Beginner Workout Plan With Swimming Secrets

it’s a puppy one trick that I am going
to reveal today is how you can swim laps without turning your head to the side to
get air welcome back to another accidentaly video today I’m sharing with
you my 2019 workout plan as you know Taylor and I highly
encourage for you to have a healthy life all encompassing things that you do
think people that you spend time with you know there’s a lot of different
topics we dive into and just touch on every now and then and physical health
is definitely one of those this month Taylor and I have been doing fast gluten
dairy and sugar and there are a couple different reasons why we’re doing that
but one of them is just kind of going through a cleanse been really
interesting I feel really healthy another thing that we’re doing this year
trying to set goals for working out I have set a point system things like
push-ups sit-ups leg raises brats and things like that and so I have a point
system basically you know if I did five squats and say like that’s worth five
points five one legged squat 20 points the more that I do different things the
more points I get and every month of this year I’m trying to beat the
previous month and so going through the year I’m graphing how many points I get
and it should climb by the end of the year I should have you know the highest
month that I’ve ever had before so that’s kind of mentally for me I need
something to challenge me you know done with January and so I have that set of
mountain so now February are trying to beat it and so that’s kind of what I’m
doing as far as weight lifting and then cardio doing cardio that is low impact
on your joints it’s going to be the healthiest in the long term so I have a
road bike that I really enjoyed writing going hiking another one that is really
good is you end up using a rowing machine you’re kind of using your whole
body but those new it’s a really fluid it’s not nothing is
jarring there’s no like jumping there’s just a lot of jumping and it’s really
hard on my ankles and my knees all this snowboarding wakeboarding that I did
when I was younger I really took a beating on my body and so I try to find
something that is a little bit easier on my joints and is more enjoyable there’s
another form of cardio that is my absolute favorite I need to put it into
my life more often it just kind of depends on where we’re at cause it’s not
always available and there’s a company that offered to sponsor this video if I
shared with you one of my secrets that I use when I do this form of cardio for
those of you who know me you know that I really enjoy swimming that’s something
that I haven’t really talked about on this channel before but swimming is such
a great way to get cardio because don’t have high impact it’s easy on your
joints the process of swimming a space in there where you can kind of get into
a zone and at least for me and just go and it allows me to room to just think
however there are certain things that you have to think about that’s your form
your technique and then also like turning your head to breathe and get to
the wall like turning it around if you’re counting your laps one trick
today there’s there’s tricks for all of those things that I have that one trick
that I am going to reveal today is how you can swim laps without turning your
head to the side to get air and it’s a device that I use and it’s called the
power breather I went to a pool and I got some footage just me swimming so you
can actually see how it works this is a company I know the guy that you know
makes this and he actually sent this to me this is what the power breather looks
like so it’s kind of interesting it’s great for a couple different things like
one application is swimming laps in a pool another would be if you were out in
the ocean snorkelling this would be another great way to use this and so
they do provide like snorkeling masks and have these tips that go on the
end here I’m gonna kind of show you here and then I’ll show you the clips of me
swimming but if you’re in the pool you can kind of throw this over your neck
let it rest right here you basically put your mouth in I’m not gonna be able to
talk once my mouth isn’t there you put your mouth in and then you pull it up on
top of your head and there’s this little there’s little adjustment here and you
just twist this and they will crank down and so when I hop in the pool I’ll just
you know throw this on get my goggles on I have some little anti fogging stuff
that I’ll rub on the inside of my goggles so they don’t fog up and then
I’ll just go like this no this starts swimming so you may ask how is this
different from like a normal snorkel well there’s a check valve inside of
here so similar to like a scuba diving mask when you exhale through this power
breather all of the air comes out of the vent here in the front and then when you
inhale it’s all coming through here and so if I try to breathe into one of these
it goes in fine if I try to breathe out I can’t do it because there’s a valve in
there so what’s happening is every time you breathe in you’re not getting any
exhaled air in that breath and so you’re actually getting a cleaner breath of air
a normal snorkel you know it just goes up to the side it doesn’t have a valve
in it when you breathe out by the time you start breathing in all of that
exhaled air hasn’t exited the tube and so you end up breathing back in exhaled
air and so you’re not getting as much oxygen you are a swimmer like me if you
like to do exercises that are low-impact and good for your heart I forgot
when you get out of the pool after swimming you aren’t sweaty and that’s
another thing that I really enjoy you don’t necessarily feel like all that
sticky sweaty feeling like if I go on a long bike ride I’m just covered in sweat
yeah I would encourage you to check this out you know it’s a solid purchase that
is gonna last you a long time and if you are someone that enjoys swimming laps
you know all throw waterproof headphones in and listen to something and I can
just keep my head down with this and just keep swimming and it’s awesome so I
am excited to have this and I’m excited to continue using it if you want to
check it out there’s a link down below like always they’re also offering you
guys a 15% discount just because you’re watching this video as you’re checking
out on their website on the left hand side there’s a little box that says I
have a voucher and you just click that box you can use the discount code all
caps one word acts family and then that will give you a 15% discount so the
cardio that I have planned for this year and then the muscle workouts just you
know first strength that’s kind of my plan for 2019 if you guys are curious of
what Taylor’s plan for 2019 go ahead and comment that down below maybe we can get
her to talk about it in that Tuesday with Taylor before you go I got one more
thing to show you it’s a puppy they’re getting a lot bigger and I’m super
excited hey if you’re new to the channel push the subscribe button all the way in
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for the puppies and we’ll see you in the next one ha talk to you talk to you
that’s all

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