Best Triathlon Goggles of 2015 Roundup

Hey what’s up, if you are a swimmer or a triathlete
and you’ve been looking for a goggle that will specifically cut down on the glare and
the fog while you’re swimming in open water; stick around while we stack up the four best
selling and hottest goggles of 2015. So if you’ve been watching the A-Race channel
you know that we have reviewed the four best selling and hottest ogles of 2015. That being
the TYR Special Ops 2.0 Polarized goggles. The Roka Sports F2 full view mirrored goggle.
The Zoggs Predator Flex Ultra Polarized Goggle. And the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 mirrored goggle. These have been the hottest, most talked about,
and best selling goggles of 2015. We’ve been reviewing all of these goggles individually
up ’till now, but today we’re going to stack them side by side and I’m going to give you
my final answer of which goggle I think is the best goggle of 2015. As far as price goes, the Speedo Vanquisher
2.0 was the best bang for your buck at twenty dollars. The Zoggs Predator Flex was the most
expensive by far at fifty dollars. Even though the Speedo Vanquisher was the
cheapest, it was one of my most favourite goggles. So I think that this was by far the
best bang for your buck out of any of the goggles that I tried. As far as comfort goes I made the bold statement
in my TYR Special OPS 2.0 review that this was by far the most comfortable goggle that
I’ve ever put on. It was followed close behind by Roka which were fairly easy to fit to my
face because you didn’t have to tighten them down very much. I had a little bit of trouble thinking that
I could possibly wear these two goggles for long multi-hour open water swims. As far as how easy it is to get the right
fit out of the goggle, I find and a lot of swimmers find that the smaller the goggle,
like and eye socket goggle, the easier it is to fit in your face. And that’s what I
found comparing these four. I found the Speedo Vanquishers to be the easiest
to fit on to my face, I didn’t have to mess around with it much and move it around. And
I found the Rokas, which were the next smallest goggle, to be the next easiest. And that relates really closely to how well
the goggles suctioned down on to your face. I found the Roka F2’s to suction down the
best, followed closely behind by the Speedo Vanquishers. And if you saw the videos, you’ll
know that the Zoggs I had a tough time getting them to suction onto my face until I tightened
them down quite a bit, and the TYR Special Ops they were just a lost cause. I couldn’t
get them to suction down onto my face while still being comfortable unless I tightened
them up so much that it hurt. Fog again, Roka won this round because it
suctioned onto my face the best, letting in the least amount of moisture and fogging up
the least. The Speedo Vanquisher again were right in behind because they suctioned on
really well. The Zoggs were the same thing, they fogged up still, but it wasn’t an incredible
amount. The TYR Special Ops, because I couldn’t get them to suction onto my face there was
so much moisture in these that they fogged up to the point that I basically couldn’t
see. Glare and visibility; obviously the mirrored
goggles do the best job of cutting out the glare from the sun that comes off the water.
The reason that I give Roka the edge on glare and visibility is because the viewing angle
is a lot bigger on the Roka than it is the Speedo Vanquisher. I found that the Zoggs
didn’t really cut down any of the sun glare when the sun was low in the sky. But a caveat
to the Zoggs Polarized goggles is that they might not do a good job of cutting out the
glare, but if you’re doing a mid day race or an overcast race the colour of these Zoggs
really crisps up the colour of the trees and the water and the buoys. So this will have
a really good tint to it if you’re doing a mid-day race. Again, TYR there was so much
fog that it was a lost cause; I couldn’t even see where I was in the lake. As far as looks goes; TYR by far wins this
one. I wanted to like these goggles so badly because I love the loud mismatched colours.
I like the sleekness of the Roka, I think it’s a nice modern design. Enhhhh, I thought
the Zoggs were fairly industrial looking and I’m not a big fan of the grey, but as I mentioned
in the Zoggs review that there’s a red and white colour. And the Speedo Vanquisher is
basically just a socket goggle so it’s about as plain as it gets. So the final answer? How do all these goggles
stack up against each other, and which one comes out ahead? It’s the Roka Sports F2 Full
View Mirrored Goggle. It has the best combination of cutting out the glare, nice wide viewing
angle, comfort on the face, easy to fit, good for diving, decent in the pool, the only caveat
that I would say is that it’s quite dark and if you’re only going to have one goggle, period,
you might have a tough time seeing the clock while you’re in the pool. The Speedo Vanquisher was a close second because
it did a great job of cutting out the glare, didn’t have to tighten it down too much or
fart around with it too much to get that fit, you’ve got adjustability on the nose piece
if you’ve a wider face or a more narrow face, didn’t fog up a lot, like the Rokas though
they’re probably a little bit dark to use in the pool. But if you’ve only got to have
one set of goggles, these are a pretty good quality set of goggles. The TYR Special Ops came in third largely
because they got high marks with looks and comfort. Probably the best looking and most
comfortable set of goggles, and the widest viewing angle, of any goggle that I’ve tried.
Like I said, I wish I liked these more and that they fit better to my face. Finally, the ones that come in last are the
Zoggs. For fifty bucks, that being double almost any of the other goggles, I really
expected a lot more. They didn’t fit extremely well to my face, it took a while to break
them in, it has a huge silicone gasket here which isn’t that flexible at all it’s actually
quite stiff so it hurts my eye socket and pinches the nose a little bit. I think that
the Zoggs goggles tried to get a little bit too fancy and the ended up being too big for
their britches, there’s just a lot going on here. And they’re so big that you almost can’t
use them in the pool if you’re ever going to dive off the blocks because they fall right
off your face. So that is it in our five video reviews in
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  • I want to say I bought the Roka sports F2 full mirrored goggle and I want to say thank you, they are perfect. I would recommend these to anyone, again thanks because you have helped me overcome a big issue that was impairing me when I was trying to swim allowing me to "attempt" to do swim training. Keep it going you are a big help to people like me.

  • I moved from the TYR's to the ZOGGS and I've never looked back, not seen your vid on them yet but I'll have a ganders in a minute. Comfortable for the longest swim I've done and stable on the face for diving starts…although I prefer to start in the water if its a pool race.¬†At the end of the day it's what suits the individuals face contours I guess, some people like tight banded goggles some don't.Personally I cant stand smaller rimmed goggles sitting on the inside of my eye socket to much hurt for the distance. Cool vids dude.

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