BEISST DER?? Angeln auf Giant Trevally & Bonefish!

“Good morning, are you ready with breakfast?” “Yes. We ll have to leave in 10 min” “I hurry up. I quickly make some food” Dude, Julian. I m sure you gonna love it… Nice, dude. Nice, nice, nice… Hey what’s going on? Ohh, sh*** !! WATER !! Did you swallow it? ** BATFISH ** For which people this lodge is suitable? It’s mostly international & adult people …also due to the price It’s like a 5-star resort on an abandoned island If you want to combine a high class resort and a splendid fishery – this place is the place to be **it’s a drug – if you could bottle it, it be bloody good drug Everybody who comes here wants to catch a GT GT fishery is quite exciting, since you do not get too many attempts And once you have a chance, you are adrenalin flooded I got around 6-7 shots and I missed them all… Simon had just 2 shots – but he caught one …but his fish was easy to catch – and not even huge 😉

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