Best Goggles for Triathlon

– Each of these goggles serves
a good and different purpose. (upbeat electronic music) And 15k later. You’re the best. (loud whooshing) Oh my god. Four hours, 42 minutes of
swimming, and 15k later. Let’s talk goggles after a smoothie. (sighs) All right. Now that’s all done, let’s
talk swimming goggles. Now on the scale of
least cushioning to most, the swimming goggles
that I’ll tend to go with are number one, Socket Rockets are just one step up
from a Swedish goggle. It’s like as basic as it gets but it’s got a little bit of rubber on the part that touches your eye so that it’s not quite digging into your eye sockets. Speedo Vanquisher 2.0s, these here are a little bit more cushion. They’ve got kind of about
an eighth of an inch of silicone around the part
that touches your eyes. But not so much that you’ve got just a whole mess of rubber and silicone for a gasket that’s gonna get in the way of swim caps and have to suction to a huge part of your eye socket. Then today, first dance out with these, these are the Aqua Sphere Vista. This is a big horker of a goggle. Each of these goggles serves
a good and different purpose. The Socket Rockets are about
as cheap and as minimal as it gets, but they’re
really good for in the pool. Because in the pool, the chlorine is gonna just rip apart goggles, so you don’t wanna be going with a really expensive 40, 50, $60 set of goggles that you’re gonna have to replace every six to nine months because
the gaskets get chewed up no matter how much you take care of them. Contrary to what you might think, Socket Rockets are actually really comfortable on your eyes for about an hour to two hour kinda workout because there’s not so much gasket all around the eye socket that you have to squish it down really tight. It kinda just sits on your
eye and friction fits. That said, there’s not a whole
lot of give to anything here. So after the course of about
an hour, hour and a half, two hours, it does tend to wear on your eye sockets and get a
little bit uncomfortable. But as far as pool workouts
go, this is awesome. When you have to replace it every six to nine months, it’s
only 10 to $15 bucks. The Speedo Vanquisher 2.0s, I
see the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0s on more eye sockets than anything. I think that’s for a few reasons. Number one, it comes in
a nice mirrored finish, which works okay in the
pool but it works really really well in open water
when you’ve got glare. Number two, it’s not so built up that it’s hard to fit onto your eye. Because it’s just a
small amount of silicone, the fit finickiness is not so difficult that it doesn’t fit too many people. In addition to that,
this nose bridge here, I don’t wanna take it
off because it’s hard to get back in, comes
in different lengths. You’ll get about six different options when you buy the goggles, so you can make it wider, you can make it narrower, and make sure that you’re not getting pinched in between your eyes. This gasket that’s around here is probably about the exact right amount of gasket that you’d want to give you a nice balance
between comfort and good suction. Good suction, comfort, and
not complicated suction. This is a real meat and potatoes goggle. If you’re only getting
one goggle, get this, get a mirrored goggle,
you’re gonna be able to wear it in the pool or in open water, and it’s only gonna cost
you I think $20 bucks. Now, this big horkin sucker, I see a lot of beginner triathletes
going to something like this because they think that
the more suction they get, the easier it’s gonna be able
to be to stay on their face, and the more comfortable it’s gonna be, and the better they’re
going to be able to see. At this huge level of gasket,
yes I’d agree with that. It’s really comfortable. You’ve got a huge viewing area. There is no pressure on
your eye socket at all because everything is on your
forehead and on your cheeks. But there’s a fair bit of drag with this. So you might be saying, “Well
hey, you know, okay Taren. “I don’t need to go to that
quite a huge level of goggle. “I’ll go for something in between “the Speedo Vanquisher and this Vista.” That’s the goggle that
I’m not a huge fan of. The goggle that has like
a fairly large gasket but not so large that it gets all the way outside your eye socket. In that case, what I found is that the fit becomes really
really specific to your face. So something like an Aqua Sphere Kayenne, a ROKA F2, the TYR Speed something, the really cool tie-dyed looking one. They’ll look really
sharp, they all fit really sharp when you can get them to fit. But they’re very specific depending on the face shape that you’ve got. That’s why I say this is
definitely gonna fit you. You can buy it online. You can replace it a lot. It’s not gonna cost a lot. Really good goggle. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this as your meat and potatoes only goggle because it does sit outside your face and it creates a fair bit of drag. There’s also a heck of a lot that can get punched into your face when you’re actually in a triathlon. Yeah, it happens, guaranteed. But why I ended up being this
is because as you can see we are doing super crazy
long mileage right now for the marathon swim
that’s coming up in 23 days and I figured I would give this big pillowy mammojama a
run and see how it sat. It worked out really well
for that five hour swim. That said, I did my last marathon swim that was eight hours in something
that was more like this. So is this nice? Yes. Is it necessary for the $60? No. Would I recommend it as your
meat and potatoes only goggle? Certainly not. To spend $60 and have it be chewed up in a pool with the chlorine? You’re gonna be spending
a lot of scratch, bruh. This is the first real open
water swim of the year. I was jacked. Park is beautiful. This is Birds Hill Park. Hang on, I’ll show ya. (upbeat electronic music) How this swim went is I would start right here by the fountains. I would swim all the way across the beach. Then down here as we get
to the end of the beach, there’s another fountain
that I’d go around. I would swim around this. Come back to this fountain
that I started at. Turn around and go back
to that middle fountain, do a loop, and that was 1,800 meters. (loud whooshing) That is how you fly a drone in high winds. That’s my open water swimming hole. Pretty nice, eh? I am so glad to have this drone back. I didn’t think I was getting it back. The wind was pushing it out. All right, I have goggled,
I have droned, I have swam. Now let’s go see my buddy Super Dave. You know Dave. Dave that has all the windburn jacket, and toque, and swim cap that I’ll wear. Yeah, that’s Super Dave. He just got a new puppy, a lab puppy. If you don’t like puppies,
feel free to tune out. I love puppies. Ooh, she’s hot. (upbeat electronic music) (laughing) Yeah. (knocking) Oh. (coughing) Holy smokes, Trainiacs. Oh, serious swim. That was it. That was the swim. That was the key swim. Last week with the 13k. This week with the 15k. Next week we’ll bring it back down to I don’t know, nine or 10? Then we’re in taper mode
for the 37 kilometer marathon swim in the Red River. (exasperated sighing) The amount of swimming that
I did today would be. (gasps) Dogs! Smell puppy? Do you smell puppy? Whoa. No eating grass. Grace eats a lot of grass. I’m hittin’ the wall right now. You good. All right, I guess I gotta go inside and play with these non-puppies. Later, Trainiacs.

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  • How did it go in the 15k swim?

  • Hey Taren! I got a question, which seems stupid to ask: Why do we wear swim caps?
    Just because they look pro or do they serve a certain purpose?

  • Com'n Taren you just knocked on the Aqua Sphere Kayenne arguably the most sold and over all best rated goggles. I agree you can't adjust the nose piece. But they seem to fit everyone who I know that has purchased them.

  • I've found that I go bananas in any indoor pool if I'm not wearing a clear goggle. Kudos to those of you who aren't as finicky as me

  • If you ever try any roka googles I'd be curious to know some more of the details about pros and cons.

    Nice use of drone to show us where you swam. Wouldn't have thought of doing that. Cool!

  • Hi from France.
    Goggles…they're just my biggest issue in tri. I must be buying a pair a month! I've tested almost any brand and any models. I do my swimming sessions in a pool, in clear open water but also a lot in the sea. And they just don't like the way I use them. The worst I've ever used were the Kayenne, didn't last me a month. Presently I'm using the HUUB Vargas as pool ones and the Roka R1, they are doing their job rather correctly. Next on my list are the HUUB Aphotic. Another favorite brand is Zoggs.
    There's one kind of goggles I haven't tested yet: the Swedish ones. I thing I'll give them a go over next winter.

  • Body glide and GU packs I'm convinced are magic.

  • It looks beautiful there! What was the temperature of the water?

  • Just starting out in tri's and I gotta say it's really disappointing to see you so swim fit but not yoked… huuuge demotivater here

  • Had the Vanquisher 2.0s non mirrored and then recently got the Roka F1. So glad I did. Haven't tried them in open water yet though.

  • I didn't know you were from Winnipeg. I'm doing the 12-13 kids of steel on June 10th.

  • Looks like an awesome place to swim. How was eating all of your cupboards afterwards? I can't stop eating after long runs or long bike rides.

  • Hey Taren great flying skills. You got me there with your under the bridge fly by. Thats a difficult maneuver!

  • I Have a Question for Taren and Community:
    *BACKGROUND * I am an adult onset swimmer. My Swim form and technique is not great. But slowly getting there and currently swimming around 2Min20 Per100m in a 1500m Pool swim.
    When doing swim sessions in the Pool (4X Per week) I feel pretty comfortable in the water (I have been told I am too tense and thus the reason I swim slow as I try rely on power etc ..) But I do not have the Panicked feeling generally while being in the Pool.

    Question / Problem
    When Swimming in Open water – I get sudden Panic attacks where thoughts of Drowning Go through my head. My Heart Races and to all intensive purposes it is a true freakout. The frustrating thing is that I can be Swimming Okay-ish But as I get further away from Shore can Sometimes have the Panick attack.
    I had an experience A few Days ago where turned back to shore – and swimming back felt like got caught in a small backwash and Boom panic mode kicked in!! (Grabbed my Swimsafe) and managed to breast stroke – back to shore =(Scary thing is breastroke does not seem to calm me down much, I.e I feel even while doing breaststroke that I can be caught out at sea*)

    So My Question is if anyone has some advise or good drills to maybe help overcome this fear.
    – I do understand it is mental. And Everyone says when these thoughts come – to just relax. -Sometimes easier said than done!!

    I would love to hear if anyone had the same experiences and how they get over it!

    Sorry for the rambling Post

  • That drone was really nice!!!

  • I got a chance to swim this last week while on vacation. I realized something scary. It's the first time I ever tried to swim seriously. At first, nothing happened. By the time I left I was moving in the water and able to take a breath or two. A couple of the breaths I took were while my head was still in the water and I was able to just keep on moving. .. I have a LONG way to go, but each time I practice at something, progress is being made.

  • One of your best vids! Wow soooooooo jealous of that place you swim that looks amazing!! Love the use of the drone and finishing off with puppies. Waydago!

  • I am a training for my first triathlon. I tried a bunch of different goggles until I found the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 (women). They are amazing! I struggle with fogging and tried your soap hack, but it didn't work as well as I had hoped. The price point of the Vanquisher makes me not feel too bad about replacing them when they get too foggy to see out out of. Any other antifogging hacks would be much appreciated.

  • Awesome video! I am running with something like the socket rockets but not as much cushion as the speedos. I am wearing a dark colored lens for my open water. Which tint would you recommend for an am swim? I am in TX where it gets sunny at around 8am which is when the race starts lol. I love videos and thanks for the help.

  • Who doesn't like puppies?! Especially labs 🙂 🙂

  • Why don't you have an affiliate link for the products you discuss???

  • Zoggs Predator Flex….try em, brother!

  • I just have to recommend speedo speed socket. they have 2.0 out right now too. But the major difference in these and vanquishers is that those have a triangular nose piece which makes them fit people with large nose bridges better. I have a large nose/nose bridge (and my eyes are a little to far in my head) and I love the speed socket goggles. Just a tip forother nosey people like me.

  • beautiful landscape

  • @triathlontaron did you check the newest thing: Custom fitted goggles by THEMAGIC5?

  • Unless the sun is bright the mirrored vanquishers suck as fast as visibility goes. If you swim in a pool go with smoke or clear lenses. The original vanquished was really good for both indoor and outdoor swimming. However the new 2.0 goggles are pretty particular. They are a really good goggle but just hear my warning for mirrored lenses. They are practically welding goggles as far as darkness goes.

  • I much prefer the Kayenne to the Vista. I must have been lucky with the fit.

  • How can I avoid the awful markings that goggles leave around my eyes for majority of my morning. Not attractive 🙄

  • you dont have to replace the 'speedo swedish like' goggles you idiot because they NEVER wear out if you put the correct straps on it. you stupid ignorant moron.

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