Ask Mojang #2: Meaning of Life

[HELEN] Did you wanna go ahead and take that? [SARAH] Yeah, why not. [SUNKEN CITY ]Let’s do it. Alright! Oh, Flamingo Shrimp – oh I should have worn my shrimp pillow, just for you! “How do you get the inspirations for some of the
mobs, and were there scrapped models or concepts?” Oh there are tons of
scrapped models and concepts! It’s a really big part of the process right, cuz you want to make like everything you can think of, and then you can kind of figure
out what does and doesn’t work, and then you know a lot of that falls out, it was just
stuff you don’t end up using for one reason or another. There’s probably an archive
somewhere, I know Art has it, where it’s just a whole bunch of ideas that never ended up
making it in. Every mob that is made goes through an iterative process of “what do we think of this look, what do we think of that look?” and it gets refined over
time so the models do change. Yeah, like you say it refines over time. It
kind of starts out with an idea in your head, or an idea that you guys give us,
and then you know maybe there’s like a little napkin sketch, maybe that sketch
gets you know iterated on a bit, hands off to a bunch of people and everyone goes
“hey this is really cool” and then you know once once it’s kind of settled on,
then it gets made and even then, gets iterated over time until it’s the mob
that you see in the game. Hoan Rellim says, or asks, “What do you think Steve or Alex would do if they saw a sphere?” Well, Steve and Alex are you, so what would you do if
you saw a sphere? Like, if I was like Alex, or Steve, uh I would just be like “Whoa!” [JESSICA] Wouldn’t it have blocky edges all around it? [QUINN] What if they can’t see it, what if it’s
like those bugs, or like the things that can only see in certain things, what if they just
can’t see in spheres? That’s like some existential horror right there. I personally I try to avoid spheres at all costs. I mean, I’m block all the way. You cannot get anyone more square than me. Minkhoi asks, if Minecraft world is infinite how does the sun and moon go around it? It do. Mysteryfellow asks, what was your favourite update you guys released? Oh, for me that’s easy, it’s Update Aquatic. Update Aquatic. [JASON] I was gonna say the Aquatic too.
[CHRISTINE] Yeah. I’m gonna go with Update Aquatic as well, just the sheer amount of content,
the oceans were so… So boring, to me, and now there’s like life under water, there’s
mobs, there’s monuments and stuff, it’s really really cool I love doing
underwater things. It’s an area of the world that was basically completely
empty. And now like I will take a boat and just go out on the ocean just to look and see what I find. [JOHN] Yeah. [GREG] There’s just, it’s amazing. I loved, like how vibrant the ocean became and you know, all the new things I could go do. Googy Eagon the Boy asks, “What is the meaning of life Minecraft version?” [CHRISTINE] I’m like really thinking hard on this [JASON] I know, I know, this is intense! [CHRISTINE] I want to know the meaning of life in Minecraft! A stack of 42 baked potatoes [JOHN] Mmm. [GREG] That’s what it’s all about? [MATT] That’s what it’s all about! It must be…. 32. [JESSICA] 32? [JOEL] It must be 32. [QUINN] I’m fine with that, that seems great. If the real meaning of life is 42, Minecraft has to be a power of two,
so it must be 32. I mean…building, sharing, connecting with other people. You can do
that in real life and you can do that in Minecraft. Make the world better for
everyone. Make the world better, and super creative because you have like
basically the power to be creative in Minecraft. [PRADNESH] One block at a time. [CHRISTINE] Yeah, one block at a time, yeah! Dustinert 0.0001 Videos asks, “What cartoon did you like when you were kids?” [GREG] This is gonna date all of us! [JOHN] Yeah. [MATT] Okay I was all about Sailor Moon. TMNT, super important to my childhood. Ed, Edd n Eddy Darkwing Duck, Gummy Bears was really fun when I was younger Dragon Ball Z for me. [QUINN] Oh, I really like Spongebob. The first one that comes to my mind would be Powerpuff Girls, yes! Go on…Dexter’s Lab and lot of Dragon Ball! A lot of Dragon Ball. I watched a lot of
original Pokemon. Adventure Time, Steven Universe…. Uh, I grew up on old Tom and Jerry
Bugs Bunny stuff, like timeless stuff. Batman The Animated Series, X-Men The
Animated Series, Gargoyles… I’m a lot older than you guys, so I’m not answering. Oh I know this guy! Kieran MegaVsPrimus soon #NoRedacted says, “What is your
favourite song of this decade?” Baby Shark, of course. [QUINN] Oh that’s a good one. [JESSICA] Yeah, it’s really good. Is it in your head now? [JOEL] It is. [JESSICA] Cos I could sing it if it’s not. Have..have there been any good ones? I don’t… I’m terrible at being a music fan, I just kind of put on whatever’s on the radio and jam out to it and then I move on. [SINGING] Baby shark, doo-doo-doo-doo-doo, baby shark doo-doo-doo-doo-do-doo-do [JOEL] Alright that’s enough, now everyone will sing it. [JESSICA] Yep!

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