, it just gets boring

  • When Minecraft is trying to save the turtles 😂

  • They could get the modding community to help. But there too stuck up to get the modding community to help not to mention Microsoft hate mods. I've seen more creatively in the modding community then mojang has come up with since Microsoft took over.

  • I think what annoys me the most is a modder can do something in a week that mojang does in a year.

  • Maybe there not that good because there not the focus of the update? The update aquatic was focused on the biome while tagra was more of a side update.

    Anyone who complains the updates are shallow solely from the prospective of these biome revamps forget what there focus was

  • These biomes, from a programmers perspective, would take about a week or 2 max with how many people they have working on this game and how little ideas they gave for what we are getting.

  • Cave update

  • Mojang might make bigger updates if we weren't all being held hostage by the Nostalgia Gang constantly crying about how "modded" each update feels and how there are more than 8 blocks in the game now.

  • The real problem with the biome votes is that Mojang never gives us enough information about the proposed mechanics to make an informed decision. Pretty much any of the proposed features could be good or bad depending on how they are implemented. Oh, you're adding frogs? That tells me nothing! I don't care whether the new mob is a frog or not. I care about what it does, what new mechanics it introduces and how it interacts with existing ones. It almost feels like these votes were only created so Mojang could pretend that they are more focused on community feedback than they really are. It seems like the logic here is "Oh, you don't like the biome update? Then why'd you vote for it?" which totally misses the issue.

  • I really like some of the mountain biome generation, like sometimes a valley that shows up in between a surrounding of taller peaks becoming a great place loft a palace or a city, overhangs of giant masses of rock that darken the surface level below. Are we getting rid of those? Are we just getting more annoying gravel piles and thicker snow? Probably. I wish they would actually fully communicate with the player base instead of just doing one vote over a short period of time on one platform of social media

  • the problem with your analysis is that jeb said they'll "look into" mountain generation. He also said that Bedrock would not see a block height increase. This makes this feature, if any new generation at all, completely reserved for the Java edition of the game.

  • I appreciate your start of this kind of discourse regarding Minecraft updates, I just feel like some of this video is influenced by your opinions, which is completely valid. Although I prefer just a non-opinionated view on this subject.

  • "Bees are endangered" excuse me? Honey bees are not endangered, native bees (from all over the american continent) are endangered

  • I gotta say, I was partly disagreeing with this video until you pointed out the 1.13 oceans and how its hard to go back to 1.12 and below because of it. Thats such a great point!

  • If there were too many radical upgrades in one patch, there’d be uproar. I like the slow and steady approach.

  • I love this video

  • I think minecraft could use a magic update some time in the future

  • The (current) Lord of the Rings mod has some pretty awesome mountain generation, for reference

  • I dont get it… Foxes was announced a year ago and… bedrock still hasn't got them I check every time I go on mc. I really want a lil fox buddy

  • You speak facts but if everyone isn’t happy with the game then just learn how to mod it’s easier and fun 🙂 hope u guys have a nice day

  • I Want taiga to be updated so that there are more realistic trees the animal would be an owl that you can tame but I don’t yet know what to give it

  • I'd like them to rework the temperate biomes before adding new stuff, making them somewhat more realistic, to a point.
    Having them look more like real landscape, of course miniaturized.
    For example, I think that rivers could take a lot of rework, and so do lakes. Right now, they are simply regular landscape filled with water.
    Imagine some being surrounded by reeds, or foliage following them.
    Also, I'd like to see deep forests, with trees as high as in "giant tree" taigas, which have somewhat normal sized trees for forests. Maybe with some added new types of trees that naturally grow tall, like beeches.
    And now combine this with the concept of ecotones, which are transitional areas between biomes. For example, between forest and grasland, there would be thickets, with a lot of thorny bushes, like blackthorn.
    And more landscape features, like rocks.
    And geological features, which dictate the mixture of stone to be found, naturally resulting in such sights like the White Cliffs of Dover.

    My reason for stuff like that is that I'd like to see interesting areas for my future villages to spawn naturally. Right now, they are somewhat unimpressive. If you have seen some Minecraft grassland, you have seen it all.
    Now, one might say, so why not entirely new biomes? Well, I'd say, those would be initially interesting as a novelty, but then fade out after a while. One should do one thing proper and then continue. Have something with as much possibilities that the combinations alone give enough variety. And then take the principles done so far and use them for new biomes as well.

    That said, there are plenty other things that should be improved. Still not sure why there aren't palm trees in Minecraft. Would instantly allow for a nice tropic beach or an oasis. Beaches and deserts also come far too short as of now.

  • Nothing personal, but I can't fucking stand your accent

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