BIGGEST Tank I’ve ever had…Good first day at the Aquatic Experience

five 24 26 on my way to the aquatic
experience nobody on the roads feeling good about actually gonna see
people in person hopefully it’s not gonna rain the whole damn way it’s
really easy to drive and take videos let the old trip thing here mile zero
cruising in the minivan fishtank people 527 in the car it’s 427 up in Chicago so
I’m killing it all this crap it’s my tree no joke but I’m coming home with a 300 gallon
fish tank which is kind of fat huh at seven o’clock 659
it’s still not light out where’s the Sun why isn’t the Sun up yet just get in the
hole so I have to drive be awake the Sun is not coming up so I’m being
entertained but the Joe Rogan podcast with Greg Fitzsimmons we are a hundred
and five miles in it’s still dark and I’m almost out of coffee
ayyy baby passenger crap in the back jogger traffic sucks always and here’s what the next three hours
looks like it could be fun pink gravel pissing your life off
pissing your wife off go minivans three hundred twenty gallons in your
grill sienna minivan honey I don’t know where we’re gonna put
the kids

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