Best Triathlon Goggles of 2015: Roka Sports F2 Full View Mirrored Goggle

and you’re specifically looking for a goggle that does a great job of cutting down on the
fog and the glare when you’re swimming in open water stick around as we do our last
instalment in reviewing the four hottest and best selling goggles of 2015. What we are talking about today in our fourth
instalment of the best selling and hottest goggles of 2015 is the set of goggles that
I think people are most curious about, and that is Roka’s entry into the goggle game. What we’ve got here is the Roka Sports F2
Full View Mirrored goggle. That was tough get out. So these here aren’t Roka’s largest goggle,
but they’re a mid-range goggle as far as the viewing angle that you get out of them. Coming
in at thirty buds these are definitely starting to get into a pricier goggle, but I’ve got
to say that it’s worth it with Roka. And I feel bad saying that I tried to be critical
of Roka because I think that I’m starting to sound like a fanboy of Roka. I did a review
on the Roka Maverick Pro wetsuit which I’ll link to up here. I loved that wetsuit, so
Ididn’t want to come off gushy with these Roka goggles but fact of the matter is that
I really liked them because they’re just a solid goggle. As far as comfort goes, these aren’t the most
comfortable goggles that I’ve ever put on, that award goes to the TYR Special Ops 2.0.
I’ll link to that video that I did up here and in the description below. But these were
comfortable, I wouldn’t have any problem wearing them for a long open water swim for a bunch
of hours, and I think the reason for that was the ease of fit with these goggle. I found that you didn’t have to tighten down
the goggles very much, and they’re kind of a crossover between a smaller socket goggle
like the Speedo Vanquisher and a really large coverage goggle like the Zoggs. And that nice
crossover in between sort of size makes them fit really well and give you good coverage. The silicone gasket is kind of again in between
a large full coverage gasket and smaller socket goggle, but it was soft enough that it didn’t
really put much pressure on the eye socket. As far as suction goes, I was really surprised.
These are kind of a higher profile goggle and they stick outside your eye socket just
a little bit, so I wasn’t expecting them to stay on my face nearly as well as they did
when I was diving off the blocks. But you know what? Even with them loosely fitted onto
my eye socket they didn’t fall off so these would work really well in the pool, whether
you’re swimming laps or you’re forced to dive off the blocks it didn’t really matter because
it stayed on in both cases. Now as far as fog goes, they fogged up a little.
I don’t think that any goggle is completely impervious to fog . But I would say that this
goggle, of all the four that we tried, probably fogged up the least. Now as far as glare and visibility goes; I
was really impressed with the viewing angle of this goggle being a smaller, basically
a socket goggle, I was expecting a much more narrow field of view. But it actually is quite
a wide viewing angle, so if you’re in open water you’re going to be able to sight really
well looking up or to the side, and in the pool you’ve got good visibility. The one complaint I that I do have about these
mirrored goggles specifically is that they’re not ideal in the pool because they are so
dark it does get to be tough to see the clock if it’s a long way away. But if you’ve only
got to have one set of goggles you’ll still probably be able to see the clock just fine
in the pool with these. As far as the glare of the water is concerned
out in open water, these mirrored goggles were really great for cutting down the glare.
It basically took all of the shine off the water so I could spot really easily. I would
recommend these or the mirrored Vanquishers if you’ve got an early morning swim because
it cuts out that sun almost completely. As far as looks goes, I think that they look
really sharp. The full mirror wrap around the eye, that Roka right on the nose piece.
I like the way that they’ve styled this, so I like the looks even though it’s a little
more simple. I think that it just looks sleek and kind of badass. So overall I tried to be really tough on Roka
because I didn’t want to sound gushy with the company. But they just do a good job at
coming up with quality swim products in everything that I’ve tried. So that’s it for the Roka Sports F2 Full View
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