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Aerovironment’s Wasp AE has been selected
by the Australian Defence Force for its Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract. The
contract calls for the delivery of Wasp AE systems over a three year period, as well
as training and logistics support for up to ten years, for a total Aerovironment contract
value of up to $36.5 million. The company says that the Wasp AE weighs 2.8
pounds, operates for up to 50 minutes at a range of up to five kilometers and delivers
live, streaming color and infrared video from its pan-tilt-zoom Mantis i22 AE gimbaled payload.
The Wasp is hand-launched and capable of landing on the ground or in fresh or salt water. At the IEEE International Conference on Robotics
and Automation this past week, Sherbrooke University from Quebec, Canada showed their
VTOL Aquatic UAV in action. Its called SUWAVE, or Sherbrooke University Water-Air Vehicle,
and it’s a flying wing with a tiltable puller motor that is designed to take-off and land
on water. The aircraft takes off by having the motor and center body facing upwards and
pulling the front of the flying wing up and out of the water, the motor and centre body
then quickly tilts forward into the traditional puller configuration. If the wing capsizes
in the water, the aircraft can even right itself using the tilting function of the powerplant. Water landings are accomplished quite simply,
by just nose diving the aircraft into the water. Sherbrooke say that with solar panels
and a controller, SUWAVE could be used autonomously to travel long distances or in applications
like wildlife monitoring, search and rescue or water sampling. The full video is in this week’s news roundup
playlist and is linked below in the video description along with more info on the system. The Drone Racing League has teamed up with
online bookmaker, Betfair, to offer racce betting at the final race of the Allianz World
Championship circuit next Tuesday, 13 June at Alexandra Palace in London. Betting on-site will focus on two bets, including
individual heat winners for each of the seven heats as well as the overall winner of the
Allianz World Championshop, and spectators will be able to bet on the racing with the
Betfair Sportsbook app. Drone Delivery Canada Corporation recently
completed several successful beyond visual line of site test flights of their delivery
drone system. The flights took place in Foremost, Alberta after DDC received a Special Flight
Operating Certificate from Transport Canada in order to prove the company’s BVLOS techncal
capability. The systems that were tested include DDC’s
proprietary FLYTE management system, its avoidance technology, and its communications platform.
During the flights, DDC’s Mission Control Centre in Toronto, 2,500 kilometers away,
successfully monitored and record telemetry in real time for each flight. Check the description below for more information
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