Big Haul! Unboxing Fish, Inverts and Plants from Aquatic Arts

Hello Youtube! Simply Betta here with another unboxing. Another one. Like I need more! This is a package from a company called Aquatic
Arts, who I’ve never ordered from before. It’s a selection of fish and shrimp and snails
and plants. It’s for a project tank that I’m doing that
I haven’t shared yet but I will once it gets cool once I get it looking the way I want
to I’ll share it and I’m so excited to do that! So let’s open it. Alright, here goes nothing! Ah man, this is a pretty big haul, guys. It’s a lot of stuff. This time instead of waiting for UPS to deliver
it to me at my house which can take all day long, I had it delivered to the UPS facility
and I picked it up. That way I don’t have to wait until like 6pm
when I can get it at noon. Here we go, “extremely important, read enclosed
letter.” Enclosed letter acclimation guide, alright
I’ll follow their instructions. Cool. Don’t choke, Riley. I’ll follow their instructions. First thing’s first, these here are my… um hang on, they’re very small I’m having trouble telling what they are. I believe they are my rainbowfish. Let’s see, can I get them on camera is the
question. They’re pretty small, these are my Gertrude’s
Spotted Blue Eye Rainbowfish. The longfin variety. They all look healthy, they all look good,
six of them. Right on. Put those guys in the bucket. Next, here’s another bag, probably full of
fish. Ok, get the messy insulation off, this is
the recycled insulation I guess. These are my Celestial Pearl Danios, I have
twelve of them. I’m gonna double check the number later but
twelve of these little guys in here you totally can’t see them but they’re all healthy alive
and fairly small but that is OK I’m gonna fatten them up. They all look pretty good! So I had a school of about ten celestial pearl
danios and I accidentally killed all of them, they just died after a water change, I don’t
know what happened. I was heartbroken, these are my replacements. Ok, messy bag. These should be my emerald dwarf rasboras
right here. They’re pretty small too, one two three four
five ok I’ll count later but they’re very small juveniles, emerald dwarf rasboras. I’ve never had these guys before. But they’re pretty healthy, they all look
good and alive. Ok, what is next. This should be my anubias nana petite golden,
it’s a lighter variety of anubias nana petite I’m curious about so I bought one I’m gonna
see how it goes, very cool. Looks healthy. Ok what’s next. What’s next is a bag that I can’t see into
yet, there’s a paper towel around it so I’ll cut open the paper towel, I mean cut open
the bag so I can remove the paper towel so I can see what these guys are. These are some of my snails. It looks like they’re my Japanese trapdoor
snails. I think, they’re awfully small I did buy juveniles
I bought little baby Japanese trapdoor snails and I’m pretty sure these are it. They’re so small I can’t really tell through
the bag. I ordered ten, it looks like there might be
more than ten in there. Cool, little babies. What’s next? Let’s do – oh cool! haha, I got some moss
balls, marimo moss balls! There should be ten of them in here just little
ones for my betta jars. I’ve never had marimos, this will be cool! My little pet algae balls. Ok next is some subwassertang attached to
a metal piece. This is cool I’ve wanted subwassertang for
a while now because I think it looks really nice. And it looks healthy. What’s next. This, it’s a tupperware container full of
paper towels, it’s probably my snails. I got a lot of snails. Specifically nerite snails. I got some zebras and some tiger nerites because
I’m having an algae issue in the tank that I’m currently working on that I haven’t shared
yet that’s really awesome. Yeah all right, I have a mixture of zebra
thorn nerites I think they’re called, tiger nerites, and regular zebra nerites. Which they’re probably all in here. I’m just going to leave them in this container
for me to open when I’m closer to drip acclimating them. Cool. Now what could this be? These are my shrimp! Got some shrimp food to get me going. ten amano shrimp. They look alive to me, they’re hard to see
in the bag. They’re fairly small but that is OK, ten little
algae-eating amano shrimp. Yeah it looks like they all made it. I’ll have to take a closer look later. These are my crystal reds. Crystal red shrimp some little guys floating
around in there, not floating sorry they’re alive. It doesn’t look like I see any floaters. Very nice, I’m pretty sure I got ten of these
as well. I wasn’t going to get shrimp but because I
was already getting the fish and the snails and the shrimp were there I just thought they’d
be fun because I don’t really have any cool shrimp. Here we go, I ordered some bloody mary red
cherry red shrimp. I guess they’re not cherry reds, they’re bloody
marys. Very cool, I don’t see any I don’t think I
see any dead ones. They’re very red and very nice. I see some duckweed in there. I will DESTROY IT. And be very careful about not getting duckweed
into my tanks. Because it’s impossible to get out! Ok I’m checking to see if there’s anything
else, I’m pretty sure that’s it. Dig around in the insulation a little bit,
wouldn’t it be horrible if you forgot something? I’m pretty sure that’s all I ordered. Oh wait no. I was supposed to get a type of moss. Ok, I think I’m missing some moss, I will
contact Aquatic Arts about it let me just make sure it’s not in any of my bags. Let me just double check to see if this is
two, this might be is it in here? I’m opening this to make sure it’s not like
my moss is sandwiched against the subwassertang. Oh, it is! I’m glad I looked OK I have a really cool
ferny-looking moss. Fissidens nobilis. Glad I looked in there, it was sandwiched
against my subwassertang. That’s everything, I’m going to go acclimiate
it now very carefully and I am so happy it’s like Christmas. And my birthday. Look at this cool little plant. This was an impulse buy today, it’s a maidenhead
fern. If a fern can be cute, then this fern is very
very cute and I had to buy it. It’ very pretty. Sorry my dear lovely platy tank, I’m going
to disassemble you. It’s hard to see because of the refection
but this is my plant holding just like spare plants tank which I put my light on at night. I’m going to consolidate this tank and this
tank down here. i’m setting it up so all my higher-light plants
are going to be in one tank with the nice light and then my lower-light or easier going
plants will be in another tank with another light, kind of a crummier light that I have. I have to catch my adult platys and put them
into my community tank, um the ones that are big enough to be safe form the goldfish. I’m not going to film this but I’ll show a
before and after. Here’s the tank before filled with water and
a bunch of plants I’ve been neglecting. Hey I did it without ruining everything. Got all the water siphoned out, managed to
get it onto the ground. Now I’ll take out all the plants and sort
them. Hi bubbles. Took out a bunch of this great stuff that
I can’t remember the name. Here’s a whole bunch of really nice bacopa
colorata. I started with a few sprigs of ludwigia ludwigia
red min and it sure has grown fast. I forget what this is called but it’s not
looking so hot. This has really spruced up since I got it. This stuff is cool and bushy. I actually decided to put it on my second
shelf, just because. Because I can. Now I’m going to put some plants into it this
is going to be my lower-light tank because the light I’m putting on it for my vacation
is not as good so I’m going to pull the lower light plants out of this tank and put them
in here. And I’m gonna kind of take a moment to arrange
it all nicely and then I’l be right back. I got the plants in, I arranged them very
orderly. Now I’ll fill it up. Ok platys, I’m sorry but you guys have to
come out of your little designated platy tank. slash swordtail tank. I dd not take into account the difficulty
of catching platys. Got you! I finally got all those adults out, queue
the old-timey slapstick music. I’m getting ready now to put new plants in
not new plants but all my other plants in just gonna try to shove them in this tank. This is my high tech drip acclimation system
slowly dripping down to the celestial pearl danios. Now I have all the fish drip acclimating over
there. I just finished emptying most of the water
out of this tank, I cleaned it up really nicely. While the fish are acclimating I’m going to
put in a bunch of my higher light stem plants. It’s very messy here, there’s hardly any room
for me to stand. Those are the cons of having a tiny fish room. Actually I’m going to take the snails out
of the bags first and start drip acclimating them. These are the juvenile Japanese trapdoor snails
which I thought were pretty cool-looking now that I love snails so much I needed to have
a variety. This should be all of the nerite snails I’m
just going to open this and drip right into this container without removing anything. So I’m going to be doing this off to the side
to get that out of my walking area. I just added more substrate because mine was
pretty shallow for stem plants. Black national geographic substrate um which
is I liked it because it was really clean I just picked that up from Petco last time
er months and months ago and I used up the last of my bag and mixed it with flourite
which was in there. Here are my nerite snails after acclimating
them I have ten tigers, ten zebra, and then ten of the thorny ones. And they’re all going into my project tank
at least for the moment. This will be the last time we see them for
a while, by snails. So I was planning on filming myself putting
in all my new plants and then the animals, but I had a very grumpy toddler who was not
going to let me do any do that, no way. I ended up doing everything in just like 3
minute bursts just whenever I could throughout the day so I wasn’t able to really film anything
but I will show you what They look like right now. Here’s my new planted tank. I re-scaped it so to speak to get m more demanding
plants in here who will enjoy the high light while I’m gone. looks pretty good, at least I think so. It’s only been a few hours and they’re already
starting to color up. There’s one of my Japanese trapdoor snails. And heres my new setup for the other tank. It’s a worse lightbut I think these plants
will be fine in here I have my red crypts back there my crypt wendtii I have some of
that stuff right there my anacharis java fern my crypt parva my anubias nana and also the
hydrocotyle sp japan. Check out these! Woo, I just spilled a bunch of water like
an idiot. These are my new marimo moss balls, I’ve never
had the little marimo moss balls before but I thought it’d be pretty neat. Aquatic arts had these for I think they were
like a dollar a piece. I just decided I had to have one oh my god. That’s duckweed. Do you see that? See that speck? F**** duckweed. I don’t want duckweed in my tanks. I’m clean, lets keep it that way. Here’s my anubias nana petite “golden” which
is supposed to be a lighter color than anubias nana petite. I’ve never had the golden variety before so
this will be neat. I took it out of it’s rockwool here it is
unpotted. Um, it doesn’t really look that much different
from my regular anubias but I’ll give it time. Maybe it really will be brighter green. I’ve added my subwassertang to one of my tanks,
it’s not that much but what I’m planning to do is I’m letting it grow out a little bit
and it will be in my betta jars. That’s what Inglorious Bettas does and I think
it looks pretty cool and I’m a copycat. I’d never even heard of subwassertang before
her videos. I’m probably also going to split up my anubiases
I don’t know if I have enough. Does anyone else have recommendations for
plants for betta jars? I was planning on splitting up some anubias
nana and nana petite but it’s growing so slow!It’s been months since I’ve had the anubias in
my community tanks and I feel like it’s hardly grown at all. SO if anyone had recommendations for plants
that could go into very warm betta jars please let me know in the comments down below. And there it is guys, another big unboxing
glad that’s over with everybody’s happy everybody’s safe. I think I lost one celestial pearl danio which
was pretty weak-looking and then I lost one single shrimp one single bloody mary red shrimp. I didn’t show acclimating the shrimp and putting
them into their environments and same with putting the nerite snails into their tanks
because that’s my secret project tank remember, stay tuned if you want to see that thing it’s
gonna be awesome! If I can get it looking nice I just keep having
problems and problems and problems. Mo’ tanks mo’ problems. Just since filming earlier I picked up this
adorable little corkscrew grass looking thing. Because I needed something to go with the
adorable fern that I bought earlier. Now this is my fishroom curly grass it goes
great with my fishroom fern. Thanks for watching that huge unboxing I hope
you guys liked seeing me prepare for the unboxing too that was the stressful part. I didn’t get it done on time so I was trying
to plant things after I had gotten the fish and just having a toddler will just mess up
your schedule all the time. Please like and subscribe and have a great

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