Best Triathlon Goggles of 2015: Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored

A SWIMMER and you’re specifically looking for a goggle that will be cutting down on
the fog and glare when you’re open water swimming, stick around as we have the second instalment
of our reviews for the four top goggles of 2015. So what we’ve got here in the second instalment
of our four reviews for the best selling and hottest goggles of 2015 is the Speedo Vanquisher
2.0 Mirrored Goggle. And you know what? Coming in at twenty dollars, it’s a really good bang
for your buck and I can see why the Speedo Vanquisher is actually the best selling goggle
for 2015. Now starting off with comfort, this isn’t
the most comfortable goggle of any that we’ve tried. It’s a very standard socket goggle
so it sits right inside your eye. It’s quite firm, because the silicone gasket around the
back is very thin. But that’s what you’d expect from a socket goggle. So it’s firm and at
the end of a long swim, and hour or an hour and a half, you’re going to get a little bit
of eye socket fatigue.. As far as getting the right fit, I actually
found that it’s really easy to get a fit with a socket goggle because really there’s just
less to go wrong because there’s less area to be covered. The speedo Vanquishers also come with a few
different widths for the nose bridge, so you can switch those out if you have a really
wide face or a really narrow face. So I found that these goggles were one of the easiest
of any that we tried, to get that fit dialled in. As far as suction goes, these goggles are
some of the best for staying suctioned to your face. When you’re diving, when you’re
in open water getting locked around, these stayed on really well. And you don’t have
to tighten them up very much so they stayed fairly comfortable because you didn’t have
this goggle sucked right up to your eye to get it to suction on. So I was really impressed
with how easily these stayed on your face. Fog? In the pool they developed some moderate
fog. In the open water where the water’s a little bit colder: it was a little bit less.
I wouldn’t say that there’s a fog issue with these at all which was pretty surprising because
they don’t really tout this as a premium goggle with special super secret anti-fog sauce on
it. It was just a good goggle for keeping the
fog away. Now as far as glare and visibility goes, these
goggles by far were the narrowest viewing angle of any goggle. No a big issue in the
pool, but when you’re in open water and you’re trying to sight out of the corner or the top
of your eye there’s not a lot of viewing angle to see from. They’re also mirrored goggles so they’re the
darkest of any ones that we’ve got here. So in the pool it is tough to see the clock,
because they are so dark. And they’re really designed for open water. But these goggles are friggin awesome for
cutting down the glare. The mirrored fronts cut down basically all the glare, and you
can see the water absolutely perfectly. You’d have no problem spotting buoys in open water,
even if you’re staring directly in the sun. So I really recommend these goggles for an
early morning swim, when you know you’re going to be pointed right at the sun at some point
in the swim. Now as far as looks goes…MEH. Not a big fan, it’s a socket goggle. There’s
nothing fancy about it. These plain-jane, mirrored numbers are about as loud as it gets.
And I prefer loud, old colours. Wasn’t a huge fan of the looks. So you know what, as far as bang for your
buck goes coming in at twenty dollars the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored goggle is probably
one of your best basic goggles that satisfies everything you’re going to need as a triathlete
or swimmer that swims in open water. These are fine for in the pool, whether you’re
diving off the blocks or you’re swimming laps. And they’re going to work really well, stay
on your face, stay suctioned really well. And they’ll cut out the glare in open water. So if you only have to get one pair of goggles,
and you want the cheapest pair of goggles that will do quite well, these Speedo Vanquishers
will probably accomplish that. That’s it for the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 goggle.
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