Best Triathlon Goggles of 2015: TYR Special Ops 2.0 Polarized Review

Hey what’s up, if you are a triathlete or
a swimmer and you’re specifically looking for a goggle that will cut down on the fog
and the glare when you’re open water swimming, stick around as we do our third of four reviews
of the best selling and hottest goggles of 2015. So what we’ve got here in our third of four
reviews of the best selling and hottest goggles of 2015 is the TYR Special Ops 2.0 Polarized
Goggle. Coming in at $24 these goggles are a little bit pricier than the Speedo goggle
that we reviewed last time. But at $24 still a very good deal. And this is getting into
a very premium, very comfortable goggle. So for another four bucks it’s actually a really
good deal. So as I just said, as far as comfort goes:
these are by far the most most comfortable goggles that I’ve ever put on. There’s a very
thick, very flexible silicone gasket that moulds to your face. I could swim in this
goggle for hours on end without even noticing that it’s there. The issue that I have with these goggles which
really made me sad, was how tough it was to get them to fit to my face. I wanted to like
these goggles so badly because they look so good. But it was tough to get them to suck
to my face really well. And for one reason or another they didn’t suck down to my face
unless I tightened the crap out of them. And then that defeated the purpose of having a
big comfortable cushioned goggle. Because it was so tight it was really uncomfortable
on my face. Then that leads into suction: pure suck! IN
a bad way! Like I said, the only way that I could get this to suction on to my face
was making it really tight. And I that that’s because there’s a lot going on. It wraps all
the way around your face, all the way around your eye socket; not sitting in the socket
like the more basic Speedo goggle that we reviewed. And I think it’s just more surface
area for something to go wrong. So the suction was no good. When I was diving,
swimming, in the pool or open water, I had a really hard time getting suction, especially
when I started putting on a swim cap. So I put on one swim cap, my face scrunched up
a little bit suction got worse. And then when I went in the open water and tried this with
two swim caps, I couldn’t get this to suction down at all. Then that leads into the issue that I have
with fog. Because it wasn’t suctioned down very well there was a lot of moisture getting
into the goggle: causing fog. And even in open water, when the water was cool that normally
leads to less fog. But these let in so much moisture in open water that I had to stop
in the middle of the lake and figure out where the hell I was. Because there was so much
fog and I couldn’t see anything. That then kind of leads into glare and visibility.
I’ll start by saying that as far as visibility goes these goggles are awesome. The size of
them being on the outside of your eye socket, and the wrap around of the goggle around your
eye. It’s very tough to actually see these goggles. SO the viewing angle was the biggest
of any of the goggles that we’ve tried. That was really nice. But the glare was incredible. In the pool
it fogged up so much that I had a hard time seeing the clock even tough these were the
lightest goggles of any that we tried, and it’s a very nice tint for in the pool. But
the tint is more of a pink, so the polarization isn’t that good for cutting down glare in
the sun. And I was basically staring dead on into a pink sun, instead of a sun that
the polarized lenses had cut the glare down on. So I wasn’t overly impressed by how this
cut down the glare at all. And then finally, looks. This is what makes
me sad about this goggle, it looks so awesome. I love the bright colours, I love the loudness,
the mismatched colours. You know what, it looks awesome and I wanted to like it so bad.
But it just doesn’t fit to my face. So that said, a lot of people use the TYR
Special Ops 2.0 Polarized goggle; specifically this colour, it’s very popular. But I just
found that it was a finicky goggle and it was pretty fussy to actually get it to suction
down to my face. So maybe I’ve got a funny shaped face, maybe everyone else has a funny
shaped face. I don’t know. I wouldn’t say that this is a terrible goggle,
obviously it’s not because it’s one of the best selling goggles of 2015. It’s just not
the right goggle for me, that’s for sure. So that is it for the TYR Special Ops 2.0
Polarized goggle But before you leave I want to remind you that we have one more goggle
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