Blanche the Orphaned Manatee is Returned | SeaWorld Orlando

Today, SeaWorld got to return Blanche who was originally rescued as an orphan manatee back in July of 2014. so this return was the culmination of a three-year long rehabilitation process and we released her as a healthy, robust 775 pound adult manatee. Blanche was originally rescued as an orphan calf, which means that the SeaWorld rescue team had to hand-raise her. So she was bottle-fed around the clock every three hours until she was wheened and onto solid food and until she got up to a healthy adult size. It’s extremely special to be part of Blanche’s return. Having cared for her over three years and seeing her grow from a little 40-pound calf into a huge almost 800 pound adult is extremely special and really excited to be able to return her to her natural environment.

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