Belle Isle Aquarium of Detroit, Michigan

The Belle Isle Aquarium is
the oldest operating aquarium in North America that’s still
in its original location. It was built in 1904,
designed by Albert Kahn. He wanted guests
to experience what it would be like to be in
an art gallery underwater. So when you walk
into the aquarium, you’ll see these
beautiful domed ceilings with jade colored glass tile
that adorn the whole ceiling. The exhibits of the
aquarium, the focus is great lakes and great
rivers of the world. So the majority of the
exhibits at the aquarium are fresh water exhibits and
they highlight our Great Lakes, the Great Lakes of Africa
and also the Amazon Rivers. The historic tax credits
have been very important in the rehabilitation
of the aquarium. It’s allowed us to leverage
some funding that we otherwise wouldn’t have had access
to and to keep the aquarium free to the public and to
make really needed upgrades for our staff’s safety,
for the fish’s safety, for the health for
the whole building. Everyone has a story
about Belle Isle and they are
passionate to share it so it’s such an important
cultural asset in the city of Detroit and that keeps
me motivated and passionate about it everyday.

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