At the Water’s Edge educates boaters about aquatic invasive species

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks along with the Cascade County Conservation District is on a mission to stop the spread of invasive species they set up shop this evening at Broadwater Bay in Great Falls to talk about the clean drain and dry program the program is meant to educate boaters and anglers about invasive species and how to stop the spread of them Montana law requires everyone transporting motorized or non motorized watercraft to stop at all inspection stations the inspectors at the stations will ask you a few questions about where you’ve been voting they’ll make sure that your vote is clean drained and dry and the reason we’re looking at clean drain and dry is because that way we know you can’t be transporting invasive species invasive species include certain types of mussels pathogens and plants they’re detrimental to waterways infrastructures dams and irrigation systems you can find more information about invasive species and the clean drain drive program on our website

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