Behind the Scenes: Fish Formula for Rescued Sea Lion Pups | SeaWorld San Diego

Today we’re going to be making formula for our stranded animals. We need this formula because these animals need the nutrients they’re not getting because they are not eating fish, so this formula supplements what they’re not eating. This is 50 pounds of fish and we need 50 liters of water. Normally we use a blender, but instead we are using this baby – the emulsifier – to blend up all of the fish. And now we blend. It’s a smell that you’re not used to, but after a while you don’t smell it. By the end you got it all over you; it’s on your face, on your clothes. It’s worth it, absolutely. Now we are going to add the powder. This is a milk based powdered formula which is similar to what female sea lions would nurse their young with. What did I tell you? All over your hands! We should probably add our other 10 pounds of fish. Let’s see if I got it. Perfect. Ten pounds of fish goes in here. We’ll add our 12 liters now, because it looks like it’s getting a little thick, it’s getting a little hard to blend. I wish you guys had smell-o-vision, smell how wonderful this is. We tube feed the animals that aren’t eating, and so if there were big chunks of fish it wouldn’t go down the tube. We also want to make sure that we blend out all the chunks of powder too. This looks kinda good. What we’re going to do now is we put it in a refridgerator What happens next is the people that are going to be feeding these animals come in and grab what they need and they’ll take it back to the area and they will tube feed these animals with the formula we just made; nice fresh formula!

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