Bike Ride 2/2/2019 Amelia Earhart Park, Miami FL.

Yep. That’s not skunk. You know what it is. I know the difference between it. Hold up for a second. Yeah. Gordy and… They’re… They’re like way back there.
I don’t know where they are. Almost wiped out. I’m good. I’m to tired. Come on! No. Come on Gordy you can do it. Same spot. Big one Gordy. Make it up the hill? No. I didn’t. Alright, monsoon and attempt to get out of here. That says advanced. This says beginner. Why did you go that way? We need to take the beginner route. I’m going with you. Yeah in this rain. I’m going on the beginner route, in the rain especially. We are not going to be doing any fancy moves.
Yeah exactly. I think left…I think. I think if we follow that we get back to the car. But look.
That’s the… I know but that’s the… the…expert. Yeah look at all the bumps and stuff. Oh you mean out there.
Ok let’s go. In typical Miami fashion, we get rained out.

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