Behind the Scenes with Chloe | This Free Life

People are always asking me, like…what it is? Like, it looks so easy, and I’m like, You know the sprinter in the Olympics? They have to sprint a hundred meters, sprint for, like, nine seconds? Well, imagine doing that without breathing. That’s what it is. I got into synchronized swimming ’cause my mom did some when she was younger as well. So yeah, started around grade three, grade four until almost the end of my high school. After that, I decided I was done ’cause it’s a judged sport, and I was over it. I was not identifying as much to, like, the prettiness. I don’t know if I wanted to be seen different, but I just wanted to be looking different A certain way I wanted to look. I do not see how a synchronized swimmer could even begin to smoke. I’ve never wanted to come close to tobacco, ’cause I saw my mom struggle so much with it. That, like, struggle she was going through and the addiction she was going through always kind of pushed me away from it. This Free Life: freedom to be, tobacco-free.

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