Hey what’s up guys. Welcome to the pro
tip Monday. It’s the first time I say this, cool. Guys in today’s pro tip we are
talking about the Grindal worms. You’ve been asking me what is this little worm
thing that I feed to my fish in the big 60 review video. So they are Grindal
worms. They are very rich in protein. They are used by a lot of fish breeders to feed
their fish, specifically fry. And I have the Dario Black Tiger in this aquarium,
they need live food. And I have actually Black Tiger fry in there. So that’s just
perfect but all fish love live food. And specifically protein rich foods. So this
is a really nice pro tip for all of you who want to treat your fish. And you know
just give them a little treat, a little snack a couple times a week. So this one
is about live food. Okay guys so what do you need to create
your own Grindal worm culture? I like to use a container for example like an ice
cream container. Why? It’s about the right size, also you can upcycle them so you
don’t just throw them away. And also the container is slightly transparent from
the outside so you can see the moisture in the substrate. First thing you have to
do: You have to take the lid and you have to apply a lot of tiny holes into it. So
it can actually breathe. Because it doesn’t breathe then you get mold and
you don’t want it! When you are done it looks something like this. So this can
breathe. Next thing that you need is substrate material. As for substrate I
like to use Seramis. Seramis is sort of clay based hydroponic substrate for
plants. I think you can find it literally everywhere. And I will link most of the
stuff in the description below so you can buy it online. So you take the Seramis
and you fill it in the container. But you still don’t have any worms in there.
And how do they get inside? Well that’s the tricky part. I cannot send you the
worms. But all the fish breeders like I said previously, they use this
worms to feed their fish fry. So just reach out to those you know fish
breeders, the fish communities and if you’re lucky you can find them online.
Likely on eBay. But like I just said reach out to fish breeders. That’s very
common within the fish breeders because they use it to grow their fry. And they can
send you a little amount of it. And I have here one of my older containers. So
I have some old substrate in here. And then I use just a little amount of it.
You just need like a couple I don’t know like teaspoons or something that you put
into the new container. And then they start breeding there by their own. Of
course you have to keep it moist and you have to feed.
What do I feed my worms? I feed them simply oat flakes. I grind them so they
become some sort of a powder. And once you have to substrate in here, make it
wet. Don’t let the water rise just make the substrate really wet. I would maybe
even wash them beforehand. Because they’re really dusty. So you want to get
rid of this. And then you have the substrate in here. Make it really wet add
some of the new or colonised substrate from the breeders in here. And then just
sprinkle a little bit of the out flake powder on top, put the lid on, forget
about it for a couple days, open, check it then you have plenty of little worms
that you can feed to your fish. And how does the maintenance look like? So every
two to three days you feed them a little bit with the oat powder. And once a week
or every two weeks give them a really good spray. It depends on the size of the
holes, the humidity in the air that you have. So just make sure they’re always a
little bit wet. And I think over time you will figure out just the right balance
that you need. And when you see not enough worms coming up, then maybe just
spray a little bit more. And this basically it. And the fish love it. You
can use it to feed your fish like this two or three times a week. And you know you can
have several containers so if you feed one today so you have another one for
tomorrow or the day after. And then you’re going to swap them around. And
it’s always I would say best to have several containers. So one container it’s
contaminated you have another one that is going so you can reset this one. So
really like it! My fish love it! Great colors and great behavior you know
especially for the food specialists like Dario Dario or Dario Black Tiger. That’s
really nice. Guys I hope you appreciated this pro tip. It was a little bit longer
but I think it was necessary to mention all the things in here. Yeah if you like
this video give me a thumbs up. It actually does make a difference! And
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