BEST FISH FOOD PRICES EVER? Aquatic Support Systems SALE! #fishfam

looking for good deals on fish food and
other related supplies stay tuned we got you covered on our Black Friday sale hey youtube its brian from and Brian’s Fish Tanks just doing a real quick video to
let you know that we have a real good deal coming up later this week we’ve got
a Black Friday Small Business Saturday in Cyber Monday sale coming up on our
website aquatic support systems calm we’re gonna be offering 20% off
everything in our website that includes Southern Delight Fish Foods Fluval bug bites if you’re looking to feed your big cichlids with southern delight we’re
bringing back the one pound bag for this limit to time only otherwise we’ve got
two pound bulk bags starter pack for us we’ve got the bottles as well we’ve also
got quite a wide variety of shrimp foods we carry Shrimp King MK breed Lowkeys
Glasgarten Salty Shrimp all those will be 20% off as well and finally we’ve got
things like moss ledges and Cholla wood as well all those are 20% off the sale
is gonna start at midnight on Thursday morning and it’s going to go all the way
through midnight at the end of the day Monday Cyber Monday so this is basically
gonna cover Black Friday Small Business Saturday as well as Cyber Monday there’s
gonna be a coupon code listed below that you can use to get the 20% discount
I’ll also be sending out emails to everybody on our email list and i’ll be
posting reminders on the blog within my website aquatic support system calm as
well as posting all over social media so make sure that you don’t miss out on the
deals we’ve got going on here 20% off everything on the website that’s gonna
save you a lot of money especially if you’re buying bulk fish food like the
southern delight that we’re known for but remember fish food shrimp food
planet tank products other aquarium related products all 20% off
Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday make sure you check it out
make sure you go to aquatic support systems calm and take advantage of the
great deals thanks in advance for your support thanks for checking out our
website as well as our YouTube channel until next time we’ll talk to you later you

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