Bienvenidos a Errores Buenos – vlog teaching everyday Spanish

Hi. My name is Denise and welcome to Errores Buenos Today I’m in Guayaquil, my native city, Ecuador Here is where I was born, grew up and learned Spanish This is my first video and I’d like to explain to you the motive the motive of my channel and website Errores Buenos It’s to help you learn a little bit of Spanish And for that reason I am going to speak more slowly than normal so that you can understand So, I am going to share with you experiences so that this way you can see everyday Spanish everyday Spanish… that you can find simple Spanish simple, basic The subtitles are going to be in Spanish and please go to my website so that you can download them If you want to be part of this project give it a “Like” and share the video Also, you can make suggestions and comments here on my channel And this is everything for today and I hope to see you soon. Till next… till next class

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