BAD START! The Day After The Aquatic Experience (2018)

what’s up fish tank people
dustinsfishtanks bringing it to you on what’s today Tuesday after the aquatic
experience how’s everybody doing I hope you’re doing better than today’s video
people like that I’m real and I do real things and act like a real human so I’m
gonna be real with you I feel like an absolute stillbirth josh and i drove
from some somewhere north of Harrisburg Pennsylvania yesterday the man drove
half of it I drove the other half and we got back today on my feet since
basically Wednesday night where we had car trouble I’ll get more into that
later but yeah I had some car trouble didn’t even get out of West Virginia
until two o’clock in the afternoon we left Charleston on Thursday drove set up
at 1:30 in the morning till about 4:00 in the morning we finally went to bed
and then ran the show Friday got good sleep Friday night Saturday and then
Sunday and the show was stacked and I’m doing this video because I feel like
absolute death but I’ve got a lot of amazing things to show you that came out
of this and I also want everybody to know that like I’m sick of videos I
absolutely loved live people like seeing people I walk by like what’s up and
actually talking to them and getting their questions in person and their
reactions and laughing and not laughing and whatever so I my battery is like
physically I’m drained but emotionally I’m really really jacked to be doing
live stuff I need to do more of it because it really does facilitate I’m
gonna do more things in greenhouse 2.0 I’ve got a whole bunch updates on that a
lot of fantastic stuff happening with that but I’m just gonna show you like
how raw it is right now so here’s the raw
I got no shoes on I got some fat tissue called your plants that I’m gonna grow
out for my friends at dinner alone jb jo get those on the Sun that you can see
those guys alternate their Bernanke’s my best-selling plant my grapples we sell a
lot of well there’s nine tissue cultures I’m a girl out so
I’m super stoked about that always good people at dinner look great
to see them they were asking me about my greenhouse over here I go out of town my
pond was completely drained like actually the power was off today we’re
just secretly a blessing so I didn’t do anything but there’s the pond see the
water levels real low the hornworts out of the water the Amazon swords are
coming out of the water right here so but the fish don’t care there’s actually
a baby fish right there that big black I hope he gets that cold color on top of
them but so the fish are fine but I gotta top the water level off in here
the red stem talent I actually brought part of her with me she’s got to go in
the greenhouse in a little bit but over here folks you know I feel like pirates
right now I me and Josh because this is what we came home what don’t everybody
see this this is my 2011 Toyota Sienna XLE means I got the leather means I got
the heated seats man over here I got other footage of it but basically
there’s an oil can oil oil coolant hose that pops and blows blue oil everywhere
over their entire guts in my car play it out we stopped we go underneath this
overpass I want you to know that right here coming down this on-ramp right here
was one scared individual because this light was flashing right here it said
low oil pressure which means your foot is about to die I mean there’s no oil
pressure it means your engine will explode if there’s no oil in it and if
you run it without oil you will be dead and you’ll have a dead new black
wonderful minivan that you love so much purging her guts out spewing oil
everywhere this is where it came to and as we limp horribly along and about
11 o’clock at night was that about 11 11 about love like a night slow down
brother slow down homie we pulled right into
here and Josh is gonna drive real slow and pull in there and I’m gonna take a
piss cuz I pee every five minutes this is what was all hitting on the way home
totally worth it got a 125 that we got Benson’s Benson’s
Pet Center up in New York they got six locations they sell my plants they got
that we brought home too we brought these planted aquariums with
us my sound system the redstone Italia but back here I got to give a shout-out
to the boys at Imperial tropicals I bet I’ve stayed at Jacob’s house I hung out
with my cat on my friends with Mike Bernard I actually told them to get with
Mike Renard to work there I love those people and they love me and they hooked
it up really really fast they know what I’m doing so it’s not gonna be that easy
to see with the straps but we’ve got six it’s one two and you’ll get the clips I
can’t even hold a camera I’m so weak one two three four five six 37 tall’s I’m
gonna call him 14 Falls and then you can’t really see him that well but
underneath here I’ve got 133 long 233 Long’s 333 Long’s four five and six are
underneath here so we’ve got 633 Long’s and then 640 tall’s not to mention a 350
over there and we were ready to do some serious assault in the greenhouse 2.0
but I had to drive all the way to New York to get these we trailered this
stupid thing the whole way Josh did the job getting it bound up so a lot of
exciting stuff happening I had picked up a bunch of sweet boost we’re gonna grow
up for a month so this is the morning after video I can’t have a good party
without feeling like crap afterwards it’s all I got
I’m gonna go rest tank on

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