Bill Murray Is Aquaman

(dramatic music) – I’ve been looking for you. Your half brother King Orm is about to declare war
upon the surface world. (dramatic music) The only way to stop this war is for you to take your
rightful place as king. – This was to be our most
ambitious adventure to date. – You do your best thinking when you’re not thinking at all. (explosions) (techno music) (dramatic music) – [Mera] You might wanna strap in. (engine whining) (splash) Welcome home. – [Bill] Wow. (dramatic music) – [Orm] My brother has
come from the surface. – [Bill] This guy’s a big time asshole. – [Orm] To challenge me for the throne. – I’m going to fight it, but I’ll let it live. (cheering) (dramatic music) – We’re gonna hunt down these sickos. – What about this guy? – Just throw him over the other side. – [Mera] You think you’re unworthy to lead because you’re of two different worlds. – Hook this up and make me a latte. – That is exactly why you are worthy. – Don’t point that gun at him. He’s an unpaid intern. (dramatic music) – I just wanted to flirt with you. – [Orm] The war is coming to the surface. – Oh shit. Swamp leaches, everybody. Check for swamp leaches and pull them off. (dramatic music) – Would you like to join my crew? I want you on team Zissou. – Okay? (creaking)

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