Art Building West

The building itself provides students with
wonderful spaces in which to create art, but it also has generated tremendous excitement and energy for the campus as a whole because of it’s great beauty and aesthetic value. Right from this moment when you first enter the building the idea is that you would feel that you didn’t enter a building you entered space that keeps going. So this notion of openness or porosity is kind of the first experience of the building. Because the school is not in an object building, it has an openness that looks back on itself so the feeling of the space being, let’s say, more elastic than in a normal rectilinear building. So you feel a community which is really important for education. The prominent placement of the gallery in the fact that it was the main space that welcomed you as you entered, for me, it definitely set the stage for feeling like I was walking into a space that not only respected but celebrated the production of art. There was these wonderful floor to ceiling glass windows that looked out onto the bluff and to the pond below and it was really great
to sit there and read and take notes and write. It was a really really pleasant space to get
a lot of inspired work done. One of the things that I definitely noticed about the entire building was how much light played a part of the architecture. I remember having to take classes at night. I would walk up to the building and the lights would be on. Sort of seemed like the space would take the light throughout the day and them emit it at night and sort of glowing off of the pond and everything along those lines. Something to celebrate in that building is that you didn’t feel like the disciplines were segregated. You definitely felt like a cohesive group in a way that was ultimately just really inspiring. Student of course are always very concerned about where they are going to be learning about art and so now they can learn about art and study it within a work of art itself. The building
is a beautiful work of art.

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