Atmospheres 2018: Deer Hunt & Aquatic Snacks

So the inspiration behind my work at
Atmospheres came from several places with the conception of this
particular event the “Deer Hunt” A large part of it was actually research I’d
undertaken over my time during the course about the effect that music can
have on an audience’s interpretation. Almost, well digging into the psychology
of it. You know how can we use music as a powerful tool and actually actively
direct an audience’s trail of thought or their emotions. It’s the concept that
actually something so simple as just a very very low sound could have such a
powerful effect. The other part of the inspiration came from a theatre company
based in London who specialize in installation pieces immersive, theatre
and I wanted to make a composition that could fit to that sort of brief. You know
the idea that I could invite audiences in and allow them to explore this world. The original inspiration that I got for my performance is actually an empty tin filled with water, it was actually after raining and
then from that experience I actually decided to actually collect the sounds
out of water and metal. If I were used just three words to describe the project those would be simply that it’s an immersive, sonic, experience. I’d want my audience to know that they shouldn’t be afraid to step into the world I’m creating for them I would just encourage audiences to
really actively play a role in the event. You know they are part of it. Mine is just water, roller, coaster. My performance will be quite fun. I’ve got a dancer and a designer. We’ve created some really beauitful and colourful props. So it’s going to be fun and also I think quite adventurous in terms of sound.

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