BEST CHEAP BRUSH-MARKERS?! | Ohuhu Dual-Tip Brush/Chisel Tip Markers – 48 set

Two years ago, I discovered my favorite
cheap markers which are the Ohuhu markers and last year they actually redesigned
them (and I’m not gonna say it was for the better) but this year they’ve
actually just released their long requested brush tip markers! so today
we’re going to find out if if they live up to my expectations and if they’re
worth the wait oh yeah and by the way the caps do fit on the other end! let’s
do this! ♪ so just in general, alcohol-based markers are really cool because they
don’t tear up your paper like water-based markers can and they more
easily blend together and can offer that even streak free wash that I really like.
They’re permanent on most surfaces, they do fade in the sunlight, but their
biggest downside usually is their price [kaching] and that is where alternatives to the
industry standard Copic Sketch markers come into play, even when you’re avoiding
like the big name it’s hard to find alcohol-based markers with the coveted
brush tip at a price that doesn’t make you do a double-take.
Brush tips make it a lot easier to blend out two colors and you can get
like a soft even gradient (I do need to make a note chiseled nibs
can do this it just takes more, you know, elbow grease) my biggest gripe with
Ohuhu markers in the past was their lack of pastel colors and of course the
lack of the brush nib and last year after their redesign they lost the color
names on the cap for some reason and the ability to place the cap on the other
end of the marker… like? why-why Why would you get rid of that? but that’s the past, today we’re looking
at the new brush markers so I can already tell right off the bat the
barrel is noticeably different it’s actually completely round so..[rolls it on desk] Oh to stop
it from rolling off your desk it actually has these little blips on each
cap but if you like didn’t have the caps on the barrel it’s gonna roll away and
you’ll also not even know what color it is because the color names are on the
cap Oh and it still has that impossible to read metallic lettering (I don’t
understand that one) but the caps yeah they do have color names on them woohoo…[awkward laugh] using a color called sunflower is just I feel like that just gives you a much
more positive experience than using a color called
y2 you know? do you agree? I do. I just agreed with myself it It does look like they’re numbering system changed before it was just a number but
now they have a letter and a number on each of them like: Y, YR, R, PB
(what is that? peanut butter?) BR which is brown..? I’m not, I’m gonna say that’s not Blue
Red.. it’s brown and then PB peanut butter purple-blue? it doesn’t really make sense… [whispers to herself:]
pale blue..? yeah I’m not sure what the PB means — so for nibs they have a chisel tip
on one end and a [bumptity-mouth trill] a brush nib! on the other looking at the brush it’s a bit more
triangular than the Copic Sketch markers that I own and I can feel that it does
lose a little bit of stability with that shape which makes the brush a bit bendier but other than that they kind of feel like they’re made out of us like
similarly stiff material but I would mention that the Ohuhu brush does feel
more brittle like I don’t know it’s just the very tip of it feels like it’ll
start to fray if I use it a ton but I haven’t seen any issues yet I just love that the cap fits on the other end Copic Sketch markers do not do this
so I’ve actually had to like get into the habit of not putting it on the other
end but oh I’m so glad these actually do it just just makes the earth feel whole
again doesn’t it? it’s just such a beautiful sight so this pack which was
available at launch is a 48 set of colors this includes one black marker
and zero colorless blenders which I honestly don’t ever use so I’d rather
have another color so that’s a plus in my book i swatched out all 48 colors
grouping them by color family for the most part the code system does seem
arbitrary aside from like the simple color grouping – I mean compare this to
Copics well-documented coloring system like the first letter equals color
family, the first digit refers to the saturation, and then the remaining digits
are the darkness of the marker these are just you know a number.. – in this 48 set
you do get a good range of colors and tones if I remove the saturation from
the video you’ll probably be able to see and notice like the variety of the tones
better you can see how some are darker and some are lighter there’s still quite
a bit in that mid-tone area I’d like to see some lighter
because those are just what I use the most with copics but this is definitely
a step in the right direction and you can do a lot with this variety this
illustration I actually used to try and show off some of the skin tones that are
available in this set, there’s actually a pretty good variety in my opinion for
like such a small set – there’s only 48 colors and this is what I was able to
get with just four distinct colors not like blending other colors on top of
them which means there’s significantly more possibilities than even just this so for the character on the left I used Rose Beige which is BR3, the next
character I used YR4 or Salmon Pink, next character is BR1, or Raw Umber and
then the final one on the right there I used YR5 which is Terracotta I noticed
each set of these markers also comes with this blending card to protect your
work surface since these markers will bleed through most papers – it’s extremely
bent and last time I got markers with one of these it was all smashed up
because it’s just not packaged well so there’s that for paper I’ve been using a
65 pound cardstock or you can use like specifically made marker paper if you
don’t want it to bleed through to the other end because marker paper actually
has a special coating on the other side to protect your desks from markers and
then card stock is just usually thick enough where it only bleeds if you’re
like really layering those markers either way it’s a good habit to get into
to protect your work surface these markers do feel light it just makes me
think that there isn’t that much ink in them I don’t know if that’s true or not
I used them for quite a few drawings and I haven’t had any run low yet I also
noticed that they are a little difficult to get like an even tone of color if
you’re filling in large areas like this background here even after multiple
coats and it’s usually pretty common to require a couple coats with like a Copic
Sketch marker to get a nice even tone but it just feels more difficult with
the Ohuhu and even after trying and trying this was the best that I could do because there aren’t any lightly toned Pink’s or reds I actually had to use R94
blush which ironically is called Pastel Rose which seems crazy when you first put it down because it’s just so vibrant
but after blending the bejeebies out of it you can get something that looks
pretty seamless thanks to these brush tips just don’t expect it to happen on
its own you’ll need just a little bit of time and patience I’m definitely happy
with the changes Ohuhu has made to their markers honestly they’re all pretty
positive I love the brush tips I like that they put the color names back on,
I like that the caps fit on the other end, and I like that they’ve included
some lighter tones and all the colors are pretty vibrant none of them are
muddy in my opinion which was a little bit more apparent in like their old sets
like years ago the only thing that I think would make this set even better
would be the addition of some more lighter tones like even lighter tones
when I’m using Copics I gravitate towards the double zeros and those
happen to be like their lightest markers I’m gonna guess it’s like a tough recipe
to replicate or something because I’ve yet to see in a marker brand, other than
Copic, produce markers with like that kind of purity I’m guessing that’s how
they keep their markers cheap like the alternatives that’s how they can keep
their markers cheaper than Copics is cuz they’re not they just don’t have the
equipment to be able to make those colors I don’t know I’m not a dye expert so in the end I would definitely for sure recommend these for like a beginner
two markers or an artist that’s just looking for something cheaper than
Copics or Windsor and Newton markers and they are definitely a great stepping
stone and the more you use them you’ll find yourself gravitating towards
the colors that you use the most in your illustrations so if like you do happen
to go through a specific marker and you you know you use it till it’s dry I
would probably suggest investing in like a refillable Copic Sketch marker or
Copic Ciao marker in a tone that’s very very similar because that will save you
money in the long run since they are refillable if you plan on using it like
a lot in the future and I think just having Ohuhu as a marker brand that you
can purchase when you’re unsure if you want to like pursue markers further
without having to get out of mortgage it’s really nice to have those options one of the most overwhelming aspects of Copics is trying to decide
what color to buy because they’re like so expensive
and then you don’t know what colors you need and Ohuhu is just a great way to like
put your foot in the door with markers you know as a tool and just see if
there’s something you’re interested in pursuing in the future personally I’m
going to be keeping my Ohuhu brush markers by my Copics I think these will
be really good in like addition to the markers that I’ve already invested in I’m obviously not going to give up my Copic markers for these because they
just don’t have those pastel colors that I need in my life [laughs in addict] but they have some
really nice saturated mid-tones that I think I can definitely get some use out
of I do want to thank you guys for watching and I also want to send a big
THANK YOU to Ohuhu for sending me these markers for free to try out and to share
with you guys and I’m really happy that Ohuhu has been like listening to people
they’re very active over on Instagram asking people what they want I remember
they had like a poll like should we have when we released brush markers should we
have a bullet nib and a brush tip or a chisel nib and a brush tip and I
remember people overwhelmingly requested the chisel tip with the brush tip on the
other end and so that’s what they released which is really really cool to
see that they’re like listening to the feedback so I will have the supplies I
used today linked down below if you’re interested in researching any more about
those and yeah thank you guys for watching
I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening full
of waffles BYE! [♪ Music ♪]

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