Arkansas River so low, aquatic biologists tracking water temp for fish health

come back right now our drought year is taking a toll on the Arkansas River it is well below a normal level yeah lower snowpack less runoff so much so we’re getting comments and emails from you wondering about the impact on such things as the fish population bill Folsom went to the river today he’s back in our Pueblo studio with more on this sudden drop bill yeah over the summer there’s been a series of agreements to release water from reservoirs and keep the river at a higher level those agreements ended August 15th so now you’re seeing the true impact the drought year on the river the historic Arkansas River walked through Pueblo bruisers skimming off algae patches it’s the result of a hot summer and because pumping water from the actual Arkansas River is getting more difficult the Riverwalk is supplied from water managed below the pueblo Reservoir River in the headwaters above the reservoir is also very low we knew that the river was gonna drop to keep the rafting season afloat through mid summer there are agreements to release water from reservoirs in the mountains those ended this month rafters still go but now they have to be strategic because of the drought year there are many spots on the river where you see the bottom it’s a potential issue for the other major recreation activity on the river and there was you know some concern about the fishery especially you know being as hot and dry as it was this summer right now aquatic biologists are trekking how hot the water gets at three locations along the Arkansas keep an eye on those water temperatures if temperatures get to 75 76 degrees then you know you kind of need to be concerned days are getting shorter and nights cooler it’s been countering the heat of the day keeping the river from getting too warm not that fish would die off at those temperatures but that you know anglers may need to fish only in the early morning hours versus you know the entire game aquatic biologists tell me brown trout in the Arkansas they spawn toward the end of September a low flow that is consistent is actually good for that watching out for you Arkansas River bill Folsom News 5

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