BBC Weather: Europe faces ‘tricky’ disruption as heavy snow splits continent in two – News 247

 BBC Weather meteorologist Phil Avery predicted fast flowing air currents will continue to cause unsettled weather across the continent, with heavy snow expected to cover up northern Spain and the Italian and French Alps over the coming days Europe is set to be split in two as western areas are set to remain under the influence of “tricky conditions” characterised by cold temperatures and persistent rainfall as eastern Europe will bask in warmer weather The BBC Weather forecaster said: “Some really tricky weather around in a number of locations The jet stream is just firing system after system down across the British Isles into Biscay and the western side of France, on to the Mediterranean and then they turn north  “That’s why we’ve got such a demarcation with the disturbed weather right through western Europe into the Mediterranean and then, at times, through parts of Italy, then the Balkans up towards Finland  “Some pretty hefty downpours just getting into the heart of Turkey through Thursday It’s getting quieter, briefly, across the Balkans having had some pretty wild weather there ” Northern Spain and Portugual will be on the receiving end of “significant snow” throughout Thursday as France is predicted to face “gale-force” winds while still recoveing from heavy rain over the past two weeks  Mr Avery continued: “There’s significant snow falls getting into the north of Iberia and also to the Alpine region   “There are gale-force winds as well in the Bay of Biscay and that weather could be really be quite disruptive because it just keeps on coming  “On Friday, there is still a lot of wild weather around the Biscay area, south western parts of France – in the excess of 100mm of rain and significant snowfall ” The BBC Weather forecaster added: “Things turning really unsettled, a new area of low pressure dominating the scene across Italy – it’s the same sort of set up that helped produce those tricky flooding situation in Venice over the past day or two  “Further to the east, there is still a lot of warmth across the southeastern quarter Make the most of it while it lasts.”   The unsettled weather resulted in heavy flooding in Venice, northeast Italy, which left the iconic canal city submerged and forced local authorities to declare a state of emergency  Speaking after arriving in Venice to assess the damages, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said: “The Governement is here, I am here to signale the Government is ready to participate  “Venice is part of the Italian and human heritage that is in need of resolving a series of historical problems that have yet to be addressed ”  Officials on Wednesday evening once again rang the alarm across the city to warn residents about the high tide once again pushing as much as 125cm (4ft) of water on land    Trending  Two people have died due to the acqua alta (high water) as the Fire Brigade reported an elderly man had died on the barrier island of Pellestrina when he was hit by lightining as he tried to pump out water from his home  Another man was found dead at home. Tourists in the iconic city have continued to brave the waters thanks to several km of platforms sitting over the water that were installed to allow people to walk around  The city opted to keep several on the most popular tourist attractions, including the Ducal Palace in Piazza San Marco and the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Venezia, open despite the dire conditions gripping Venice   

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