Best Triathlon Goggles of 2015: Zoggs Predator Flex Ultra Polarized

Hey guys what’s up? If you’re a triathlete
or swimmer and you’re looking specifically for a goggle that you can use in open water
to cut down on the fog and the glare caused by the sun, stick around because we have reviewed
four of the best selling goggles of 2015. What we’ve got here are four of the best selling.
What we’re reviewing today are the Zoggs Predator Flex Polarized Ultra. So when these showed
up I was expecting a lot from these Zoggs goggles because they are pretty damn expensive
coming in at fifty bucks. And you know what? They’re decent goggles. But are they worth
fifty bucks? That I’m not so sure about. I’m gonna tell you what I think about the
Zoggs goggles and all the rest based on six factors. Those being: comfort, ease of fit,
suction, fog, glare and visibility, and of course looks. Because they’ve got to look
good on you. So as far as the Zoggs go they were kind of
comfortable. The issue that I had with them is that coming out of the box they were very
stiff, and it was like a new pair of shoes that they took a while to break in. So the
first time I used them they pinched the nose causing a fair bit of soreness. But as that
went away this big silicone membrane did suck onto the eye, and it became fairly comfortable
but the one issue that I did have even as it broke in was that you had to keep the goggles
fairly tight which took away from the softness of that silicone membrane. So they were kind
of comfortable, but they weren’t as comfortable as I was expecting. As far as the ease of fit goes, it’s fairly
easy to get them to fit to your face. The ratchet system on the side here just clicks
back and forth very easily. So there’s not a lot of farting around in behind with a clasp
or loosening, tightening, readjusting. But once I got that tightness dialled in, they
weren’t that fussy at all to keep the water out. As far as the suction goes, once you did find
that right amount of tightness and you sucked it down to your eyes they sucked on really
well. A lot of sucking going on here. They sucked on really well and I didn’t have to
worry about water getting in too much. The one big downside to these goggles is because
they are a very high profile goggle and they sit past your eye socket quite a bit. If you’re
diving off the blocks, water is rushing past your face and the water catches these goggles
so it FLEW off my face. Oh that didn’t go too smoothly. No these ones
didn’t go so well. I would say that I probably wouldn’t ever use these goggles for diving
off the blocks. As far as fog goes, I was really intrigued
to see what this super secret sauce was that Zoggs claimed keeps these basically fog free.
And it really wasn’t anything special. They did fog up a fair bit in the pool. When I
was in cold water they fogged up a lot less, but they’re certainly not invincible to fog. Now as far as the glare and visibility goes,
once you find a goggle that fits to your face, this is probably the most important factor
in deciding which pair of open water triathlon goggles you’re going to use. And I wasn’t
overly impressed with the Zoggs. They’ve got a decent viewing angle, but you certainly
do see the sides of the goggle when you’ve got them on. And they’ve got a really interesting
tint. If you remember the those sunglass infomercials back in the 90s “You won’t believe your eyes,
oh that’s fantastic, the clarity is just great.” That’s kind of what it’s like, but the downside
to that is that doesn’t cut down on the glare from the sun. What it does is it makes things
like trees, buoys, waves, water, it makes it much more vibrant. So these goggles would
be really good on a day when it’s overcast or the sun is high in the sky if you’re doing
a mid afternoon swim. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend these if you’re going to be swimming
and the sun is low early in the morning. As far as looks go they’re a very industrial
looking goggle. I’m not a big fan of the plain grey, if you see any of my other videos you
know that I like big loud bold colours and this doesn’t quite cut it. There is a red
and white colour and I like that a fair bit better. But as far as looks go, it’s not horrible,
it’s not plain Jane, just not my style. So in general, Zoggs coming in a fifty bucks
is basically twice as expensive as most of the other goggles that we’ve tried here. Do
I think they;re twice as good? No, I don’t. Are they a decent goggle? Yeah, they’re ok.
If I had to explain in a nutshell what I feel about Zoggs is that they’re too fancy for
their own good, so they price themselves out of the market. And all the fancy features
that they claim to have, they’re not that groundbreaking. So where Zoggs fit in really well, like I
say, is they’re the best goggle of any that I’ve tried for that mid-day swim where the
sun is high and there’s not a lot of glare in the water. They going to give you the crispest
vision, crispest, crispiest, I don’t actually know, the crispest vision of any of the goggles
for a mid-day swim and that’s when they’d be really good. They’re not a terrible google, but paying
fifty dollars I would have expected them to be a lot better than they are. So that is it for the Zoggs, but before you
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