Blood Red Halfmoon Betta Fish and New Aquatic plants in Planted Aquarium

Hi there,
I have bought a new betta fish and aquatic plants and I am pretty excited to share them
with you guys. I currently live in a sub-urban area and there
are no means to get exotic aquatic plants. But in this video I will tell you guys about
my new aquatic plants and the awesome full moon betta fish imported from Thailand. I will also share a link about the online
shop in the video description from where I got these one of a kind plants at good prices
though shipping charges are little high but they have managed to delivery me the plants
in live conditions and I am very happy about it. Let me first introduce you to the Full moon
betta fish imported from Thailand. As you can see it has brilliant long and shiny
fins in white with colored reflections I mean to say it looks like some hologram on white
background… It’s body color is dark blood red and it
is very active and aggressive betta. I have also told the shopkeeper who sold this
fish, to get a pair for this fish but he had no idea which one could be the best pair. He convinced me to get a female half-moon
for pairing with this fish. But I fear it will not work out and if it
will not then there will be deadly fight and it will be simply boring… So what you guys think about pairing this
fish with the half-moon female betta let me know about it in the comment section below. Now let me tell about the live plants that
brought from a good online shop and my first impression on this shop was good and I will
buy few more plants from them in future you can also check out there site if you are living
in India. Links to it is in the video descriptions
Now the new plants that I have bought are Anubias Nana Gold, Dwarf Anubias, Sagittaria
and Amazon Frogbit. Now Sagittaria and Amazon Frogbit are very
cheap but the Anubias variety are little costly. And Anubias Plants are the most greenish and
lively plant to watch as they add great live environment to any planted aquarium with very
little fertilizers, co2 and lighting facilty. You can also easily grow them in any aquarium
or pond and they are usually attached to rocks and driftwoods for this reasons. Now Anubias Nana Gold has smaller leaves and
are light greener than Anubias or Dwarf Anubias and are somewhat more costly too. These dwarf varieties are perfect for foreground
of any planted aquarium. Also Sagittaria is also very cheap plant that
can be easily propagated as well. They have little carpeting feature so they
are good to be kept in foreground as well. It is usually recommended to plant the tall
growing plants to the background so that it creates a great visual appearance and fish
can also swim around more comfortably. I am also planting to aquascape my 50 gallon
tank in which I was keeping my silver arowana. I have moved the arowana to different tank
and I am planning to build a bigger tank for it pretty sooner. If you are also excited as I am and want to
help me in the process please give your crowd funding donations from the links in the video
description and it can speed up the building process as well. You can also suggest me any name for my new
betta and also don’t forget to suggest the best mate for it. Will it be full moon or half-moon? Your comment are valuable and comment it if
you have good knowledge about it. Also some new discus fish are arriving very
soon and lots of other aquarium and fish videos will be uploaded on this channel so if you
have not subscribed yet subscribe now and also give your valuable comments and suggestions. I will meet you guys next time with another
video till then watch my popular videos and like and share it with your friends or relatives. So until next time bye and take care and
Thanks for Watching

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