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G’day Art Adventurers! Welcome, or welcome back, to my channel! Today, I have the exciting news of getting some ArtSnacks to unbox with us. This is the ArtSnacks Art Adventure for May. And I thought I would do an up-close-and-personal unboxing. Let’s see if I can manage to pull it off with the camera right in my face. We’ll see… And while I’m unboxing this I’ll list a whole bunch of reasons why even though I get Paletteful Packs, I also have decided to get some ArtSnacks as well. Take it away future editor Chris: Okay! Now let’s open this box. So…we have some goodies wrapped up as usual And there are all of these guys… it’s really pretty packed full this month! So it looks like… we hav… a water brush – the Faber-Castell water brush. We have…. Oh Wow!!! Something that I’ve seen on crafting channels, and I’ve really been keen to try, and they’ve wrapped it up for us as well it is Art Spray, and I’ve got it in a really lovely vivid pink color. It’s also from Marabu.. which is hilarious, because if you watched my Paletteful Packs unboxing the other day (shameless plug…I’ll put a card up to that over here). You can see in that video tat I got a whole bunch of Marabu Graphix stuff. We have…. Some Smarties. Fun fact: in Australia, these lollies are something else completely. They are kind of like what you guys would call M&Ms in the US, and also you would call a candy not lollies! And..second fun fact, I don’t like these at all! But I find some way to use them. And then we have the menu. I’ll put it aside for now. Oooo, we also have some sample paper here. A lovely fiery kind of ummm, how would I describe it… almost Autumn motif …as we’re heading into Spring or Summer? I’m not sure …so anyway, the sticker looks pretty cool. And now the parcel! So, let me lift it up as I unwrap it. Hopefully I can get somewhere with it and not take forever…. Oops, nope! Oh Wow – Something else I’ve really wanted to try as well – it looks like a Faber-Castell month – they are Gelatos! I received… Guava – a cool name. And also… Margarita mix! I love some margaritas. Actually, I hardly ever drink alcohol these days. Still, I really love the names of these Gelatos. And it’ll give me a chance to compare them with my other weird crayon type of glitter things that I bought in Japan. And there was also this Spectra alcohol marker! Okay, so I’m not sure if that unboxing method worked at all, so now I’ll just go back to this sort of camera. And here are the items for May. And we have… the Faber-Castell Gelatos for $2.45 each. I’ve received Margarita Mix and Guava. They are cool colors, and cool names. And if you’re not familiar with them They’re like water-soluble crayons, and the menu says: “These compact vibrant pink pigment sticks are creamy smooth, lightfast, and have a great coverage. They easily glide onto paper, canvas or wood. Blend your new colors with or without water, and watch them melt into your artwork”. I should have also said that you can of course use them dry too. Next up we have the Faber-Castell Art and Graphic Water Brush. This one looks super baby tiny. So I’m not sure if I’ll get much use out of it because I use so much water when I’m out on the go with a water brush. But still, sometimes I like a really small one. Especially if I’m on a plane or something. Like if I’m travelling somewhere else in the world. Aaaaaand, then we have the Chartpak Spectra AD Marker. That’s a mouthful. I’ll just call it the Spectra Alcohol Marker. I received 047 – Walnut Brown. And it has a… chisel… and oh, and it’s got a brush! Yay! We got a brush! And then the big boy that I’m excited about – the Marabu Mixed Media Art Spray. oh, did I say how much…. the Spectra marker is $5.70 it says… that’s insane to me and this art spray is $5.99 retail. Aaaaand…it says: “Spritz some vivid colour onto your artwork with the Marabu Mixed Media Art Spray. It’s an acrylic spray paint that goes on a variety of surfaces and it is permanent when dry”. I’m really excited to use it, and There’s also the bonus item of course… of this paper! It looks like we get a beige, a grey, and a black. So that’s cool to be able to try Yeah grey, a black and a beige! Awe-soooome! In fact, I believe On the ArtSnacks Mix that they teased ArtSnacks starting to put some sort of surface to work on in boxes from now on. And then it is said to still be a bonus item. So it’s a sample pack from Stillman & Birn. I’ve really wanted to try out their paper. So I’m so excited for this and it also can be worked with mixed-media. So super yay! Alright, let’s try out these materials. Because the water brush from Faber-Castell is quite small, I decide to also use some water on my desk. This is an ashtray that I picked up in a Tokyo flea market. And I’ve repurposed it to be a little water container when I need that. The Gelatos first – I start off with the Guava – and they’re so much softer and creamier than I expected. They make a lovely effect when they’re down dry on watercolor paper I think. They show all the textures and bumps of the watercolor texture and then when you add water they melt away completely The guava pink I think could be a really lovely skin tone color. But it’s completely overpowered by this yellowy greenish Margarita mix which is cool. I love bright colors. It just means that if you’re using very bright Gelatos next to a jell-o. Gelato. You’re probably going to have it disappear So I have fun just placing those down and mixing them together And I also try out the water brush because it’s extra small just even the tiniest squeeze Causes lots of water to to rush out of it very quickly. But firstly, you can just see the bristles here. I’m trying to show you these water brushes just have Individual synthetic fibers. I guess that they’re a nylon… some sort of plastic. And then the water can just rush out when you squeeze the well. If you also find that that’s difficult to control -these water brushes can be used with a little water container Like the one that I have there and then you just dip back and forth and you can see here that I go back to the the pink – the Guava Gelato – a second time to just get down some more of that and to even out the color. Even still, the Margarita Mix kind of overpowers it. And then onto the Big Spray – the Marabu Spray – I forget its actual name. And of course, it just spurts out and sprays like crazy! So… I think that these may be better designed for a large-scale Work or at least something where you’re not afraid to get messy! I expected I was going to miss or splatter. So I’ve also placed down just some white copy paper below the watercolor paper. I really liked where the main spray hit, so then at first I tried to preserve that, but I wanted to see how the spray would react on already wet paper too. So you can see that there – It blends in beautifully and spreads out in a kind of mist-like way if it hits already wet paper. And then I decided to just blend it all in together. I also have to try out this alcohol marker. I’ve never tried a Spectra alcohol marker before. I found it felt a little dry… just slightly dry – especially compared to a new Copic – and especially because this is a brand-new marker. The brush is fairly nice – But the marker also has a bit of a weird smell. I don’t actually mind the Copic marker smell – I think pretty much all alcohol markers have a smell – but this one was a bit of a weird one. And then again for that $5.00 plus price -I just think that that’s crazy! You can pick up Copic markers for cheaper! So, I’d rather just go get myself a Copic marker! And then I decided to try out the Stillman & Birn paper by doing a quick sketch I didn’t give this any thought – I just started doodling – and then I had like a weird creature’s mouth. And then I started thinking about Mermay, and although I didn’t want to try to cram in a mermaid onto this tiny piece of paper, it started making me think about little fish or aquatic animals. So I’ve made this weird little aquatic monster here, and I’m just doodling away with no real plan… I just wanted to see what this paper was like – it does feel really lovely to sketch on. I’d love to try out a larger piece of it! And then I decided to go in with the Gelatos to see what they are like on a toned paper. And boy they really pop on that as you can see there! And same for that spray! Again I kind of missed. I was trying to make it look like the creature is spurting out some sort of spray fire or bubbles or some sort of effect from its mouth. But whoops – it didn’t really work! And then I try to finish things off and get some detail in with the Spectra marker. But that doesn’t play so well with the Gelatos or the Ink Spray – Oops actually it’s an acrylic ArT Spray. So then I go in with my new brush pen from Marabu Graphix. I also try to use a thinner fineliner, but that doesn’t play well with the Gelato crayon sort of texture either, Soooo yeah, the fineliners and these materials …they don’t really mix. But the Ink Brush pen – I guess is thick enough and has enough ink – it’s juicy enough – to be able to lay down on top of the Gelatos. Yeah, I kind of create a pretty ugly looking monster guy… But you know…I’m just having some fun! And it kind of creates a cute little graphic sort of bookmark-like thing I guess… It’ll probably just end up in a cupboard or the bin but whatever. I had some fun. Just playing around and trying to spend a little bit more time doodling just from my mind’s eye without using any sort of reference whatsoever. So that’s it for this ArtSnacks art adventure this month for May. I hope you really enjoyed it! Please give me a Like, a Comment, and Subscribe, and I’ll see you guys next time for another art adventure! Take care 🙂

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  • That's an awesome mer-may creature! I liked this up-close unboxing, then switching to over head.again for in-depth product exploration. It worked! I love the colour of the art spray

  • This chanel is underrated😀

  • Oh my, I laughed! I get Scrawlr, ArtSnacks, and Well Inked boxes for the exact same reasons! You made my morning 🙂 Also, as a Canadian, those too are Rockets and Smarties are more like M&M’s.

  • OH! you have some fun new things to play with. Maybe I should order ArtSnacks again. 🙂

  • Great video! I think both views worked well for the unboxing. We have the same thing with Smarties in the UK, they're like M&Ms. And pretty tasty 🙂 The colour of that art spray is gorgeous! It's so vibrant!

  • LOL, you don't need any excuse to get more art supplies!!!!
    Your little creature came out great. I think it's super cute!
    I got that beautiful pink in a previous box, loved it.
    Am I the only person who got some Sweet Tarts instead of Smarties? Not that it matters, but I'm just curious.
    Funny, in France, Smarties are also that other type of M&M's.

  • Enjoyed your unboxing…..mine is waiting for me at home…I am on vacation right now…this will give me time to "think" about what I want to create….I admire peeps who can just draw an not have to ponder !!!!!

  • Wow. "Just doodling"… I'm just wowed by your 'quick doodles'. I love your art. You should set up a shop somewhere and sell originals you don't want to keep yourself. 😉 NEVER throw away!

  • Those gelatos really look interesting! And I‘m impressed by your sketching skills. I always want to sketch without reference but it never turns out great. But I really want to practice sketching in general since I mostly do painting but rarely sketch just for the sketching.

  • I agree that your channel is underrated. I love your ashtray/water container!

  • Good video and drawing. I don't know what country you are in, but in America Copic markers are expensive. Like around 8 dollars per marker, although you can get one with a 40 percent off coupon at hobby lobby or Michael's. As for subscription boxes I get paletteful packs, artsnacks, and sketchbox. Grins. I love getting them every month because it is like Christmas.

  • It looks like a crocodile and a shrimp had a baby. Love it!! I’ve never invested in gelatos because I had water soluble crayons already. But I do love the colors. Great video!!

  • I adore you. I want to reach out and hug you. You seemed a wee bit nervous, I could never do this….you're brave and wonderful. Just wanted to let you know. Your fan. ❤❤❤❤

  • Brilliant unboxing my friend, this is a excellent video left u a LIKE 😁👍👍👍

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  • Ooh that spray is pretty cool!! 😎

  • The spray makes a good background but you have to be much further away from the paper and be prepared for the overspray if the paper is small.

  • Is that another preview of an art piece in the back?! It's so beautiful!! Love seeing these tiny sneakpeeks of what youre working on!

  • Great unboxing video and beautiful demo painting as well!❤️👍

  • So many fun things. Now I feel like getting some art snack boxes again. Ah!

  • This turned out so awesome! You should laminate that and make it a book mark! I really want art spray now for like visual interest on bigger pieces

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  • You got an interesting box

  • Loved the video as always!

  • Omg in Canada too, we call Smarties the candy coated chocolate, flat and round, similar to M&Ms! What the U.S. call smarties, we have those candies in a roll with wrapper, mostly at Halloween called Rockets.

  • I'm disappointed Chris, I was expected some actually artistic snacks!

    As usual, your "joie de vivre" doesn't fail in putting a smile on my face.

  • Those gelatos look so interesting!! Nice little art supplies box! I love your little creature you created 😃

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  • Cool job! I loved playing with this ArtSnacks box but had trouble finalizing a piece for my ArtSnacks challenge. It’s nice that you were able to pull this cutie together so quickly!

  • What do you think of the spectra AD markers? I actually really like them. They are very easy to blend (of course you would need more than one color). Also, mine was not dry at all and you can find them for far cheaper than $5.00. I found a bunch of brand new ones for 0.99 USD

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