BBC Weather: Severe warning as polar vortex ‘collapses’ plunging Europe into deep freeze – News 247

 BBC Weather has said temperatures will stay on the “chilly side” with the showers continuing to stick around into next week It comes as Severe Weather EU have claimed the polar vortex is set to “collapse” by the end of the year which create acute winter conditions and can lead to extreme weather Helen Willetts said: “The central area of the Mediterranean looking to have some more severe weather  “Also it stays really cold with further weather systems plunging more rain and hill snow  “Strong winds continue to push that water and those winds and that rain northwards  “Heavy snowfall once again across the Alpine region. “To the east of that temperatures are well above average   “Temperatures will steadily rise this week across Scandinavia but it’s still cold here, we’ve still got some snow to come  “But we’re got more of that rain to come on Monday in very similar areas with quite disturbed weather to come ” Rainfall of more than 200mm could spark flash floods as well, with the potential for tornadoes to strike countries across the Mediterranean this weekend  The freezing conditions could even unleash up to 75 cm of snow across the Alps this weekend  Meteorologist Andrej Flis said: “The weakening of the stratospheric polar vortex is well underway  “In the past days, the polar vortex reached 40-year record strength for this time of year  “It would likely strengthen even further, but its rise to power was stopped and reversed, due to two pressure/temperature waves that press onto the vortex  “That reduces the speed of the stratospheric polar jet stream.   Trending  “That is a strong sign of a collapsed polar vortex, and high probability of a sudden stratospheric warming event by the end of the year  “What all this means for our weather? Well, a collapsed vortex always greatly increases the chances for winter weather towards Europe ” It comes as a killer snowstorm struck Europe submerging large parts of France in heavy snow  Hundreds of thousands of people in southeast France have been left without power, while one driver was killed by a fallen tree

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