Blood Parrot Cichlid Aquarium Fish Attacks Owner | Fish Bites Keeper

What we’re going to do here is take out some
sand because I can no longer see my fish, as he likes to hide and he might be
okay with me taking out some sand but he might not be okay with taking out his sand and
well yeah sometimes it’s okay with me taking away
sand. It’s usually when I start putting sand in this tank he
gets really upset. What’s a matter buddy? yeah it’s good that he doesn’t
really bite hard he really does not like sand in his tank. He bit me here a couple times but these guys here they don’t really have the mouths in order
to really do any damage so i don’t really try to freak out or get scared too
much in the process. Maybe when he gets a little bigger i’ll
be a little bit more worried but for now we are going to leave him like that.

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