Artist Ron Agam: Living Among Lines

Straight lines or round lines? I can’t answer that. The lines are my vocabulary, so I use it,
you know, in all kinds of… almost like, you know, notes of a composition. I mean, I go from up to down to thick to thin
to, you know, to curve to straight to… I put lines together, you know. I work… lines are how I formulate my space. Something intuitive, you know, it’s something…
it’s the expression and the desire to go toward something that I can’t always explain. I just choose this color. Why do I choose this color? I don’t know. But it’s here and I choose it and I create
something. And then the entire work becomes animated
by something that, until the end, you never know how it’s going to look. I can’t explain it. I’m just with my brushes and touching the
tubes, the oil tubes. It’s… it’s a sensual moment, you know, it’s
really a sensual moment. It’s like, almost like, I’m making love to
the canvas. Pleasure. Maybe that’s the reason why I like to paint
so much. I get a lot of pleasure. You know, there’s a period of time there’s
nothing that comes out, there’s a period of time it doesn’t stop. Right now, it’s a period of time, you know,
for the last couple of years, it doesn’t stop. You know, the more I work, the more I’m inspired. And I’m afraid to stop to work, you know. People said to me, “You never go anywhere. You work all the time.” Yeah, I’m afraid, because, if I’m probably
going somewhere, something may disappear. Who knows, you know? It’s not like I have so much time in front
of me, you know. I started pretty late. So, so, you know, I work and I work and the
more I work, the more I get inspired and the more I get into it and… it’s fantastic. You know, there’s only 24 hours in a day,
you know. Can I have more? Only 24 hours.

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