hi my friends. welcome to my channel. I’m not good fishes is very stagnant fish have a problem I’m very uncomfortable with this situation 1 fish died I just added these fish these fish made other fish sick bacterial overlap, bacteria difference When those fish were added to this aquarium, they all became stagnant. The immune systems are different, after which the fish becomes ill. They’ve been in this situation for two days. It’s been like this before. but they improved. Since two days, I’ve been exchanging water, they haven’t recovered. They don’t come to eat, this fish is doing white defecation. The dead fish lies at the bottom of the aquarium. I used halamide (chloramine t) In this aquarium I used 380 liters, 1 teaspoon chloramine t, I applied I will drain all the water of the aquarium, remove all materials Then we will apply chloramine again If the fish in another aquarium in your room are added to other aquariums, this disease may occur. The bacterial culture of the aquarium is different. then the disease becomes the cause. Though there is a disease of stingray fish, that fish acquired immunity from this disease. this disease does not harm him. If that fish is added to another aquarium, other non-immune fish may become ill. this may be the opposite. if this occurs, chloramine t must be used. chloramine t is a highly hazardous substance, can be fatal. need to use with caution. measurement; 1 teaspoon for 300 liters. Previously, 50% water change (not osmosis water) should be tap water. According to the condition of the fish, after 3-12 hours, 50% water change should be done. Remove the dead fish from the aquarium, then drain all the water. I said these fish will breed. yes it was reproduction. reproduction just finished. I hope the fish become more harmonious. Let’s do the urgent work. Now I saw, another breeding is taking place. red marlboro, pair fishes, now lay eggs all pair discus fishes, now breeding Because, I use fish-enhancing, reproductive desire. Increasing the number of eggs, increasing sperm quality and number, increasing sexual desire. fishes showed sexual horniness. Here’s my dead fish. out of the aquarium. About 12 cm. it was a beautiful fish, the colors were very beautiful, I loved it very much. but he doesn’t live anymore. I am very sad. I took good care of her. I fed it very well. I’ve been feeding him for seven months. It is a very sad situation. it is lifeless now. who prayed badly? I’m so sorry, bad prayer, not a good thing. This fish is in poor condition. I respond urgently all the water emptied. I’m trying to remove the filter. it is very heavy and difficult. I filled the aquarium with water. remove the filter. put a pipe filter, 2 pcs. This fish, which is very bad, improved slightly after the change of water. If the fish is good, no problem, if they go wrong, I will use medicine halamide, chloramine t or permasol, (potassium permanganate) can use. Don’t let this fish die. as some fish are returning to normal. After a few hours, the fish began to recover. lights off, don’t stress them, they’ll be better. I keep you informed of developments. thank you for watching the video and visiting my channel.
see you in new videos. bye bye.

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