Ashley Wineland Lives Out Her Childhood Dream At SeaWorld

Here’s the baby. You can go right up there.
Aw. She’s talking— yeah, you’re talking to her
I love the noises! When I was younger, it was always kind of a dream
of mine, before I found my passion for music to be a veterinarian for domestic and
exotic animals. And so even though that’s not my main focus now course that’s
towards my music I still love working with animals I work
with a lot of animal charities you know being able to come here to Seaworld and
help promote you know just how well Seaworld takes care of its animals and
the rescue and rehabilitation center just that experience of watching all the hard
work that the rescue team has put into rehabilitating those animals and just
watching them go back into their natural habitat was a real pleasure and a true
honor if you want to come learn more about the amazing marine creatures and
you know we might not get to see out on a daily basis, come out to Seaworld and
learn all the things that the amazing team here has to teach you

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