BEST TRIATHLON SWIM goggles 2018: every triathlete needs these 3 PAIRS

– That was a doozy. That was 4400 meters in one
hour 28 minutes, speedy. With ROKA’s care package goggles and wetsuits and things to try out, I’ve been giving a few
more sets of goggles a go, and it really got me thinking,
how many sets of goggles is the perfect amount of
goggles that a triathlete needs? So today, once I get back
into the pain cavern, we’re gonna go through
three sets of goggles that I think you need,
and I’m gonna tell you about the one that you can
get that covers all of them if you’re on a budget.
(upbeat music) Alright, let’s talk about the dream team, oh disgusting, Pete, of goggles. So I think that triathletes need, ideally, three different goggles. Now, I know you’ve got
a lot of stuff to buy, you’ve got bikes and
helmets and cycling shoes and running shoes and all that stuff and race entries and coaching and the Triathlon Taren Team
Trainiac Training Platform, just saying, but relatively,
swimming is really cheap. That, how much is that, 15, 16 grand? Goggles, 19 bucks. Hell of a sport, and
the thing about goggles is when you start getting into
open water specific goggles, you can save yourself a ton of time. Those wheels cost about 4000 dollars. Might make you about a kilometer faster in the course of your bike,
saving you one to two minutes. Being able to actually see the buoys, see what’s out in open water,
and sight in a straight line? Same sort of thing, can save
you a minute to two minutes. 4000 dollars, 20 bucks, so as far as dollar per minute saved goes,
all of the bike aerodynamics and the running carbon
plated sole technologies pale in comparison to
the 20 dollar purchase that you can make to get
properly set up with goggles. Let’s start out with the
easiest set of goggles. You need a pool set of goggles. This is a cheap set of
goggles, ideally clear, so that you can see the clock, but nice and low profile,
we’re not talking about, hang on, we’re not talking
about these big suckers. I only own these, because I
use them for the marathon swim, and when you’ve got something
sucked onto your face for like nine hours, yeah,
you want it nice and cushy, but these, really overkill,
very high profile, absolutely not meant for the pool, and even in open water, these
have such a high profile that we’re talking about
drag from the water. I wouldn’t recommend
these, but in the pool, you want something inexpensive, because the chlorine is
gonna deteriorate it. You want something that is nice and cushy, has some silicon or just
a little bit of rubber like the Socket Rocket goggles, but you want ’em nice and low profile that sit somewhat inside your eye socket, so that when you dive in the water, these things aren’t gonna
get ripped right off, because the profile
doesn’t catch the water. These are the Finis Circuit goggles and I’m a big fan of these. They’re kind of similar to
the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0’s. Something like this is
like, the bread and butter that you’ll see a lot of swimmers using. So that’s the pool google,
now let’s get into open water. This is the Roka F1, this is the Roca X1, and what you’ll see with both
of these as a commonality is that they are both mirrored goggles, but these are clear and
these are amber tinted. I recommend having both. The clear goggles are
really good for open water when it’s a little bit overcast. The mirror takes a little bit
of the glare off the water. Even when it’s overcast,
you’re still gonna get a little bit of glare on the water, but the clear aspect of this is still gonna allow everything to pop. You’re gonna be able to see the buoys contrast nicely with the
shore, and you’re gonna be able to sight with things on shore really well. The amber tinted goggles are really good for when it’s very sunny
out, and when it’s sunny, you definitely need that
mirror to get rid of the glare, but the amber takes down
the brightness of it all, and I find that the amber
color allows the buoys to really, really pop off a
typically green shoreline, so you’re gonna be able to
spot everything really well. Now, as far as size goes in open water, these F1’s are what I would typically use. When Roca sent out these X1’s that are, they just seemed so big, I was like, “Really, how do you use these? These are gonna have so much drag.” I swam in them and my
swim times were actually the exact same swimming with
these as swimming with these, but with these Roka X1’s,
the amount of visibility that you have everywhere
is absolutely incredible and it’s still really nice and comfy, it sits nicely inside the eye socket without sitting outside the eye socket like these big mamajamas. And one quick tip for
these with open water, get yourself a little
bit of anti-fog spray and the night before, cover
it in about three layers. Let it dry overnight, waiting about one to two hours in between coats. If you do it the morning of,
it’s not really gonna settle in so the night before is
when you wanna do that. So cheap, clear goggles for the pool. Clear, mirrored goggles
for when it’s overcast. Clear, amber goggles for when it’s sunny. And personally, if it comes
to F1 versus X1, I’d go X1. I think that these are
a really nice balance between nice and big so that you can see a heck of a lot in open
water during the race, which is critical to make sure that, even if you’re just getting a little sight out of the corner of your eye,
a goggle isn’t’ in the way. But what happens if you’re like, “You know what, Taren, no, no, no, no, no, that extra 40 bucks to
get the extra two sets of goggles is too much.” What I would probably recommend
is something like this. This is the Finis Circuit goggle with a mirrored, slightly tinted finish, kind of provides the best of all worlds. It allows you to dive
really well in the pool, it’s not so dark in the pool
that you can’t see the clock, it’s a nice amount of tint without being too kind of one end of the
spectrum for sun or for overcast. And the adjustable straps
on the side, I really like. So if you only have to
get one pair of goggles, I’d get something like this. So there you go, Trainiacs. Live large, spend like you’re Lebron James and you just got into triathlon. Buy three sets of goggles
and brag to all your friends. And if you aren’t already subscribed, hit the subscribe button below. If you are subscribed,
hit the like button. Later, Trainiacs.

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  • I have been looking for swimgogles for a Whileso thanks for the advise

  • Taren, you are a mind reader! THANK YOU! I was just about to send you a note asking for help with goggles ….did my first spring tri in open water (lake) yesterday and OMG my goggles were a piece of “shirt”….my swim time was really bad because my goggles were sooooo F foggy….I could not see anything 😩 I am ordering the ROKA ones RIGHT NOW and the anti-fog liquid….my next sprint tri is in 2 weeks and I will test it out – keep you posted! 😁

  • For the Roka googles which tint would you recommend for each pair?

  • I find that there is no need for any kind of anti-fog spray. I have tried most and none of them work as well as just spitting in your googles. Best part, spit is free.

  • I use white toothpaste to clean my goggles, let it go hard then wash it off. Cheap and works as good or if bot better than the anti fog sprays

  • I bought my wife a pair of arena cobra core, so she could OWS with me. I however I will only use swedes. The seals will never go bad, and since I have used the same two pairs (mirrored and ambers) for the last 30 years, they fit my eye sockets perfectly.

  • Didn’t even mention polarized 🤦‍♂️

    “mirror finish” doesn’t reduce glare, polarization does

  • I must admit to only having one pair of goggles, the Aqua Sphere Kayenne. Which are pretty basic but have never let me down. Now if my body would just do the same, I might be able to get back to doing some training.

  • Love my aquasphere’s. I have a tinted and clear pair and love the field of view.

  • False. You need two pair of swedes, one for inside, one for outside. Less than $15 total and will last you decades. I’ve been eating one pair for 12 years, another for 8.

  • Have you tried or may comment on the Roka R1?

  • Great info again. It's amazing how much i constantly learn from your site. Thank you.

  • What about the Roka R1??

  • Taren, with swim goggles it's like with any other equipment (especially bikes). The correct number is always n+1 😉

  • Taren, a ​link for items, please.

  • i have 5 fucking sets of Googles and i always get water inside…….. unless i get at least 1 set of Fitting Googles Swimming in open water always suck 🙂

  • Hay taren

    Just want to thank you for the videos. Found out your videos when triathlon sort of interested me 2 years ago. I watched all your videos since then. I dedicated my entire 2017 to prep for a race this year. With the help of your videos and a crappy set of gear, i somehow found myself joining a sprint tri.

    Today, i just finished my first triathlon. Thank you taren for the tips. You helped me accomplish what a few still dreams of doing.i hope you keep up the vids because those "dreamers" might be your next Ironman.

    If i didnt live half across the world in the Philippines i would have thanked you personally lol

  • Original swedish goggles. Dont want anybody to know that I am a triathlete. B) At least they should think I could swim 😀

  • I have 2 aqua sphere kaiman in mirror and amber. My amber is very clear and more fore dark day's and give lots more clear vision in the wather (look them up you see very different from your amber color)

  • Cool vid thanks TT

  • I love my MP xceed mirror goggles for open water and outdoor pool swims. They are very low in profile, fit well and look really cool. Unfortunately they are quite expensive.

  • Swedes for the pool, plus a pair of race goggles. Swedes don't need to wear tight and won't leaves marks on ur eyes.

  • 2 pairs at least is a must. Nothing worse than tearing your goggles 5 minutes before the race and having to swim without them!

  • My wife called you bug-eyes at 06:50

  • I checked and unfortunately Roka not available in Europe. Even won't ship to UK!

  • Taken, you are just so easy to follow and the way you effortlessly describe things makes learning this stuff so much easier. Like talking with a close friend. Keep em coming!!

  • Taren, you have said in another video before to use soap not the anti-fog spray, have you changed your opinion?

  • 15000 dollar bike wtf?

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