Board of County Commissioners Open Session March 7, 2019 1 PM

where are you going Mike oh alright so
we’re back and we’re come out of the gate is going to be it’s gonna be money
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you okay well we’ll wait it’s on he’s only
two I was gonna push you up but yeah it’s all right we’ll wait a second he’ll
be here in a second for my colleagues if you want to pass this around with the
way in which we now now now we accept what do we do approve the minutes
approve the minutes the closed with the new so you will time to time get these
in your books just review them so that you can make the approval decision come
back in here okay okay so that’s what that that’s why they my book arrogance
why was in your book writer like well I thought they gave me your society rather
than few right so that’s what that’s for I think you just so you all see that you
know what we are don’t make me any more cuz you well I’m
just gonna just trying to keep you all keep your alright so no one’s seen Mike
fell anybody see oh using more pizza okay and yes we are back and first out
of the gates afternoon is our legislative update from mr. Fowler our
legislative liaison Mike good afternoon my apologies I was so focused on one
aspect of our discussion and I forgot all the rest of which there is much you
are you are certainly your we’re good with that because you spend time in
Annapolis and trust me your brain can get a little fry anybody’s sure so I
guess the one point of good news is we’re getting closer to the end four
more weeks and signing guy comes on the 8th of April I backed across everyday
crossovers March 18th so another week and and that that’s a
little concerning because there’s an awful lot of legislation that hasn’t
even gotten through of committees that has to be rectified before that so
there’s a lot of legislation jammed up I think some of that due to the fact that
they’re taking a second look at anything with a fiscal note because of the
revenue right down that’s occurred and then of course the looming Kirwan
recommendations which are addressed to some extent and we’ll talk about that a
little later some of the major issues kind of an update minimum wage the
Senate Finance Committee was scheduled for work session impossible voting
session today of course that’s already passed through the house so I don’t know
what that’s gonna look like from an amendment perspective I’m sure will be
amended the House version was implemented on the next generation 9 1 1
bill the amended version passed the Senate moves over to the house the House
version is still in committee it does there were some amendments but it does
still include the ability to to charge per phone as opposed to per bill which
is gonna be important for them for the funding going forward the special
pension treatment for injured police when I’m home the delegate of sanity
bill that did pass second reading in the house but again that’s one of those ones
that has not yet been scheduled to go through the floor the failing septic
systems we spoke a little bit about that yesterday that did go actually scheduled
for floor vote tomorrow so it’s been it’s been amended the the amendments
that were proposed by Meiko were accepted we still have the issue of
funding that we discussed that we’re going to continue to press for no
movement on those medical presumption bills
we’ve been talking about the solar blueprint bill the amendment it was
amended the one we were most concerned about was the one that would preserve
local zoning I can give you the exact language of that amendment and recognize
efforts by Maryland counties to address the Department of solar energy projects
through zoning ordinances comprehensive plans and other local land use policies
so that that is in there which is a good thing the House version was heard
yesterday in environment transportation did not have the opportunity to view
that hearing wasn’t available yet the polystyrene ban mentioned that briefly
an amended version did pass the Senate floor in terms of what that regulates
food containers plates hot and cold beverage cups meat and vegetable trays
and egg cartons so that’s in in restaurants fast food food trucks
grocery stores you will be the enforcer of that should it should it pass
ultimately either through the Health Department or the environment your
environmental department whichever you choose the warning for the first offense
is is just that it’s a warning it has to be addressed within three months if it’s
not then there’s a $500 fine assessed and there is an opportunity to get a
waiver for one year from a hardship financial hardship that a business would
put forward House bill 109 is the House version
heard and voted favorable with amendments so that came out of committee
yesterday and that is effective January 1st 2020 and yesterday as commissioner when snows
senator Hester’s Regional schools innovation and regional schools was
proposed was heard yesterday in education in health and environment
along with Commissioner weds Commissioner of Jack Fisher from Queen
Anne’s County our own John O’Neill from the Board of Education Representative
from Howard County’s Board of Education and Senator Reedy and Robin allenburg
from eiko testified in favor of the bill it’s actually very enthusiastically
received by chairman Penske so and several friendly amendments were made
they one was addressing making sure that that all the stakeholders or a party to
the required memorandum of understanding that will have to be signed by by the
entities from both counties so sara Hester put the bill in center Reedy
co-sponsored the bill correct good okay and it is cross filed it is not it is
not it is not which is also worrisome just because of the sheer magnitude the
number bills that have to be addressed in the next week so stay tuned no but I
appreciate the support that’s okay it’s a good opportunity to work together with
Harrow County with schools that are overpopulated school they’re
underpopulated and coming up with solutions where we can look regionally
and I think that’s why the two of them you know both sponsored that bill so
it’s good stance and know obviously you know obviously so if not if not this
session perhaps next but but we’ll see and of course the the 800-pound gorilla
in the room in my opinion is it’s called the blueprint for Maryland’s future and
that’s the Kerwin bill or at least the aspect of the curling Commission
recommendations that are going to be addressed for fiscal 20 and 21 it’s
essentially a down payment it’s all state funding in this bill the Senate
version was heard jointly last night between two Senate committees budget and
tax and environmental excuse me education health and the environment on
behalf of Mako Michael Sanderson was there the
executive director also Jan Gardner County Executive Frederick County
Executive Gardener Montgomery County Councilman Craig rice who was on the
Commission and council member of our price from Tobin County so we sort of
had a good mix of people there obviously all in support of the bill because it is
all state money but again the concerns were raised about moving forward and how
the funding formulas really need to be scrutinized and not just essentially
brought forward from what they are now that they really need to be looked at
and and adjusted appropriately I I have the bill and and I forward he forwarded
to you a summary that Meiko had provided of it and I’ll just hit some of the
highlights one there’s going to be there in the recommendations there’s a lot of
attention paid to low income and struggling students and so you will see
a lot of a lot of the focus of that bill going to those underachieving students
and those jurisdictions within this bill there is something quote concentration
of poverty grants and that will go to specific schools that
have over 80% free and reduced meals there are no schools in your County that
meet that threshold so that’s not a grant that that your board will be
seeing there is something called a teacher collaborative grant program
which is to establish training programs and and and really sort of in advance of
the part of the recommendations this deal with teacher certifications and
teacher education that’s 2.5 million per year in for both 20 and 21 the stool
boards can apply for the grants it doesn’t deal with how much those grants
will be in the bill but it does prescribe what needs to be included in
the grant request so I can’t get into those details the bill is pretty pretty
long but we might have some of those details as we go forward there’s also a
teacher salary incentive portion and we talked the extensively about that
yesterday if the county funds and we said that the county funds teacher
salary is equal to 3% the state will fund a grant in 20 and 21
to go toward the additional teacher salary enhancements now those increases
would include cost-of-living steps or increments and other increases so not
only the the dedicated increase but also says to me that that teachers that are
are being there pays and be increased naturally by those steps so if they
reach that threshold there will be two and a quarter million that will come to
Carol to match that for two years now what happens after that to be to be
determined TV because once you increase and then as
well as state’s not giving you the fund anymore than
my guess is the county has to pick that up which is all kissing but it’s
actually that was a large part of the discussion is what would the
expectations be after that two years would the expectations from the teacher
be that the county and the state for that matter pick it up which right then
in terms of what how much I guess remembering in in the Kerwin bill there
is or in the recommendations excuse me there is this discussion about creating
a floor and a ceiling for teachers statewide so that will have to be
analyzed each county is going to have to determine what their teachers are paid
and whether they are above or below that and so a lot of work needs to be done on
that clearly that the rest of that story just to let you all know in case
anything in anybody’s mind and if it’s not it should be is the fact that we
don’t pay the teachers so you know when it says in Kerwin that the teachers
should be getting a 3% raise and then the county would receive additional
funding it says county boards in there but it
remains to be seen as to what that means we’ve talked about this in the 60th
Board of Commissioners about perhaps starting to give the monies to Carroll
County Public Schools based on each of those categories you remember we had
that discussion yes so so I’ve raised the question yesterday and I think it
was answered I think but I I’m not gonna go into that but I think it was answered
that you know they they’re they’re aware of that and it says county boards so
it’s just when it was presented to us you know I reminded a couple folks we
don’t pay the teachers we give a lump sum and they in turn take the money that
we give them and do with it whatever they seem necessary to do with it
part of that accountability thing that keeps coming up with the education y’all
remember hearing that word associated with education funding anyway yes well
no well I think the way the bill is constructed the board is going that the
school board is going to have to lay out how Graham’s numbers right hi Don but
it’s a little misleading when you get the bill when it says counties will okay
so just wonderful make sure you all know this but you know that this could be the
catalyst to have that conversation on how the budget process should be going
between the county and boards education and you know I’m open to having that
discussion however we can do it better and that this may be one of those
reasons why we want to have that conversation so okay the statement fully
fund a mental health services coordinator free school system at eighty
three thousand again no discussion beyond twenty one keep that in mind this
is all twenty and twenty-one yeah nothing beyond right funding for
additional services for students with disabilities this as as its described as
a percentage within the bill it’s a hundred and thirty seven point five
million across the state two point five four percent for Carroll
so by my math and which is always a little shaky I’m at three and a half
million that’s what I get and then we have something called
transitional supplemental instruction program for struggling learners so
struggling learners is defined as students who are achieving below grade
level in English or reading in kindergarten through grade three so four
hundred about four hundred twenty nine thousand devoted to that thank you okay
in Carroll County yes and let’s see it lays out a plan to eventually use
Medicaid eligibility data for low-income student counts so I’m not sure how it’s
done now whether that’s free and reduced meals but they’re they’re looking at
Medicaid I suppose they expect that to be a little more precise
it also requires state funding of three hundred and seventy five million in FY
2021 for the Commission’s final recommendations so that’s another I
think similar to what they did last year and setting aside two hundred they’re
setting aside 375 for after 2021 so that’s that’s essentially oh and one
other important point it specifies the county’s funding above maintenance of
effort in FY 2020 we’ll have that access counted toward any funding obligation
that comes out of the Commission recommendations in 21 and beyond so that
was a good news for lot of people so again by my shaky math and clearly mr.
Zaleski is the final arbiter of these he’s forgotten more than I’ll ever know
it looks to me around seven million for the county that doesn’t count that
collaborative grant program because that has it has to be determined by the board
there was also a hundred percent funding of pre-k through 2020 already in the law
the state is going to guarantee a hundred and hundred percent funding
through 20:21 so that’s the bill as it stands
thus in the Senate it’s been crossed out of course so it’s the same in both
houses has not yet been heard by the House committees but the Maiko people
believe that this is this is as good as it gets for us for the next two years
and the real work starts with the funding formulas next year I’m gonna end
on him branding on all kinds of happy there’s the last session is happy you’re
happy everybody’s happy today fucking that’s a couple just put
questions on those other bills the septic issue
House bill 195 now okay sorry good to know
and again the intent there is if someone is deemed to have a failing system and
the successful is directed to be a failing system regardless my biggest
concern is that funding is available for those that need to replace their system
as opposed to just being forced out of that and then out of their pocket paying
fifty sixty thousand dollars for another system so I appreciate Maiko taking that
on and doing some of that work yeah we need to provide some numbers to them
that’s correct so I reached out to the county to get some of those numbers I
know it’s the make of the second is the solar blueprints that cross filed yes
okay the I was with the Planning and Zoning
Commission last night and we had a little bit of discussion as a follow-up
from that discussion yes Memoriam Aiko the direction from the Lanie’s
subcommittee remembers me less less so that well less and then the
gentleman it’s the chairman Oh like well no oh I’m sorry well here you talk about
so the the two of them highlighted the importance that each jurisdiction has a
plan for solar panels and for zoning for solar we do not want them to tell us you
know then being a state their story we won’t be able to have our story already
laid out and then go from there it’s critical because if you’re asking them
to respect have you need to have something so respect so so last night we
could talk about that but the importance of having a plan and a vision in place
and zoning appropriate for solar in our town T before the state comes up with
some blueprint that’s gonna force it down our throats so and septic systems
yes there’s a dictate what they have to be replaced with some to the Health
Department a non-family system well is we if available on the property a septic
tank error and or tied into sewage into a liner but he doesn’t you say
specifically beyond that I don’t have any generally it’s best available to us
as a bat it has to be that believe okay that system that is very expensive and
maintenance on it after that grant runs out is even more uh can be and again
that is the biggest concern that we may have here in Carroll Kenna is that we
are gonna be forcing folks out of a usable system because it’s now directed
that is a failed system and remember that it was pretty heavily amended so
what I’ll do is get you the amended version so we know exactly what well I
know that cesspool cesspool ourselves as a failing system regardless yes there
and that’s my base concerns that we don’t question Hatter folks here in the
community they’re living fine with cesspool and they’re gonna be directed
mandated team change and they don’t have the pump to do that
and I want to find funds available for them to do that that’s our force to do
it so yeah the bill was it was originally drafted was was pretty vague
the language has been tightened up considerably and I think that some of
the result of the stricter language was going to lead to some pretty expensive
maintenance of repair feelings for people with with just not necessarily
failing you know they think it was an expansive like definition of failing
that definition has been reined in pretty significantly but again that
cesspool portion remains yep okay so I’ve gotten a number of calls from
constituents that are concerned about the state retirees prescription drug
program they’ve kind of ramped up in the last day or two or three and there are
some bills to address that but I don’t think they’re getting anywhere the
reason I haven’t looked into this too deeply except from the last couple of
days because it really didn’t affect the county per se but apparently that
program which is prescription drugs for retirees under the state state retirees
that was pulled back effective supposed to be effective this year there was a
Laos federal lawsuit filed so the state has held off on that for now but these
bills now that you’re discussing have been put in to reinstate that benefit
and as I read the fiscal notes the liability for the state increases
significantly somewhere around ten billion
more and they’re the concern from DLS is that may affect the state’s triple-a
bond rating so I I think that because that fiscal note is pretty large those
bills are generally not moving plus they are they are Republican sponsored bills
and there are four of them and the Carroll delegation the district nine
delegation or co-sponsors on all four pieces of legislation so I know I do
remember at the public hearing that the delegation held here in the Reagan room
there was constituent that asked that question and their response was we’re
already looking at that we’re co-sponsors on bills to address that but
I’m not so sure they’re they’re going to move for that reason yeah that’s so
that’s that sort of troubling because it’s affect state retirees but the
delegation needs to hear from they do so I’m telling that’s it yeah so should be
directed to the dog and I know that there’s a bill that’s going through
right now that Makos supporting to put a cap on prescription drugs as well
because we heard some astounding figures out of Harford County from County
Executive Glassman on what Harford County is paying for prescription drugs
and one of them was was a 12,000 or something there was 9,000 a month
whatever those were up from an employee that they have not it’s mind-boggling so
I know Makos we’re supporting whoever put that bill in to put a cap on them
and as opposed to also making sure that they use generic instead of name-brand
we’re looking at that one too so you might want to put that one on the list
for when you come back just to see where that’s at Mike because I say that we
won’t we won’t be at Meiko now for the next two Wednesdays we’re act pretty
much done until the 27th of March when we’ll go down for
Cindy died prior to this in the city die of the assembly so anything that comes
up that strikes you is whatever you need to get to Mike so that he can address it
as he’s he’s now you know rolling down there and we won’t be down on the
Wednesdays right now they did say if something breaks especially with this
Kirwan thing that they might bring us back down there on a Wednesday but we’ll
see what happens yeah I think they just want you yeah
yeah not just check out completely righteous yeah
be ready yes I built that bill you mentioned is to create a commission to
to oversee right look at that yeah one of the questions was I think one of the
aspects of the bill is to create an MoU with a neighboring state and already
already addresses the issue and has all the pricing data and I just mentioned
that because you heard a question about that aspect that MOU and that’s really
what that was about is why should Maryland go through the
process of trying to find out what these Trump prices are when these other states
have already done that and just to tag all of that that’s all that was okay
anything else for Mike right now just appreciate the responsiveness that
you’re providing us and obviously the Thursday’s really helped us so thank you
that helps me too frankly I need to hear from you it’s good a regular basis all
right Mike all right thank you very much we’ll be talking Oh everyday cuz a lot
crazy stuff going on down there in that quaint little village next up briefing
to suck discussion decision on transfer of funds for the Sheriff’s Office and
the director of the Sheriff’s Office subdeacon McDonald this year biggie good
afternoon afternoon so I’m here this afternoon to
basically request approval for a transfer of funds back to the general
fund budget so if you’ll note in the briefing paper we came to you this past
August to the prior board to ask for grant approval and also a budget
transfer to cover the additional funds that are needed to cover the remaining
benefits cost according to do CCP when we apply for grants and that was all
approved there’s been some circumstances in which we are not going to be filling
that position during this grant year which so we’re just asking for your
approval to move the money back so I know that sounds a little unusual
I can certainly explain the circumstances around that if you like
does it have to do with hiring someone it does hmm it takes a long time for the
Sheriff’s Office to hire in addition when this grant first came out some of
you may remember it was a brand-new grant it was changed and it included
multiple jurisdictions around the state and there were not a lot of defined
guidelines so we were asked to participate which we did and then after
the grant was actually awarded then we’ve been meeting with all the other
jurisdictions and as you of course come to the types of details of what the
grain is actually supposed accomplishing the position doesn’t actually fit so
rather than filling the position that doesn’t fit with the grants we are d
obligating the funds back to geo ccp for the position and then asking to have the
money moved back in this grant year it’s one of those things that it kind of got
rushed a little vague around the descriptions but one of those grants
what we were asked to participate it was not a public grant or anyone could
justify so we’re partnering with the state’s
attorneys we’re doing the other pieces of the grant but just for right now up
through the next three months we’re not going to be able to use those funds so
we’re being proving asking to give everything back their money King Simon
sheriff’s budget and just yeah back into put it back so that talk to now on the
prayer briefing sheet down looking from August it says $18,000 is that referring
to or this one is this yes $17,000 that’s on the new briefing but you’re
you’re yes I’m looking from the prior briefing it was a request for county
contribution was $18,000 so I’m just curious is that over talking about so
what you want to know Commissioner Rothstein is we’re in a worlds that $100
100 bucks it’s 100 bucks okay okay but it is 79 okay okay that’s good
all right any questions Ted yeah I have 18,000 on here too but if you guys just
approved the transfer we’ll figure out okay now enter 18 yeah might be
seventeen thousand eight hundred eighty six dollars and twelve 700 bucks
yeah you buy a lot of pizzas I’ll move that the Board of Commissioners budget
transfer of funds from the fy9 gene grant project to the sheriff’s office
budget of $17,900 second now wait a minute you can’t can’t put that in your
you can’t put that in the because it’s like not to eat that amount it may be 18
so that’s why L leave you gotta leave the amount out and order for this to be
able to occur okay and so I move that the board commissioners buddy transfer
of funds from FY 19 grant project to the sheriff’s office budget
withdraw your sales on the first yeah I’m second in the second good just got
to keep it straight here all right any other comments questions all in favor
aye thank you all right
brief discussion on the veterans Advisory Council and I’ll let you all
introduce because I don’t know who’s coming up and if you want more chairs
you can do that and Christine you whatever you’re gonna do and set the
stage and whatever good afternoon thank you okay I’m just
gonna introduce everybody and then switch seats with Gina but this
afternoon the veterans Advisory Council has a briefing for all of you I’d like
to introduce Larry Burbank who is the chair of the veterans Advisory Council
Marc Fisher who is an active member of the council and Gina Valentine who is
the aging disabilities supervisor for the Bureau of aging and serves as staff
support for the back Thank You Christine first of all I like to thank you for the
support the last five years it’s been it’s been a good program and good
working with you and the vet became effective January 1st
2014 and when consent with the Department of
citizen services without them we would be in a bind
we already would we meet the third Tuesday of every month at the VFW post
here in Westminster at 2:00 p.m. and what we do we provide programs and
services that they can share with the community and we usually have about 30
plus attendees and we’re very fortunate we have representatives from from your
office but there’s almost every every meeting okay next on the agenda is the
access and we focus on work development employment and mental health during that
focus operation navigation we just formed that navigation and we just a
little problem getting into into Fort Meade and Fort Detrick
that we’d like to visit those folks coming from those facilities to Carroll
County translation into civilian life it’s very
important that they be informed and our outreach we just formed that and we have
a book club that meets every month and our job to an employment Berk is
just across the street from us to the to my left hand that John pain T is an army
vet and he handles our pension services and he attends our meetings almost every
month the committee we just formed that I’m the chair the vice-chair is Elaine
May stem stem she’s she’s a retired sergeant major from the Marine Corps and
very very fine young lady Marcus to my right he’s agreed to be a
member of the committee but in the build Nash he’s commander of the American
Legion hampstead so that would be our our comedian as far as the initiatives
as they come through let’s see another frame here I think it
can be the impact is very important and Mark’s gonna talk about that I noticed
in in near communication with us Yves wants suggestions for future initiatives
I would like to think we could continue communication view hopes the Department
of citizen services it’s a great it’s a great family we have there and we’re
trying to connect with of our veterans coming to active duty in every manner
possible because that we need to welcome them home to Carroll County and I know
I’m speaking to the choir here some cases but
that’s what we need to do so I turn it over to a mark okay mark start some I
just want to mention that bill Nash that Larry preferred to he’s in the room he
again one of our other white and council members who has agreed to participate me
Executive Committee that was recently formed and then as Mark talks about
Community Impact and about potential future initiatives as we met we referred
to the bylaws for the veterans Advisory Council and what the purpose of the
council is in creating or trying to determine what some of those initiatives
might be I’m sorry just wanted to mention that so mark just like to
highlight a little bit the impact on the community we have the veterans Advisory
Council as far as what the hospital goes particularly the hospice the hospice
does a tremendous job with our veterans and we have members from the hospice
come to our meetings every month we just do tremendous work and that’s one of the
connections we’ve made with the with the hospital educating the public that’s a
huge part of our work because so many veterans have no idea what benefits what
services are available to them so we try very hard to connect with the public so
that we can make veterans aware of what’s available and encourage them to
seek out you know what they rate is veterans so many veterans think well I’m
not gonna take something away from somebody else by claiming the benefit
and they need to understand it’s not how it works you know it’s it’s uh so that’s
that’s a big part of our community outreach and you know we’d like to
provide opportunities for other agencies and services and businesses to to
partner with veterans and so we try to do that we have people from the business
community come to our meetings we have people
various services throughout the county come to our meetings so we try very hard
to connect our veterans with people who are you know needing their services and
and connect us with businesses and agencies that support veterans some of
the things that we’re we’re involved with in the community the seniors on the
go Expo is a huge event as you know in Carroll County it’s coming up in April
and we we’re gonna have a table there for the veterans Advisory Council but
we’re also having the various veteran service organizations around that table
so we’re all going to have all the veterans together we’ll be the American
Legion Marine Corps League Catholic War veterans all the different Veterans
Services organizations will be there and that’s that’s a way of outreach to the
people that are coming to seniors on the go so they can approach those veterans
organizations get information hopefully you know be connected to service isn’t
that kind of thing our members are active not just as a council but also
individually in the veterans community we had a veteran’s forum at Carroll
Community College and that was you know that was a sort of a resource fair sort
of and Veterans Day events I think that all of us on the council that our
veterans are involved in some way at Veterans Day you know I was I was at the
Westminster Veterans Day commemoration for instance Wreaths Across America I
was a guest speaker at the race across America for a presentation at meadow
branch Cemetery so all of us are very involved in different ways in the
veterans community and our members also completed the Open Meetings Act and
ethics training to comply with regulations but there and to to further
our outreach we we’ve come up with some initiatives that hopefully will allow us
to do that we’re looking at different events in Carroll County where we can
have a presence I think would be a fantastic idea for us to have a table
for instance that the flower and Jazz Fest we
thousands of people walking up and down Main Street and they’re gonna see us you
know and approaches it’s amazing how if there’s something it’s veteran oriented
a veteran may approach them for the first time for eight spares another one
I have a table at the 4-h fair for my business I put a Marine Corps flag up
there and I’ll tell you those guys come up and they talk to me and I think two
years ago I had a young Marine veteran from Iraq he had a wife and two kids he
walked up to me and he just lost his job he needed help I connected him with the
veteran’s service officer from the American Legion he was able to get that
help so if we had a table for the veterans Advisory Council at the fair
you know I think that would be very productive for us to reach people and
that’s what we’re we’re supposed to be doing and then we’re hoping to have an
open house maybe at the Senior Center where we can have all the veteran’s
service organizations there and people can come there and gather information
another thing we can do is assist people to get the veterans ID card which is a
card that’s available to veterans who are not retirees and who are not only a
health so it’s a we had an open house at the American Legion last year for that
purpose and we were just overwhelmed with you know people come in there to
get help to get that veteran’s ID card which allows them to you know benefit
from the discounts of whatnot in the county
as part of our research subcommittee it’s constantly identifying the needs of
veterans in the county you know whether it be homelessness or joblessness or
anything that our veterans need health care you know we’re just trying to
constantly identify those needs and help to address those needs and we’re pledged
to contact other counties to see what they’re doing but I think that I’ve
heard the Carroll County as a model for how we treat our veterans and very proud
of that and then Elaine stem and I are going to do some research in the county
to find out what kind of discounts and benefits are available in the county for
veterans I knows about the baby Applebee’s or
green turtle they give discounts but we’re gonna try to you know go
countywide and find out what’s available and finally trying to put together
veterans resource guide the state has a beautiful one it’s about that thick it’s
a boat we’ve need one for Carroll County so we’re gonna put one together
specifically for Carroll County what’s available in Carroll County and you know
and get that out there to people so that they know where to turn if they need
assistance so and lastly um I just want to add that of course governor Hogan
designated 2019 the year at the veteran so in addition to the proposed
initiatives that mark and Larry have both talked about they tend to have what
we always have Veterans Day celebrations at each of our senior community centers
and so that’ll be the theme for those events this year we intend to run
articles in the the Senior Center newsletters related to veterans and
every month through the rest of the year the open house that they proposed that
would be in partnership with our Veterans Services program that that
would be something else that we could do to to celebrate veterans and focus on
that theme and and then the council members that they want to be involved in
the Memorial Day Parade you know this year and so we need to
talk to cts about this but possibly having a veteran shuttle and that parade
with some of the council members on it so so of course we want to hear from you
commissioners about your thoughts your input what types of initiatives that you
like council to focus on I’m more than happy
to kick this off I applaud everything you’re doing as you know as I
participate on the council and now along with commissioner Weaver have the chance
to be ex officio on the council the work you doing you are and we are as a
community a model in the state I’ve had these conversation with secretary
Ellen’s from Maryland VA and he often says the exact same thing from the VSOs
that we have within the county to the shuttle service to all the work you’re
doing the key and I appreciate you being here today as this is 20 19 year veteran
from governor Hogan is from a Advisory Council looking at the word advisory
how can you advise us in the government to do not more to allocate our resources
our time our people and our money in the right direction for the priorities
taking care of our veterans you’re doing just that by what you just shared that
resource guide the outreach the advocacy you know I would propose to our
newspaper that this is 2019 there’s a veteran that there should be a a column
for our veterans and periodically whether it’s bi-weekly weekly monthly
regardless but so people know where to go and we’ve all discussed this the
biggest challenge for our veterans is there’s sometimes too much information
and they don’t know where to go you’re making it easier and easier every day by
the work you’re doing I think that resource guide is going to be a great
help I think your ideas of going out and be the advocacy for our veterans in
these different programs and places is definitely going to help mapping that
out putting a calendar out there working with again the newspaper or other media
outlets and us because again the key is how can you help us prioritize our
resources better time people and money to take care of our veteran community
but you know first and foremost congratulations on all the work that
you’re doing you know and I definitely do believe
we’re a model because of you and because of our community so ditto on the where
you run an organization as an advisory council you guys are model and then
quite a few of them and thank you for what you do and keep it organized and
the amount of people you have attending meetings is phenomenal and so that’s
great now I want to go one step further your resource guide I love the idea here
again when people are exiting the military and this has been a pet peeve
of mine you get a and the colonel may give us a little more detail or not but
I’ve talked to several people in the military they get exited you know
there’s stuff thrown out them the last week or a couple weeks are there and
they really have trouble put wrapping their head around insurance wrapping
their head around buying a home and all those things because they’ve been taking
care of health insurance they’ve been you know go to infirmary you know taken
care of but in Carroll County we need a Carroll County package that I would love
to put together a few years ago I had a Novotny common-law she’s a realtor or a
new here and apparently Anne Arundel County had a veterans package they put
together that Wow you know here’s help with the where to
buy house help with closing cost help with everything they need to help people
walk through each of these steps and as they’re leaving
probably Fort Meade here but here’s Carroll County’s package here’s what we
have to offer and we meet them right at the door
with everything they need to come to Carroll County to settle in so let’s see
my one that I really would love to see happen here heading our department
defense and our VA has come a long ways in serving transit service members
exiting depart defense and our army all services have transition programs
they’ve come a long ways and we know this over the years our VA has been you
know challenged over many years they’ve come a long ways and there’s a lot of
legislation that’s out there our president just signed executive
order focusing again on our veterans recently because of some of the
challenges with our veterans so we’re putting a lot of attention putting it
all together like Commissioner Weaver chair it is how do we navigate through
the processes and programs available it’s not about flagpoles and it’s not
about plaques it’s about the opportunity thank you is by giving the veteran the
opportunity navigate to the place they need to go to be better served that’s
what the council advises us again how to do it from our from our perspective
we’re gonna allocate our money but also from the entire community so those are
the things that you know are on my mind about it and we have a new editor I
think at the papers are correct perfect time into yeah congratulations you maybe
make some well make some change here you know you could have the veterans corner
or whatever good so for me first of all again we can’t say thank you know mark
you and I talked a good bit you know how all of us feel bad everything that you
do here what about the outreach aspect as it is as it pertains to our kids and
I would we have celebrating America the program and you know to have some sort
of uh now that National History Day the other day the 29th Infantry Division was
there with a table and it was great they actually wear one of their hats and it
was fantastic anyway fit well to cover it was the
cover okay I think was Frank’s and he’s got a big head so apparently anyway what
about providing educational opportunities to kids through the
celebrating America where whether that’s in the school system or whatever man I
think that would go a long way in garnering
the respect that I unfortunately see some of our young people either not
knowing about or or did know about it and they’ve lost it based on the crap
that we see every single day on on social media and the news that would be
something that that I’d like to see you all pursue education not recruitment where is recruitment it could get away
my nephew my nephew’s graduating this year from winters mill and he’s right
now he’s working very hard to prepare himself to go into the marine corps soon
after he graduates so perhaps that would be something to where you get that that
age group group of kids but even our younger folks and maybe the middle
school level just to just to give them up here’s what we are and here’s what we
did and I think there would be a perfect
partnership with the celebrating America group to provide that kind of
opportunity so that’s sort of what I’d like to see from you guys I mean you
know honestly we can give you a whole list of stuff you’re you you’re
exhausting yourselves anyway with all the outreach that you’re doing and I
applaud you but I’d kind of like you to focus there if you can perhaps come up
with a program or whatever to do that well keep in mind you have a great deal
of resources you have an American Legion the VFW have everybody out here helping
you get to your mission I mean side the Veterans Council there’s a pretty group
it’s tremendous in this county the people coming in from the peripheral
sides to help whatever fundraising you have is unbelievable and you need to be
really commended for the camaraderie and the way you point this the Jewish War
veterans don’t forget that I know we have one in Pikesville that we still fit
in you in uniform of course okay
I do if I could make a comeback there’s something wonderful the Carroll counties
the other counties haven’t is the Veterans Day commemorations every year
and I think almost every school if not every school in Carroll County now has
something so commissioner that’s part of that education in the schools winters
mill does a phenomenal job with that I think they were one of the pioneers
first and they were the first ones it’s been carried on even you know st. John’s
where my daughter goes they have one every year now and it’s been on
contagious so it’s it’s a part of that educational thing and then the Marine
Corps League has a program when they go into the schools it’s called a flag
program and they go through every flag in the United States history
and they’re very beginning up to today it’s a presentation the kids are
interactive veterans are there and they’re veterans uniforms doing that and
you know I think maybe we can try to get them more active with that I know the
guy that was doing it moves to Florida or something some people go down there
for some reason but it’s a huggie it’s buggy some people your age go down there we’re talking to Weaver right anyway
that was a great program we were doing in the public schools and so that you
know that’s out on the moved away and we’re trying to get it back back up and
going but that’s something similar that would bring veterans into the schools
and that was focused on the middle schools okay okay but you are bring up a
point about burden organizations are getting older and older and we know that
is we all many of us belong to so many of them and the average age is anywhere
between 60 and 90 for you know they’re just keep becoming very old these
programs highlighting transitioning servicemembers veterans in our community
and getting them engaged you know at a much younger age our veterans the body
becomes is doing that we have a lot of energy in that Advisory Council from all
generations part of that education piece and part of that outreach through the
newspaper through us and through you is getting veterans in our community
younger generations more engaged and so that that may be another outreach effort
you know educate for the kids very very important educating for transition
service members in younger age to getting more engaged I think also helps
and again you guys are doing great I think our Civil Air Patrol here in the
areas is a good outreach absolutely and we’ve nd antenna and their meetings
great oh that’s good yeah hey Dennis you and I’ve been to there have been scope a
couple there open houses so these kids are really impressive yeah they’re good
all right anything else at the time is that it would be one every under year so
we just wanted to get feedback from all of you if you want us to still pursue a
veterans forum in 2020 I attended I thought it was a great
event I was recognition of our Vietnam
veterans um I just didn’t count never spot yeses and you see what is it
they’re just it’s a great great a great event so do you want to fuck what would
you focus on the next one would be I think we’d have to have some meetings to
talk about that because the first one was well it’s so good and very well
attended we definitely want to try to top it if we can but discussion might be
nice to hit on some of the younger arrive can some of this places maybe
maybe he’s get some of these younger people involved to come in oh gosh you
better just south of me he’s in Carroll County Community College I asked him the
other day did you get some help coming up active duty he said he did so they
have a little meeting I’m not sure what it is the Community College for the
little veterans get together I’m gonna try it get to that meeting in meet those
young folks great idea do they need an outreach force good okay we good all
right thank you thank you thank you very much oh thank you thank you appreciate
it thank you all very much okay it’s a newspaper have their
challenge ahead of them here to get this column started okay next on the agenda bit approval for
zebra mussel eradication at the hides quarry so our director of department of
land and resource management Tom Devilfish oh good afternoon how are you
and our chief and purchasing Mike Meyers yes and no good segue between veteran
services and super muscle give it your best shot
yeah so I guess by now you’re all aware of the presence of the zebra mussels of
Hyde’s quarry so the county has need to eradicate those we request the proposals
it’s not a very I guess common trade especially in this area so we received
two proposals Bureau or the department of land resource management entered into
negotiations of both of those proposals and we’d like to recommend award to ASI
marine and the amount of three hundred forty nine thousand nine hundred sixty
six dollars and five cents should get rid of that nickel could you think that
was for the one that’s way down at the bottom of the link there’s some reason
for everything so are you gonna discuss this and tell us what three hundred and
fifty thousand dollars worth of eradication means Tom cuz if you would
like I certainly can I think we would like because that’s a lot of money I
understand that Commissioner come on as you know we those were discovered
them tzemre mussels were discovered high score a about a year ago maybe a little
less we came to the Board of Commissioners in June of last year I
believe and with an action plan to move forward with the eradication and just to
make sure everybody was watching in and here understands zebra mussels are an
invasive species highly invasive species actually they had not previously been
found in Maryland except within the the
Chesapeake Bay and actually the upper parts of Chesapeake Bay and so their
occurrence in high score was a concern for us as a staff and actually for the
state for that matter high score was purchased by the Board of County
Commissioners for a potential water supply source zebra mussels are very
detrimental to that use of the word supply their prolific nature causes them
to choke up and actually make render water supply system ieave their pipes
normally pipes and intakes and pumps at all all just useless because they basic
clog all those systems up so prior to any use of high score as a water supply
these creatures need to be removed from hides the second issue is that we do not
want to be the cause of any spread of these further than high scoring so
keeping folks out of the koi is somewhat problematic so the eradication of the
zebra mussels from the core it was a chosen path that we were directed to
take we would like to get this done before this summer before we you know
say June of this year because that when the waters warm up and highs for that is
when zebra mussels reproduce and so we’re trying to get them and Raticate as
quickly as we can now the question of $350,000 this
process is actually was done once before in the state of Virginia about I think
ten years ago a very similar situation it was a quarry it actually was a little
different quarter than this one but it was a quarry a little bit bigger a very
similar effort was undertaken the exact same process that we’re proposing was
undertaken they were eradicated there I can tell you that they’ve been
monitoring since then and there they are still not present and not only that but
the the method that was used that residual in that quarry is still there
today so they’re not coming back to that our plan is basically to duplicate that
process and just the chemical being used chemical of choice is potash mr. Weaver
I think you know what I’ve been spreading it right so spreading a lot of
things but I don’t know right now it takes a lot of potash so the bulk of
this 350,000 dollars is the actual purchase of the potash is how much are
they purchasing for hard times it’s for four hundred sixty dollars a time now I
think they estimated like to 2020 still getting a discount for volume so and
it’s the reason being one of the reasons being there’s several things we have to
get a uniform distribution on the concentration of potash in the entire
floor because you can’t you can’t miss these critters the other thing is
because of all the cracks and crevices they’ve actually migrated and were found
up in the cracks and crevices and so we have to get everything uniformly applied
in order to eliminate these critters so the very bulk of that cost
apparently probably more than half of that cost is is the potash itself how do
they do that divert sure no actually what they’ll do is they’ll actually they
have a modified like pontoon boat that they’ll put out there and they have
basically hoses that go down from that from that boat there’ll be slots in
those hoses as it drops down in elevations they’ll mix everything
onshore in big tanks and all and then pump it out to that boat and they’ll
move around in a grid pattern to make sure they’re injecting both you know
vertically and horizontally throughout the entire entire quarry and the
ultimate goal is to have a concentration of potash at a certain level which is
lethal to those critters it is not lethal this is the other reason we
selected it is not lethal to any other aquatic species in that quarry and that
was critical that was the other one of the reasons we selected this process is
to make sure that we were only going to eradicate the zebra mussels one other
item I want to make sure that I bring to your attention is that we actually did
at the part of the action plan between indicated Commission’s we would
we formed a task force we had the folks from Virginia there who had done this
process we had folks from Pennsylvania who had done a similar process with a
different muscle and we had folks from the state both from MD and DNR they’re
our local health department all and we did a one-day pretty intense discussion
about this presentations and everything and at the end of that day I think it
was unanimous from everybody that this method that being proposed to you today
was the method of choice process you said don’t you put the potash into the
water it kind of leaves a residue or something behind to kill future maybe
generations or something else introduced it does have an effect on using as a as
a water source no we don’t know that’s we will not and if and if there is any
op question to that we can obviously pump that water off before we use it you
know fully remove that water and we would anyhow I think we would probably
perch that quarter before we use it for water supply which is yours down the
road anyway yes that’s correct but our goal is to not only eradicate
these things would not let them come back not let me have an opportunity or a
chance to come back part of this is very stable or nitrogen be volatile stuff
states where it’s potent one and done commissioners one and done a big one
chohee peg boy well yeah where’s the three hundred and whatever thousand
dollars coming from do we have that in the budget
part of that is in the budget and I think the rest of it will be discussed
in just a few minutes should you should you choose to go through this I believe
that’s the next agenda item so you came with this after this
morning’s discussion right so my only trouble with this whole thing is we
didn’t put the zebra mussels in there and I’m not sure Commissioner we know
who or how well they didn’t drop out of a plane that’s correct sir so and the
bus you know I get it that we’ve got to get rid of them but we didn’t put them
there wouldn’t there be maybe some responsibility from those that we think
did yeah I have to agree they’re sort of live but not an issue well I I know I’m
way out here because I’m pretty sure we’re not gonna be able to do that but I
got to tell you that this bothers me to the nth degree we’re gonna spend over it
almost a half a million dollars to get rid of something that we didn’t create I
will not argue that and there’s no better way to make me a long ways from
thinking somebody did it and and proving they did there may be AB well I
understand that I’m just I’m venting right now frustration because you know
might be a long way to prove it but it’s a short logical step than how they got
in there me yeah you think there are too many avenues for the good zebra spat in
there I mean just art and for the two new colleagues if you’re not familiar
with our conversation we are we just let go okay I don’t know there’s no better
way to do this I guess you and knowing you Tom and your your your your folks I
know you’ve probably exhausted all efforts to try to find the best way and
the most fiscally responsible way to do this but good grief I understand my
shirt if they were identified early because I appreciate your sentiment and if they were identified earlier on would
it have been a much lower cost I’m trying to eradicate them or is it as
soon as they were put in not identified with in very short period of time they
contaminate the entire quarry that caused us to do the silver yeah yeah I
think the estimate from the part Natural Resources focuses that’s been probably
at least three to four years they’ve been there because the size of the
mussels they found so they’ve been in there a while and being reproducing far
the problem with with these critters is it’s not just the ones you see it’s all
the little I can’t I’m sorry eliminate the little critters themselves yet that
are all destroyed I’m not a biological training but but that’s one of the
concerns is that it’s not just the muscles themselves that you see it’s
it’s and that again is why we you have to treat it the entire entire quarry
because you just you just don’t know you know how much is in the water itself as
opposed to the muscles which are attached so unfortunately yeah once
they’re there they’re there and it’s very hard to to do an eradication
process without doing the complete water body what’s the estimated time that we
would begin to use water out of that facility
that’s a good question commissioner I’d like to see it immediately but I’m I’m
not sure that’s gonna happen which say five to ten years which leads to the
question if we do nothing what happens well they continue to reproduce and get
a lot worse all right and the other issue that I
want to bring up and I think it’s a big an issue if we can’t control access to
that quarry hundred percent I don’t think we can worry anybody that gets in
there could get out and they could go into another water body so you’re gonna
close a head on or whatever what and there’s even one could be transferred
and I think that’s something that we should say we don’t want to have happen
we don’t want somebody to point back and say they came from Hyde score from in
Carroll County to another water bottle I just don’t think that’s what we want
to see happen is there any potential for state assistance or grants to address
this we attempted that there was not much assistance like either money or
technically speaking partner they told us to take a hike I don’t know about
that but there was nothing available now we are a couple items down I think after
the next one we’re going to look for as small grant to help basically create a
report from this but that’s the best we could do at this time we’re going to
continue to look but they’re just there’s nothing out there and stake
they didn’t be very honest with you they didn’t know how to even respond to us
when when they were first found because they had not dealt with this issue in in
Maryland and so but we went searching and actually found some things the folks
of Virginia so I understand what you’re saying they may not have dealt with this
specific zebra mussels but they have dealt with other there you know evasive
species and Tammany’s areas that had to be cleaned so for them to focus just on
the zebra mussel that’s the wrong answer then focusing on what other evasive you
know species have been found and has the state taking any responsibility to
assisting a jurisdiction in indeed confirm your cleaning it up but I mean
it is it it’s a lot of money and it is our responsibility for safety security
and all that fun stuff and keeping a healthy environment but I don’t know I
I’d like to try to find some more money somewhere yeah can you do these things I
can’t because I you know I’ll go get some butter and we’ll have a big old
muscle roast over there maybe I’ll get rid of 40% of them and then we’d only be
down to like 240 to put them do it now it’s just going to ensure successful
eradication is there a guarantee with their work as much as any work can be guaranteed
the the level that we’re doing it at is is above what the lethal level is
commissioner and again I think based on the success they had in Virginia which
was phenomenal I don’t see where we can’t duplicate that the the good part
about this if there is any good part it is a confined area and there’s not any
like surface we’re going in or coming out it is a confined water body and that
way we can really control what goes on there and we can I think we can
eradicate them so I do feel like we will have complete lethal what I’m doing of
these critter masking is here you know we eradicate them now and there’s things
five years from now all of a sudden somebody dumped some jumps and pretty
boy and comes over and gets in hides carries them back in do we have any
future recourse at that point or is this well what we’re doing is the the level
equipment in there we’re anticipating will stay as it did in Virginia and so
yes again after ten years at Virginia the level there is still lethal to the
zebra mussels and they have not come back down there so we’re duplicating
that situation where we anticipate that this this occurrence will not happen
again in at least the 10-year period that you know it’s been monitored in
Virginia so I guess in your professional opinion what’s the risk associated if we
delayed this a year two years five years the only risks that I see is that it
could be carried somewhere else I mean that’s you know that’s but they’ve been
there for a while now three to four years yes now do we have liability from
if we know they’re there at this point and they wind up somewhere else I don’t
know if there’s a I don’t know how much lie but what do you want to associate
with that commissioner but I think there’s just
the perception that they were there we knew it and we we did not act in timely
manner so never in my wildest dreams that I think we in landlocked Carroll
would be talking about eradicating a muscle sure I never thought of this
issue when we had discussions about heights many years before these even
occurred it was I was concerned about a lot of things a lot of potential
contaminants a lot of things could happen to hides this was not ever on my
radar screen I will tell you that so what’s your what’s your breakdown of how
we’re gonna cover it cost us that we got that’s obviously obviously that’s the
next question here well there is some money in order development that thinks
being used and again I think the next after we’re done here I believe there’s
some budget transfers that are gonna be taking place to cover this yeah yeah
it’s sprinting to the mining yeah you’ll get the specifics a minute but we need
to get cash onto this project so we went through some closed our projects that
would be closed and have cash on them so when you get the transfer I think
there’s three spots the money is coming from okay
an $8,000 from the state to do a study well it’s actually dying from the state
Commissioner omame Atlantic Daisy species group or whatever I know what’s
the state utilizing the quarry for scuba dive training no no it was being used by
private a private company for for scuba activities well dad eliminated that
liability pardon I’ll sing about holding the state liable for having the
defective know what was the other big mic there I don’t know if they even got
to the point of getting a price a lot of this was revolved around in the method
and how they were going to do it so I’m not sure were the guys with them their
method involved using copper sulfate and we were not interested in introducing
copper sulfate on the water body and and that there was no guarantee of any
persistence and persistence was a big item for us the fact that you put this
outfit on the fact that you put this out to bid in fact you did this the normal
procedure right we did nationwide so do you think we got the folks that we want
to bid on this I think you got them all because who would think to look in
Carroll for a bid to get rid of muscles it would do to anybody who does this
like work anywhere in the US so they were made aware whether they were
interested in coming here and performing only two of them were but I think we got
the word out okay if I could – I mean if I’m not mistaken this companies out of
Canada so we actually got the word out well they’re our office but I think
they’re based again yeah I don’t make the motion the Board of Commissioners
award the contract for zebra mussel eradication – at Hight’s quarry – a s
I mean and the amount of three hundred forty nine thousand nine hundred sixty
six dollars and five cents this about is within them don’t have to read that part
no because you’re probably not as a budget yet so cash variance leave it
there is there a second I’ll second it we’re sort of doing this backwards a
little bit I’m sure we like Lear where the money’s coming from before I vote to
do this I know it’s listed after this but procedural here I don’t know Tim
you’re gonna throw a flag on this but I kind of like to know where the money’s
coming from before I vote for this well I can tell you the reason we do this
order there wouldn’t be a budget transfer unless you or I understand that
but this in this particular instance this is it’s a little bit unusual so I
unless my colleagues have a different thought I’d like to vary to happen uncle all right
eighty-five thousand dollars is coming from a capital project for environmental
compliance is that this one actually wasn’t planned for this purpose but is a
pretty natural fit now that the rest of the money is coming from payment
management fiscal year 16 and payment management fiscal year 17 these are
closed our finished projects we’d be closing them down now typically we would
have moved that money to probably something else with with roads so I mean
there is a loss of sorts here although try to remember the details now I think
we’re working to try and deal with some of this money in a future budget but
157,000 to 63 42 is coming from Peyton engine 1680 2736 58 is coming from
pavement management 17 and 85,000 is coming from an environmental compliance okay thank you that is right to the to
the figure that gets us right to the three we live here I didn’t add it
myself I’m assuming some free lives invest you know the only other
discussion point is if this was identified four years ago why wasn’t it
proposed four years ago to begin the eradication of muscles and put it into
the budget from the previous you know budget sessions I understand
muscles were only discovered less than a year ago okay folks come out of late May
18 so we won the move to try to get the eradication done before the next
breeding season for these sounds good thanks as a result of transferring to to
funds the paving funds said oh we not gonna do well I know what the answer is
is there was there something slated for that money or are we just gonna plug it
into some project because we had some leftover shells down rooms
oyster shell yeah recycling yeah sure there’s several homes that have those as
driveways wait think tom you bet sorry I got a motion in second to do the
eradication any other questions all those in favor I’m voting now okay thank you for Misha
I know it’s got to be done but I I think there’s well I’m just gonna let it go at
that we’ve talked about it enough all right next is to transfer the funds in
order to do the zebra mussel eradication I’m not willing to do this part all
right so this is capital our resolution C 19-0 transferring 325 thousand from
those three projects and I mention in there Street okay that answers my
question in previous about whether you got to the right amount yep okay I said
I didn’t have them up but I’m fairly confident capital project we have for
water development what I hate to do this but we have a responsibility for Public
Safety and water quality we don’t have any choice at this point I think should
make the motion that I recommend that the board of commissioners approved the
budget transfer from the pavement management fy16 pave imagine FY 17
environmental compliance to water development in the amount of $325,000
second any other discussion all those in favor
aye and I’m opposed your rough okay thank
you all right next is request approval for
grant application and acceptance of award in Atlantic panel on aquatic
invasive species there’s pee devil bitch yes I’m joined by Sacre Neil our hundred
geologists you worked very intently on this grant and Kelly Martin who’s our
worship grants technician and the two of them collaborated actually on this grant
application and this is to help partially pay for we just discussed and
basically what it’s going to cover is a final report and all of this whole
process that we’re going through and it is request to the mid-atlantic having
more aquatic invasive species and I live may be Zack just briefly talk about it
and then Kelly can to follow up I’m sure more or less like Tom’s that’s going to
cover the final report it’s mostly going to focus on the technical elements of
what we’re engaged in contractor to do we’ll match it I would say economically
we already are with the eradication itself but our staff will take the time
the draft Secretariat companion sections of that report at the end of the day
it’s ultimately meant to be a public guidance document so it’s something
we’ll have gear accessible to people it’s something that would be furnished
to the middle a lot of invasive species of apartment
natural resources basically the act is a roadmap for invasive species response
board because the last time this was done was again the mid-2000s so we’re in
different state different regulations and they do change basically I have much
just we couldn’t find a larger source of funding for this project this is all we
can get for you so this 8000 comes out of your $350,000 total if we’re
successful you put Kelly looking for monies and it’s nothing out there at
this time I mean that’s we’re not gonna rock us the topic with I can tell you
that I’ll make a motion to border county commissioners approved is the middle of
the grant application and acceptance of award to the middle antic panel on
aquatic invasive species second anything else questions on this all those in
favor thank you thank you hi Cory completely unused unusable
okay put to it brief in discussions next on the agenda for the concurrency
management annual report and our bureau chief of development review joins Tom
play black good afternoon afternoon commissioners we’re here today
to present to you the annual concurrency management report and that report is a
requirement of chapter 156 which is our adequate public facilities and
concurrence management and I’m going to let mr.
black discuss with you the findings of the report and really to be briquette of
time put it in a nutshell real quickly everything is looking very well as far
as concurrency management goes so I’ll let clay give you all the details
regarding this effort good afternoon commissioners provide a brief background
on concurrency management itself is entitled chapter 156 adequate public
facilities and concurrency management the initial concurrency management
ordinance was adopted in 1998 since then there have been several changes most
recently one that was done about maybe four months ago but over the previous
years there’s been number of changes none that have impacted any of the
services themselves as far as changing the standards or the type of services
that we are tested for we give you what it is applicable to and what it is not
applicable is an extremely important understanding of the role of concurrency
management but as far as when concurrency management was adopted the
purpose of the chapter is to ensure that proposed or planned residential growth
precedes at a rate that will not unduly strain public facilities including
schools roads water and sewer services and police fire and emergency medical
services that is the stated purpose of concurrency management how it is done
minimum standards are established and threshold for those facilities and
services that the county can determine the cumulative impact of proposed growth
in essence is an adequate facilities tests
okay it is applicable to major residential subdivisions in casing what
are you asking what a major residential subdivision is typically there are four
Lots or greater for four or more typically for Amoy it doesn’t mean we
won’t see a one lock major but typically there are four or more they’re subject
to their applicable to residential site plans as far as residential site plans
which you might see for those that have sat on Planning Commission a system
since the retirement age restricted housing that’s where you would see the
residential site plans what it is what it is exempt from concurrency management
are all commands ‘as commercial and industrial projects again this is a
testing of only residential minor subdivisions and any Lots that don’t
increase density one of the important things to understand is what is not at
all tested through the county adequate facilities tests are any municipality
projects any municipality projects are subject albanist finality projects are
subject to their own Planning Commission review and their own public facilities
ordinance if they have one the eight municipalities do involve us in the
review of subdivision do us involve in the review of technical codes and we do
review and provide any service in the recording of those plans however as far
as testing and subject to our facilities they are not subject to any of the
concurrency management’s standards that we have all right we do though track
their development it’s very important to recognize there’s a difference between
tracking development and testing it for facilities so a development that’s in
any and the municipalities of say a hundred and fifty Lots or five lots or
whatever will not be tested for an adequate
facility as to whether or not there’s any standard that is up to that
individual municipality all right so because they’re not involved though
in our report does that affect that they don’t they don’t contribute to our
statistics at all that’s a great question the answer is
they do contribute to our statistics we do track them
we are tracking them and one of the things that one of the services that
they’re testing for and maybe I can talk about that a little later is for
instance schools we do transport you know transfer information back and forth
between our office the Board of Education
we do see the development plans that are processing through we do recognize what
projects are in the in municipalities and so if a project in the county comes
through it is tested for the cumulative again cumulative impact of growth so we
do cumulative track the Qun of impact all right so our testing does count
incorporate the projects that are located in any of the municipalities I
don’t know if it’s vice versa but I can tell you we do do it okay because it
affects sometimes whether or not the project continues or or it or whether it
goes at all that may have that impact we certainly don’t have that now because as
I one of the things I’ll be showing you some charts we don’t have that impact
now there is that potential well yeah I recognize there is that okay all right
no but again developments in municipalities all right as far as the
facilities and services that are tested I touched on those there is schools for
our emergency medical services roads police and water in
services each one of those have different we have different threshold
levels adequate approaching inadequate and inadequate for instance and if I
might use schools for instance just one of the five if you’re it’s based on
percentage of rated capacity so an adequate school elementary or is if it’s
less than a hundred nine percent of capacity is rated adequate approaching
110 to 119 inadequate 120 and greater each one of the thresholds has the same
type of criteria established in that to where there is criteria for approaching
inadequate and adequate when the testing does occur that occurs by staff in in
conjunction with those five agencies and that information is provided to the
Planning Commission for their review during forma nari plan during the
preliminary plan review the Planning Commission does get a report that
specifies and states what is the results of each one of those
facilities based on the development that is occurring in that specific area ie
back to schools might be Winfield might be Hampstead might be Robert moon
whatever that specific geographical district is in fire to Mercy services it
would be Winfield Hampstead Manchester lineboro whatever that specific area is
under police it is a countywide number that is used so that is how the back and
based on the results that are presented back to the Planning Commission during
the preliminary plan review will then based on the code the code will state
what option the Planning Commission has for whether or not to approve the plan
deny the plan or whether or not they can phase the plan in accordance base to the
results of a testing that occurs for each one of those services and it is in
code that states specifically what they can do all right as far as numbers I
want to I get went back five years because it’s the reporter has only
required it’s an annual report that is required to be submitted reviewed by the
Planning Commission and then just present it to the planet of Board of
County Commissioners but I thought it was important to see what’s occurred in
the last five years because that gives you a snapshot of just instead of a
one-year period which occurred over the way is fine so what you will see is that
the number of residential Watts approved by the Planning Commission again this is
Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission has been relatively steady
over the last four years but what you’re seeing is not a lot of numbers lots how the process works is once you get
preliminary plan approval then you get final Planning Commission approval to
some of these lots where you’re seeing 13 and 13 for FY 18 is the exact same
subdivision the next slide of development activity
is the number of us that has been recorded these are the lots that are
allowed to pull building permits and when it has new residential lots I want
to be careful that you don’t pull out an old report or another report that says
yeah but you’re saying there’s 518 but we recorded 600 lots or whatever number
that is correct these are new residential lots they don’t include
amended laws they don’t include lots that have already existing houses these
are lives that are entitled to building permits okay so what you’re going to see
is several things on this chart we’re switching a little bit from county
number of lots to municipality number of lots the other thing is I call it to
your attention back in 2000 2001 2002 we were issuing over 1500 permits a year these numbers were substantially higher
back then that we were recording alright which goes to some of the numbers that
we saw that I saw this morning and you know this right earlier today yeah yes
but 518 seems higher they have we saw this yeah it does and thought it was
like 300 this morning that’s where I was questioning yeah the the municipality
it’s typically where we see it where we see in the municipality because of the
billet ability or the wood public water and sewer is the larger numbers of
subdivisions I’m sorry yeah like 150 lot subdivisions we won’t
see that in the county okay so that 447 is might be roughly at three
subdivisions and this is building permits believe that was talked about
earlier also yeah and I ran this all the way back to 2010 it’s very consistent mm-hmm that’s pretty the report itself it’s got
a lot of other information in here certainly each one of you I can leave
you a copy with it it’s also out on our web but it’s that’s the highlight all
right some of the other highlights when it talked on is in the report itself and
mr. Roth you got a preview of this back in January when this was presented to
the Planning Commission these are specifically the two things that were
talked about to the Planning Commission one has to do with schools one has to do
with fire to Mercy Medical Services with schools itself in the elementary and the
middle capacities from the Board of Education of 18 schools were changed
some was changed from say 598 down to 570 but they were all lowered and the
reasons and the same thing if I might switch to middle the same thing happened
in middle to three schools all right in in the middle is 185 seats in the
elementary is 572 seats and against scattered over various schools but
they’re all reduced based on in the middle classroom space for health for a
special ed resource teacher special ed programs in the high I’m sorry
Elementary thank you special ed also and also
pre-kindergarten as well as a health classroom these were not from the
capacity changes were not a function of anything that occurred through the
growth so as you know it’s a numerator denominator issue here the less schools it did not make a large
increase in capacity but if I might by the reduction of the capacity even if
you keep the enrollment the same the percentage will go up okay didn’t make a
lot of changes in it made one change in the elementary school made freedom
approaching inadequate in some of the other schools where I’ll give you an
example I have them all here but another elementary school Hampstead it went from
60 60 some-odd percent to 70 some percent one could say well it’s still
adequate but the point of the issue it changed it by 10 percent and so that was
something under right when our end we didn’t punch into the top into the
numbers all right the other change that occurred that or not the other change
the other piece information a highlight that I’ll bring to your attention and
mr. Campbell is here if you choose to ask him any and he was there at Planning
Commission also if you choose to ask excuse me was is in relation to fire and
emergency medical services I know there’s a lot here on the slide the the
short of the host lot is that for a period time of eight months of last year
month of report information was not available at all from the Department of
Public Safety and it has in here there was based on the fact of a transition to
a new computer system it was difficult to pull the data out however at the end
of this year we should see a full two-year data in that regard what the
impact of that means to currency management which is so what
does that mean to me right if no respond and it’s at the bullet there if no
responses received from any applicable agency the applicable agency is the five
we said you know the agencies the service agencies that we send them to if
no response is received within 30 days the ATC shall be presumed adequate since
we do not have data available we will be presume the facility is deemed adequate stop yeah yes sir
Scott Campbell director public safety commissioner as clay pointed out clay I
apologize with the maybe the January finding it’s only Commission meeting yes
we presented the st. in position to them the absent the data isn’t a
unwillingness to provide it it’s because of the transition in our computer to
dispatch or CAD software which was effective November 1st of 17 the data
that’s that’s necessary to do the two years worth is limited to that start
date November 1 so we’re already 16 months into the required 24 months what
we aren’t about to do is put numbers out there that aren’t based on what are
required to be the 24 months worth of data what was agreed to by the Planning
Commission at the time was as an interim measure we will use them as a guideline
we will still look at the numbers albeit now based on I guess 16 months worth of
data and that we would also consult with the respective fire chief one on one if
and when there’s an ATC an available threshold certification so that they
have a a personal input on that that has not yet happen so they’re just I’ll just
say respectfully there won’t be a carte blanche approval for the absence of the
opposite we will take the data that we have as a guide instead of instead of
the determinant and use that in consult with the local fire chief for their
specific rating or input on any TZ they may come to their respective
department and again it’s simply a function of going from our prior cad
vendor to our new one new database the query cannot look at two different
databases because it’s looking at multiple points in two different data
point the databases and the planning zoning Commission agreed that any effort
to try to get there knowing where now well now eight months away from
restoring the 24 months wasn’t necessary we took this approach seems like eight
months is a long time that’s not what this said they don’t respond because
though well I believe if it’s black phlegm corrected that’s true of any ATC
if you don’t get a response so whether it’s schools wherever that’s not unique
just a Fire Rescue Commissioner that is if a request is put out and there’s no
response receipt what I’m sharing with you was there will be a response he’s
absolutely correct believe don’t have no intention of not responding we just
cannot provide a 24 month based number instead we’ll use 16 months and a direct
consult with the fire chief we have no other option we cannot access the query
will not access data prior to November 1 now that we’re using Keystone Public
Safety’s CAD shouldn’t we spell that out in here well essentially you have you’ve
sort of given a disclaimer here as a result of that you know right clay
that’s the that’s the purpose here yeah this is what’s what’s the purpose of
today is information that there is no action that it needed at all I don’t
want you know if it wouldn’t lead clear there is no action that is needed today
this is information said that essentially that’s what he’s doing it’s
given that the section of if no response is received is in the code that is not
something that is a code that isn’t specifically in Chapter 156 so when 156
was put in place that is what was put in the section of the care
so it is incumbent upon the county agencies to respond in the fact they are
employees of Carroll County government now my only problem with that is in the
code is if you don’t get anything in 30 days what do you assume because you
didn’t get anything in 30 days I’m sorry if you don’t get anything in 30 days
from whoever are you assuming that it’s good
we are the codes the code we didn’t look at anything in 30 days the ATC is
presumed adequate per the code okay per the code if there is some concern
over that statement then that is something that this is a code that is
adopted by the Board of County Commissioners certainly this is
something if you if there is a statement in any section of this code that you
would like to have to look at it’s certainly something we can again concern
this is a discretionary code in that sense right but the entire code is
discretionary right okay I think it makes a hold on clay I think it begs
that the the question here or the statement that we need to look at some
of these things because I’m not I’m not comfortable with that one I can tell you
so when you when you give us this thing I would encourage my colleagues to look
at some of these because that doesn’t in today’s world especially I mean maybe
maybe the timings right a lot of firefighters sitting in the room and EMS
people not hearing anything for 30 days is unacceptable to me because we all
know were challenged each and every day so that make perhaps we need to relook
at that as we continue to be challenged play you and I’ve had this discussion
before so go ahead I’ll show you I promise I’m
hearing mom for five minutes we got it the code requires an annual concurrency
report repair were prepared by use by the Planning Commission and the county
the county being the county commissioners and its agencies as mr.
Campbell indicated January 15th the Planning Commission voted to forward the
concurrency manager reports this is word for word there
there are approve minutes report to the Board of County Commissioners with a
favorable recommendation for adoption the report does not need to be adopted
okay it’s just information only and including a letter from the Department
of Public Safety needing approval projects and the absence of sufficient
data and a discussion with mr. Kane recording school data in regards to the
Department of Public Safety noting approval projects well as mr. Campbell
was alluding to is when anytime that a plan of subdivision limitary plan of
subdivision is submitted to the Planning Commission for their review if it falls
within the next six month or you know before we have all the data completed
mr. Campbell or the Office of Public Safety is to submit a letter as to if
they’re not if the somehow stating what the results would have been if it had
been the full twenty you know that that time frame for that time frame so the
Planning Commission also was had some can’t express their concerns also and
that is how they are attempting to rectify that issue right now our concern
the other one was discussion with mr. Kane regarding school data mr. Kane is
work for facilities in the Board of Education
there is a yearly meeting that occurs frequently our yearly meeting with the
Planning Commission over cohort survival method enrollment
projections I’ve already contacted mr. king he is aware and also aware of some
of the concern or comments that came out of the Planning Commission during the
discussion that I was held with the Planning Commission regards to currency
management again to finish up this report is being presented to the board
for their information I want to remind you no action is required business but I
do have and again the report is out on the web and a PDF version I do have
copies here if so desired yes okay questions if there were actions that we would
become recommendation to you the code actually outlines that that if there are
inaccuracies are approaching we would be coming to you requesting action or
potential action so okay again since everything is looking good
nothing needed today okay so you’ll provide those copies thank you just
giving it mr. Burke and he’ll all right any other questions for play or Tom I
like to thank them for coming out mr. block you command your subject you
presented it very well thank you thank you thank you for sure
thanks thank you is there any place in that plan it that looks zebra mussels by
any chance like pay money something they’re more than adequate clay clay
look at me he doesn’t know all right next on the agenda is a progress report
although I don’t know that that’s the right label this is I think we already
got that this was for us as commissioners to to talk about what we
were presented previously by the work group from V so on the future of fire
rescue and EMS so who’s coming to the table today to take all the all the all
the flack as you should Thank You commissioners so make sure you
do all the proper introductions we probably know all of you by now but
this is certainly an erratic tim brown from the CC visa worker dennis baird
cycle-free of district fire department CC visa worker mary jane’s first
vice-president CZ visa and also work group and visor committee separate seven
commissioners you do have one public comment on this okay then we’ll park
that first yes mark davis afternoon my name is Mark Davis on the
achievement of Winfield Community Volunteer Fire Department and I wanted
to provide some comment at least from my perspective and from the operational
perspective so I think what the folks have been working on I have not been
part of that directly but indirectly I think that the work is very good right I
think if you look across the board the 14 independent corporations have done a
good job thus far meeting the delivered requirements of fire and EMS services in
Carroll County but the times are changing right so believe that the work
towards a coordinated effort is critical so I spent my career in Montgomery
County in my 37 years there still work there I’ve been through a lot of changes
in that suburban area of Washington DC it is not much different than other
areas of Maryland that are suffering the same thing so I can speak for Winfield
in terms of our operational concerns right I’m trying to run a full-time
operation with part-time folks that is not easy in any business model that you
have we truly depend on our paid staff EMS and Fire it’s critical that we have
them show up that we have seats filled because then we support the rest of that
with the volunteer staff one of the things that seems to be a difficulty
across the board in a number of the independent corporations or is our
ability to find that paid staff you clearly in competition with a lot of
other pools in this area and I think that’s probably one of the most
important things at all that hopefully would come out of this the other thing
that the independent corporations are good at doing is managing their stuff
locally but we need support regionally right so from the countywide basis those
kind of things really help out whether that be fire inspection Fire Marshal
stuff public education support training all those things that’s generally what
you see a jurisdiction develop in to take the around the surrounding stuff
I’ll use the Montgomery County thing first all in the 70s when they started
where we are here right they provided vital support services the
administrative staff low SAP management fire inspection all those kind of things
right now I have no authority to inspect any building in my first do area or
issue those kind of things I’m not looking to do that but there needs to be
an easy way to manage that stuff and clearly that department of public safety
needs expanded we can continue to provide our support at our end as best
we can certainly we own a bunch of assets and we would continue to own a
bunch of that the county would have to become involved at some point it
probably some support of that we continue to provide support staffing
rates some places more than others right so right now today I’m dependent on a
number of volunteers to get that apparatus on the street although I got
three people working there right now that doesn’t cover everything we’ve been
to Sykesville twice already today so that shows the interrelationship just
between all the departments we all count on each other so a deficiency in any one
department clearly impacts adjoining an adjacent compartment departments so I
think the plan is solid I think what is good is that somebody recognized a need
and it wasn’t like there’s a crisis that happened and now you’re gonna have to do
this you have a bunch of good folks at the table together be it from the county
be it from the individual corporations and even from the IFF right that’s an
important tool to have it to seat at the table when you start all of this because
the outcome will be important to all the everybody who is affected by this
so speaking for myself and from the operational perspective right we we look
forward to participating through that I’m sure there will be a few times where
there’ll be some bumps in the road but right the greater good is going to be
the support of the operational component of all these independent corporations
that’s all I have unless you have a question for me thank you okay anybody
else it didn’t fill out a card okay so the purpose of the day Tim I don’t know
that you have an update if you do I’ll certainly be glad to hear that but the
purpose today was mainly for us to discuss the direction that that we were
gonna go in based on what we were we were presented
I don’t know three weeks ago whatever it was so we’ll go with that unless you
have something you’d like to add from the from the work group or whoever
actually okay so I know all of us have had a chance to digest all of this and I
know that there have been some comments and I know my colleagues have some
comments so I’m gonna I’m gonna start off with a couple things that I want to
talk about and I think the sense that I get here just to set the stage is where
you is we’re probably not gonna make a decision today but we’re probably the
way I see it gonna give you some homework to go back to and maybe I can’t
use this word it’s been banned hasn’t it to tweak a few things so so I’ve had the
opportunity to talk it’s hot body I’m going over there I had the opportunity
to talk to several photos and one of the concerns that I have with the document
that’s in front of us is the e sack and the the formation and the the the the
numbers of people that are on there I’ll start with the easy one first and that’s
the citizen representation it calls for three citizen reps and I
personally don’t like that because it it I’ll give you an example if you get a
citizen from the Taneytown area and one from I don’t know kemar and one from
Westminster you don’t really have the representation from the South Area by a
citizen that I think is critically needed so I would like you all to take
back and and talk about a citizen rep from each of the five districts and
Carol I think that that Garner’s much better representation from our citizens
there’s a challenge everybody always says well you know you can’t find people
I hate hearing that because then people automatically assume that we’re not
finding people well guess what we are as a matter of fact since we have
enhanced our ability to put out there the fact that we have boards and
commissions we actually have waiting lists for
people who want to be on boards and commissions so for those folks out in
the community that are saying you can’t get anybody to do anything in the county
you might want to change your attitude just a little bit about that second
thing that I’m a little bit challenged with and these are just ideas again I
think that what we’re gonna hear today are ideas from us that you can take back
and then finally come back here and say ok now we’re good
is the the regional aspect of the representatives on the volunteer from
the volunteer fire companies I can see two ways in which to do this other than
the way that I have that you have down here I actually like and let me I mean
before I get into the numbers let me say and you all know this this is huge this
is something of the likes in Carroll that we have never done before you know
we talked about well we switched from the MSP to the Sheriff’s Department this
is nothing like that nothing this is taking something that has been
established here for hundreds of years in some cases
and we’re now changing the way in which we’re delivering this service and this
is huge so that’s my sermon now the choirs going to sing and that is you
know I think there needs to be as many people at the table on this e sack as
can as you need to make sure because of the fact that this is such a huge
decision that you’re hearing from everyone that you can so I’ve got two
things and I’ll I think my colleagues a couple my colleagues may have a few
ideas too I can see two different ways of doing this
I kind of like six regions and it breaks down and gives some of the busier
companies a better chance for representation or
I’ll take it a step further this is the homework part I don’t see any reason why
there can’t be 14 one from each station because of the fact that this is so huge
now I can go either way here I’m just throwing out ideas this I’m not married
to any of them I can be I can go either way with those I I just think there
needs to be a little bit more representation than for people
representing our volunteer fire stations on this ISA okay I’m not sure I’m
married to the chairperson of the fire rescue ops and EMS ops but that’s
something that that doesn’t make or break this not sure why that’s they’re
voting members and as you look at tweaking some things you know not to
make this thing so huge if you get a representative from from two if you get
two more representatives or if you if you go that 14 route you know then you
can maybe have a representative that wears that duel hat that could serve
both purposes here I don’t know so the last thing that I have is I’m not
married to what we call the individual that we’re going to bring on board here
at some point but I don’t know if chief is the is the thing that I like but
again that doesn’t make or break this document that’s something that we can
work through as we go as we move forward with this thing but I’m throwing it out
there because I’ve said that to many people in the last two weeks as I’ve
been traveling around talking to folks and I will tell you I’ll share with you
that there is a bill that was just introduced in in the Senate for the
governor to set up a task force to look at the future of Volunteer Fire and EMS
the state which often find very timely the only problem with that is they want
the task force put together by the end of this year which doesn’t do us any
favors and they want to report back I think by May the first or something of
20/20 so but I want to make those aware that that is also on the front burner in
Annapolis because it’s not only affecting Carroll as I sit at Mako I’ve
got Cecil on one side of me in Washington County who just put in 429
firefighters through a safer grant sitting on the right of me door
Chester’s having a problem Caroline’s having a problem so as we continue to
hear these things we’re all we’re all challenged by this so I thought that was
interesting good timing because maybe we’ll get a different aspect I can’t
tell you who the makeup of the task force is or what’s part of the bill but
I know yeah I don’t if Mike’s listing he might throw it to me Mike Fowler a
legislative liaison so so that’s my ten cents
who else wants to chime in here well concerned how it lured you to expand
East sac and for it to be functional if you got 14 representatives and
volunteers and you expand out the citizens of the would you say five or
six five what’s that takes up toward twenty some
people in this committee yeah and I’m not again I’m not married to the 14 Eric
I’m only throwing it out as an option I’m just wondering he’ll go he didn’t
function it might be if we spin out against it right I’m just wondering how
well it’ll work and how effective it would be a little bit curious about the
citizen representatives all surprised to see them on there was there pressure to
put them on there or was it just a suggestion
I believe there they’re the people that were actually serving I mean in reality
so I think they should voice at the table for sure and and and
and sir some of the other counties that that
we’ve looked at who’s operating under this type of a system okay there’s a
template for it it’s a fact this right okay we’ve been back borrowing stealing
if I couldn’t say that about you know I like the fact that you haven’t been
staggered terms that’s very helpful I appreciate Tom Mirko or whoever put
that together and I could digest it better it was hard to read out so thank
you you know from my perspective bighorns chillings the way to go you
know if there’s a model that works find it use it and so I so I do appreciate
that part of I absolutely appreciate the work that you’ve done to date and
getting us to where we are right now as far as the breakdown of regions and who
should be on it although it’ll be a decision we’re making your expertise I’m
gonna be very challenged to question you you have it
and so by you making the recommendations with the rationale why you’re doing it
then I wasn’t who am I to judge or question I am but I take that you know
very heavily I wait that very heavily along with the expertise to those to my
right and left especially directly to my left but I’m
really looking for you to create so I I am looking for you to come up with the
best model the the key to the regions and who is serving as long as it is
equitable appropriately equitable ensuring that they all have the
appropriate voice that they’re not stepped over by one or another it is
very important so there is a concern of these to break down the regions that
there could be a couple that may be overshadowed by you know some of the
other fire departments and we want to ensure that you gain as best of a voice
as possible I’m not so wedded to the fourteen individual voices you’ve come a
long ways to go and where you you’re going whether that’s a model of
four six or consideration of 14 you’re going to come up with that
the other piece I’d like to share is that the understanding that bringing in
the appropriate leadership in the beginning for design and development is
not necessarily the leadership that you’re going to want for the consistency
over long term and sustainment so folks just like a startup company as an
entrepreneur you bring in the right leadership but then you’ve got to be
prepared to bring in the appropriate leadership and organization to sustain
what you want to achieve so understanding that model you know that
hey you’re there for and it could be a task force approach and we need to be
prepared to do that because the person that starts it not
may not necessarily be the person that runs it years down the road
and we just have to be cognizant where of that I’ve been aware of it we got to
be prepared to put the right folks in place
I appreciate mention Washington County there are other models there are other
counties they’re going through very challenging times and that was mentioned
yesterday down Annapolis but again I’m not the expert whatsoever in that so I’m
really relying on you and others around me but again I really applaud where
you’re going my my concern is that we keep the momentum going you know you
brought it to us and when you tell me that a handful of years ago it was one
to 13 and now is 13 and one and you’re like hey we’re ready to move well let’s
move in the right direction but let’s keep that momentum going so I appreciate
you all being here today I agree with you you’re not an expert ness and
neither am i that’s the hard part I’ve talked to many of you in the room I’ve
talked to many of you your fire stations and you know it’s a lot to wrap your
head around especially if you’ve never the fire EMS service however I looked at
this and I really started thinking about it you know we need a starting point
with either consultant chief to bring in as you mentioned here or somebody to
start this off that we actually get started on it’s been I think survivor
sectional civil in 1979 yes sir first brought up and now we it’s time to
get moving on it I do believe we have two with one person to start putting
these details together between the commissioners over the county in between
CC visa and start making this thing have some teeth and actually start to make it
a work now the information we got this morning was a little bit disheartening
though with budget and that scares me quite a bit waste we’re starting at a
deficit this year for the next five years and that’s not good at least not
yeah deficit budget not a positive budget restoring point I do question
where we’re going to fund this from from the chief to come in or a consultant to
get it started and what is the rollout the number of years how are we financial
people going to be able to envision this coming in and that’s you know the roll
out I’m not really sure myself how we would do it which stations depends how
many districts or how many regions we have but this whole thing you know has
to start to be put together and you know we can sit here and talk back and forth
all day you come back with reports we can need somebody with the boots on the
ground to start making all this happen and that’s one of the things I want to
get started on you know as soon as possible to get that and we have to
decide number one we’re going to go with consultant or we want is while we’re
looking for a chief or something like that it’s got to be somebody from the
outside it’s going through this I would hope comes in and starts to make it all
happen or so the concerns I have in it are
number one and how we’re banned for any just get that started Tim that’s Senate
bill 1013 and I want to be clear about these numbers that I’m giving you on
this eat sack these are things that I’ve heard these are not my grandioso idea is
to change your minds in any way and I’m not an expert either but these are
things that I’ve heard is I’ve traveled around in the three weeks that we’ve had
between the time that we first got this presentation and now and that’s not to
say that the communication wasn’t good although I’ve heard from several
companies that they really didn’t hear a whole lot from their work group
representatives until the very last horn blew so I don’t you know I don’t know
how you fix that and I’m no one’s here to I’m I don’t want to get into that
debate right but nurse I’m only sharing that with you because as I’ve talked to
a lot of folks in the last three weeks these are ideas that they’ve thrown out
that apparently they wanted to be expressed before we we sign this and off
we go that’s all Dennis did you hold it that
Dennis hold you know talk to some of you a couple days ago one of my concerns is
the makeup of the Esat committee and what I expressed at that time I would
kind of like to see and said the regions are to put in according in size of the
fire company you have something of the larger companies make medium smaller so
that each group of our size the company gets representation on this committee
also the citizen participation has many citizens as you like on a committee but
I don’t think you should have that many voting members for the citizens I mean
and that’s up to you but I just if they can be have their input they can come to
the meetings they can do all that and put them on here but I don’t know it’s
just they don’t have the expertise for the
voting remember that’s just my opinion everybody might be jumped all over about
that later but if you want to get one from each district or whatever how you
want to do it but they don’t they I believe that they should not all get a
vote maybe they could all come together for a vote something of that sort
because the experts are the people that are on the ground doing doing the work I
also think something should be in the in this documentation to say that this
mainly concerns as far as we’re talking about money the operating side of the
fire departments because the capital aside from my understandings you you all
want to keep the buildings in the fire engines all yourselves but that’s just
should be in there somewhere so that future boards and I’ll know exactly what
this is about we’re talking about the operating
talking about the personnel and and that kind of thing not the capital side of it
although we do help you with the capital now and I don’t have any intention not
helping you in the future but I just think that should be in a documentation
I also like to it does have anything to do with this right now but Commissioner
Weaver did bring up the the costs and the money and everything else I’d like
to see where the money goes right now that we’re putting in there to see CV so
where it goes that how much goes through the fire companies how much go so
operating hemispheres of capital what’s it used for it now so just give us a
starting point of what we’re looking at because be honest with you I know we
give twelve thirteen million dollars of CCBC each year how to ends up had us
disperse how much that goes to operating for how much ago is the capital how much
goes to this one I don’t really know that and I don’t think it’s a hard thing
to find out but I’d like to see that as kind of a starting point before we it
just gives us a better you know place to start to look out with the money that
we’re gonna need to put put this forward plaintiff I think the foundation of your
success with this in future is how well that Charter is written and I like to
thank all the individuals in this room out there participating rating that
shorter that Charter is very well written and I’m impressed I’m a
political science nerd and I reading it I think you guys did a really
good job and set a good foundation also notice that ultimately it comes
before this board we already basically the dictators of your operation what’s
that pass us it comes before two people we represent the people so what people
out there to know that once this is taken over is they’re responsible you
oscillate oversee this operation so that success of how while you rate that
Charter is critical so thanks for the work you all have done on it thank you
I’m looking for without being haphazard again this is a conversation amongst us
how do we is there things that we can decide on today to ensure that we keep
the momentum and encouragement through them keep them moving oh damn I mean you
and I apologize looking but I’m I’m very encouraged by what I’m seeing and
hearing and I think you’re putting a path forward there are some issues that
we got to deal with it sound like very like land mines that are gonna stop it
that I just want to make sure that we keep this thing rolling in the right
direction especially as we’re walking through the budget season so what do you
think well so my idea today was to to to begin this process and not stop it in
any way until we tweak and get some of those numbers back about e sack and I
think that’s the only place that we are just again I truly think that we need
that representation everything else in this county is based on those five
districts I think we should I think you should strongly look at that one from
each district I really do because whether you agree with them or not that
gives you a good geographical place for five different citizens who would be
involved in this process and it’s only fair because again if you only get if
you get two from Westminster they want to be on it and one from Tony town where
does that leave citizen representation down in the southern part of the county
oh by the way the the part of the county that’s growing the fastest it’s my only
reason for that and I know you said you were you were challenged by that if you
go with six regional reps from the volunteer companies
and two more citizens reps you’re going from 11 to 15 is that really gonna make
a break in I doubt it 14 probably would maybe but for the
others this way I don’t think would so to get back to your question my intent
today was to introduce to the four of you that we instruct mr. Zaleski to put
a position in place in the budget actually two positions a pension or
whatever we’re going to call this person an administrative assistant – – in order
to get it as a placeholder in the budget so that it can begin work on what that
means and we haven’t discussed what that person’s going to be or where they’re
gonna be some of us have talked about and we might as well put it out there
that would probably be a director level position so we have to base what mr.
Zaleski does on the base salary of our directors probably going to have a tough
time finding somebody wants it for that but we’ll see but that would be that was
my intent – to make that and I don’t know if it
needs to be a motion or not but to make that motion today to make that person as
part of the room the budget work up prior to us getting our first work on
the budget I mean we had to look today but this would be prior to really
digging into it so that’s that would that was my intent today I think it’s a
great action and then that wouldn’t slow down the process as you’re tweaking it
and I’m not I’m not telling you if you’re here to attend to say we’re not
tweaking it sorry Edie Commissioner Rothstein sorry then we’ll vote on the
document so I I would I would say let’s move forward with
your first hopefully gonna be a motion by someone from the board and then I
would like to address the actual makeup of the sack committee if you don’t mind
at some point in time you wanted to where you want to go back and work what
what is it today okay because to be perfectly honest we’re actually hearing
mixed opinion right from the board itself and we’ve spent numerous hours in
many meetings I think probably close to nine different hours of 28 different
people represented by all 14 companies coming up with this so it’s taken us a
long time to get to this point and now I feel like we’re getting a little bit of
mixed opinion from the board and we certainly can’t go back and say well
this is what we would like to do but the commissioners all have different
opinions of what we should do so it’s kind of hoping you guys could own a
little bit of that out narrow it down for us
and obviously we could take it back foot right okay in reality you guys have the
final say on us and what certain um what’s interesting one of the first game
plans on the board because I I thought that each one of you you want to say and
it was we started with a with five citizens rep one to represent each
commissioner because again looking at the makeup of Knightley yeah yeah Aires
each districts Janice be clear so much district how we looked we started there
we we have been there and so okay and well let’s do that let’s discuss that
first and then we’ll get to a lotion after that let’s see where we go here
with that and then the other thing I keep I guess I’m frustrated because when
I look around and as I stated before 1979 and yes that’s a long time ago but
a lot of the things in the document I’ve got it here I can show you a lot of the
things we tried to explain in 79 is reality today and when I hear the
I keep hearing in a way well well we run we run this we run that well everybody’s
running everybody’s running and you know I look
back it’s 17 odd it was tough for me because I wasn’t in a total agreements
with my department and it was interesting the presentation you had
beforehand when clay was talking about things because I can remember when the
volunteer Chiefs had a major say in anything going through the Planning
Commission and somehow that was taken from them I can remember one a State
Fire Marshal overrode a county fire chief who says I can’t handle but you
had to have and so so I just wouldn’t want to look at 14 and since this
committee has been put together and we I look back at the morning that when we
went to Annapolis the morning that the Annapolis delegation accepted and
approved the package we had down there last year for enabling legislation when
we walked in that room that’s morning that morning delegate shoemaker pulled
us off to the side he says look I know you got the workers I know what’s
included in the worker but I think you need a larger group and we agreed to
that we set up the Advisory Committee given each of the 14 companies an
opportunity assented to individuals to those monthly meetings of which we’ve
been having and this is what we came you know so I know it’s not 14 and Oh
but I I look at it as it’s a it’s a heck of a lot better when it was 1 to 13 I’m
tickled pink I’m tickled pink baked-on when I was bad you wondered what do you
say I lost you there morning to 13 1 to 13 yes sir
I can remember one this this type of stuff was 1-4 or any good day sorry oh
sorry yeah I don’t think um at least I don’t believe any of that’s being
questioned um I guess I’d like to hear one more
time your recommendation on the numbers so it’s very clear to me and then you
know from the discussion that you’ve heard so far where is there value in
that or or these number that you believe are the best to do the things you need
to do and most efficient themselves absolutely so there’s there’s a total of
15 members made up on 1 this ESAT council 11 of them being voting members
so kind of narrow it down to those members right now so we have 6 volunteer
representatives 4 of which would be from the regional areas and the regional
areas were geographically put together and I believe you guys saw a map of that
last time when we presented that the reason we came up with that and there
was a lot of discussion about that was basically they are the fire companies
that are running the calls together so they’re familiar with each other’s
problems familiar with each other’s areas they’re familiar with each other
policies and personnel so it makes sense to us as a group both being the Advisory
Committee and the work group that that’s how the representatives would be paid
the two other members from the volunteer system are actually the chairs of the
two committees that are running the operations in this County at this point
in time so your props representative and chairman and your EMS ops Chairman
obviously both of those play a very integral role in the daily operations of
what’s going on in this county there are the ones that are
the boots on the ground and directing the people to the calls and getting
things done so what we believe they should definitely have some
representation on that committee moving on to the career members we put two
career people in because obviously there are people that are actually doing the
work for us and without them and they’re buying into this and without having some
representation obviously we believe that that’s extremely important to have them
on it we left Denis kind of spooked earlier on the
citizen representatives we we did originally start with five
representatives one from each area and and we back just back that down because
that’s a lot of people one a committee or a council to be voting so we were
trying to keep the net the numbers down to a reasonable amount where people
could get things done keep moving forward provides good advice into the
director or chief whatever they be names and still have representation from the
areas so you Shane three community as opposed to five one by district correct
some that work so it will live at 13 not that we’re completely opposed to that
however it just sends two extra voting members to your council and obviously we
have some concern about having too much representation from citizens who who are
not experts obviously do you have copies this chart in the handout to us now
those same rappers there you have nothing to do with the fire department
once that’s correct that’s about in point assistant
represents our representatives have three voting members or at a career
firefighters that say you got more citizens Bodeen owns sai fire matters
and their career people that yeah I just I just think the balance isn’t
frightened quite right for that that’s just my opinion again I’m not a
firefighter I don’t do that but just looking at from
the outside that’s my objection to the acid yeah like I said if you want to put
five people on the committee to come to meetings and talk and one from each
district that’s fine but I don’t one or one vote or two votes or something of
that sort because I just don’t think their votes should be higher than the
people to actually go and do the job I like this breakdown I mean I admit it
makes it makes sense to me I think having so two three five by because it’s
more equitable across the county and I’ve had those conversations with folks
why is in District five represented here or why isn’t district whatever
represented there so having that opportunity and there are folks like
measurements shared that are volunteering for boards and commissions
and we do have lists so they’re out there but I mean again you’re the
experts in doing this going from 11 to 13 I don’t think is that dramatic of a
change and I think it’s still workable so I’m good one five six and voting
members five into the mix of the vote there right now eleven voting members
right now you want five citizen voting so almost a half of the voting members
will be citizens who have nothing to do with the fire fest right so it’d be
instead of eight to three it’d be eight to five yeah okay what do you guys mean you’re the experts
they already said we predict what we thought is the best shit that’s been
said and that was speech the one like I say if the advisory committees
recommendation after looking at it after numerous hours and numerous different
models that would be our recommendation what was your thinking about picking
three citizens and and not being able to get representation from various areas in
the county there was discussion about that that’s not my question
I mean if you had discussion what was your thinking behind that of just having
three representatives yep they could be broad that way if there’s not someone
from a certain district that they could be nominated and appointed by you all
because in reality you guys have the ultimate say of who there’s citizen
representatives order which is why I think there needs to be five motion we’re not we’re not opposed to having
five citizen representatives I would say no no I mean would you say Perry I think
we’d be fine with define that’s where we started here you know you start the car
by right and I expect you would have because okay so instead of it eleven
voting every thirteen it’d be five from the community well that’s the only
hang-up then we modify it I think we should motion to accept the Charter as
written per dot modification and move forward then there’s more to the there’s
more to that document no I read it has anyone else read it through Oh what’s your thinking on on going back
and having a discussion on this regional concept you’ve got there a mindset that
the world I think I get ordered out I get to heard that with three regions
like to have always been set up you know when you were president of Association
we went from three to four to expand those groups that worked together and
there was like safe very lengthy conversation during those meetings and
the people that came to the Advisory Committee meetings were supposed to be
people that could come in from way it was set up people that come to those
advisory committee meetings to the bed people from each company that could make
a decision and it was voted on when we had to come up with those regions how to
vote on that and if I’m not mistaken we can come back and get two minutes each
time we voted all those it was 40 no and then you know I understand when some
other companies went back and talked there were their companies there may
have been some difference right those decisions were made with those 28 people
growing those committees plus the workgroup and you know it was a lot of
hours spent into that so on not a doubt and that the reason to they are like
dead or they’re like Jen said these companies are divided with people that
work together run the calls together and at that time you know these people
aren’t going to be permanent voters they’re going to change their people you
see their terms and these people are going to change so people’s in those
regions those four regions dirt on the decide who’s going to be there voting
members so every fire company voted to they accept the region’s the way their
enrichment here okay the four yes the divisor LED at the advisory advisory
less I like your thinking behind that that there’s companies work together on
that region also makes a lot of sense why are you have four regions but at the
advisory level there’s a representative from every fire coming surveyors came
from the department is allowed to send to individual
just making sure if they and the sad thing is if those individuals don’t show
and they knew that from the get-go I mean chairman Coe made it perfectly
clear we have a meeting scheduled such as such time such as such date if you
don’t show and this thing was 14 oh so everyone was there
we did have some to start we had some companies that weren’t getting the
information back to direct companies and we actually you know some new committee
members went to those different companies to speak to them about you
know the process that was going on so it was essential that those members come to
the meetings and relayed information back to their individual companies are
you worried about the couple paid people being on here being overwhelmed by
citizens and volunteer groups or not is it you think it’ll work out no actually
in most of the models that we actually looked at they only have one
representatives so we thought by adding a second representative from the pay
personnel which may be a union down the road it was extremely important to have
their representation heard so we’re trying to look at all the different
aspects everyone that’s involved so and I’m I was I was one of the ones because
in my other hat of pre-retirement I served in a position and I was the only
one who was allowed representing the local and I questioned the need but
again through the many hours of work we’ve I think we’ve I think we’ve
compromised on these documents quite a bit the frustrating thing for me and and
and president Lance if you want throw something at me throw something at me I
got a flood from the very beginning from the very beginning and I’m not gonna
mention any but we’ve had somebody has been a dead set against the enabling
legislation and they have been against this and I just I just think it’s wrong
this is this is a countywide we have a countywide problem and I and that that’s where I’m having
some heartburn I wrote I truly truly am I don’t think it fair you know you don’t
need to have any heartburn Dennis I think we’re where we are and I think
that’s good my only question was based on some of the things that I heard from
around the county is that that there there’s seemed to be some concern about
the number of reps representing the fire companies that’s all no need to take it
Tom on that one but you know there’s there’s there’s obviously some concern
there with that number that’s all and if you’re telling me that it was a 40 no
vote for these four regional reps then off we go and that’s what you’re telling
me we can go back and get it out of the minutes cuz all those votes were
documented I mean I need the answer is that what you’re telling me there was a
14-2 ovo t’ for this district on occasions because as I’ve said before
this is so big if we’re not all in then we’re not you know we’re not and I just
want to because that was the that was the most concern I heard and you can
throw something back at me but I am Who I am so we don’t typically take in but
because this is so big colleagues have any problem with throwing somebody into
the mix if you because we typically don’t do this what’s that oh yeah our
conversation on this thing well Jim Bowie’s corner well good it’s
alright yeah we’re good with it okay my name is Dan plunker from Westminster
I just want to correct some inaccuracies been said the April 18th meeting of the
Advisory Council is when this came up I was present at that meeting so were
several people in his room it was not a 14 to 0 vote it was not there was lively
discussion Tim ran the meeting there was lastly discussion about that
I just asked was not a 14 to zero vote I tell you the minute I have the minutes
that were presented by the advisory board and there there’s five six bullet
points on it doesn’t say doesn’t say the vote but I know we weren’t we weren’t
voting in favor so I didn’t know the answer but I was asking I just want to
make sure every but I don’t have a copy of the minutes and again the only thing
I can say in reference to that is obviously Westminster has had some
concerns about this throughout the process and we’ve been extremely
encouraging of them to come to these meetings and express their opinions and
their differences with their different views and the bottom line was we were
set to get all 14 fire companies together obviously we did that with two
representatives from each fire company we have one fire company that has some
differences I believe overall and okay don’t have to speak to this I
believe they think that this is an important process and that we need to
move forward they might not agree to all the different parts of it in granting
representation but so so here’s the second overwhelming majority of those
votes were for this panel and I don’t want to speak to the 14 in it because I
honestly don’t remember about going back in reading I’m sorry no appreciate the
the comments I think there are a couple actions that we can take I do not
believe that we need to make a decision on the document itself right now because
they’re still questions but we can again it’s it’s us talking make a decision to
move forward working with you know mr. Zaleski putting a line item into the
budget for those two positions I think we can also share with you our what
we’re saying is establish this committee and honestly I think 13 is the best
getting representation from the each district is appropriate and then
allowing that committee to help us navigate into this document and then get
final approval from the document so we’re not sitting up here trying to say
this is the solution but this is one piece of that document but the key is
keep going forward and I think if we establish this committee and if it
changes by one or two people it’s gonna change you know Mike Tyson said
everybody has a plan to get punched in the face and this is a good plan let’s
execute it you know to me and start moving forward but I’m not about setting
up a decision to say this document is the document or Charter at this moment
so the committee would but and they said that he said that you uh
put the he did exit the sack committee together with how many people nick is
the ones that are recommended here are you looking for five representation five
episodes for the citizens we’re looking for this the same regional breakdown
what do you guys know I think that’s what I think we should have that
thirteenth yeah and there’s five they do the same as we do for all boys of
commission apply and they appoint them as well across that original again I’ve
got a procedural question time do we do we enact the enabling Authority before
we do the Charter well done this charter and then to enact
the enabling after the Charter is put together just making sure we I would
want to do them both at the same time okay if that’s possible
okay because I thought the committee was part of the Charter and in order to get
the committee we had to pass the Charter first I just don’t think we’re prepared
to pass a charter at this moment but I do believe we’re able to develop
guidance for a committee yeah okay so well as the workgroup we can take it
back to the Advisory Committee obviously and redress the numbers and take another
vote and bring it back to you based on what we’ve heard today from all five of
you okay I think that would be a good suggestion here Tim right now I think
maybe address the the additional to citizen reps and because it seems to be
just the last point of contention discuss again the the regional reps and
you know there’s a there’s a maybe there’s a compromise out there I don’t
know but if again if we’re not forty no and we’re in a tough spot here you can
you know you you can’t make light of this this is huge so you got to get
somewhere here and if that means compromise then bring us back that
compromise and if the compromise is you know getting those companies a little
more into a better region or something or you know maybe maybe it is six
regions and that gets it better I don’t know but I think that’s that’s a
discussion you gotta have and also like in a veneer that the individual fire
companies would like to remain to retain the capital of the buildings and fire
trucks and all that stuff because that’s what they want to do but I think that
should be put in there all right Ted you’re in the room you remember a reason
or I know you and I’ve had this conversation you know I’m prepared to
make the motion that we that we that we put into the budget today or for you to
put into the budget work a position two positions to address the future of this
fire and EMS so I know you were looking for direction I heard you talking and I
came down and one question when would you want these positions to be able to
start that’s a great question Ted six months yeah you guys are looking at
January the first I think of 2020 yes sir but putting them into putting the
line iams into the budget for FY 2010 with a start time of we cover that
anyway obviously yeah there’s their stuff right all right so and actually
our budget wouldn’t take place till July to start this well right so then thank
you as well as long as it’s in the fiscal 20 and if we can do it in a
manner of of whatever I don’t know how we’re gonna do it but we’ll figure
something out well I think your point was that you want us to build it to the
budget we’re gonna be bringing to that that’s my point because if it’s not
there then now we’re looking at you know starting in March of 2020 to put
sin so that’s why I didn’t want to slow it down whether or not it stays in its
face to be seen because we’ve got to fund it somehow but I’ll make I’ll make
that motion I don’t you don’t need it again you already got it don’t stim yeah
now second and then I’ll also ask and we’ll give you a heads up you get back
to us or whatever or Tom or whoever does I know you guys have to have to have a
reasonable amount of time to put the meeting together to discuss these things
you might have to have to I don’t know but work work with us and then we’ll put
you back on the schedule or accordingly to get this finalized you good with that
okay it’s a motion and second hold on Dennis
a fire chief killing me Weaver all in favor of the motion
aye aye okay Dennis okay good thank realize this is history in the making
right here take no more oh just to get up if that is gonna bhajan do it right
we’ve done a lot of work in the last two years to try to get to this point and
obviously we’re gonna continue moving forward we appreciate all the support
that you’re giving it and your blessing today and when trying to put that into
is extremely important to us everyone will come back with hopefully some
compromise okay that’s good and hopefully then we’ll prove that charter
thank you very much now the work relation or hey Jim I do you a phone
call so I’m looking at you I thought I’d tell you I got it okay I’m forgotten
okay thank you all very much appreciated personal business and I’m sorry but you
know it’s actually a County thing yeah okay okay we got it
we got to keep moving here so so quietly exit believe it or not that the lawyer
in the thirty minutes it was emphasis on exit hey could could you stick around a
little bit Jim could you stick around a little bit I appreciate it
okay scares me though there’s there’s a reason for my asking you to do that
Thursday because he has mace all right next on our agenda is discussion on the
or of a an update on a North Carroll High School rezoning commissioners up on
over 25th we filed a petition for rezoning with the town of Hampstead for
the former North Carroll High School on the November the second I got a phone
call from the attorney for the town saying that they are currently handling
a controversial rezoning for known as I think it was Hampstead overlook it was a
controversial development that was taking up all their time so they didn’t
expect to get to it before January in January 25th Linda Eisenberg of your
planning director contacted the town requesting the status told it was not
yet scheduled before the Planning Commission and in late late February
Commissioner Fraser asked for the update this week referred to your
the contact of the town requesting the status and spoke to Tammy Ledley and she
indicated that it had not yet been scheduled so it’s been what five six
months it has been on the schedule right it would have to go to the police
commission first student from being on two different planning comes plan zoning
Commission’s myself one city Westminster one here is it is the ex official member
that doesn’t seem reasonable we’ve gone through a lot of things that that take
the time and big things come up and both those fighting commissions and guess
what we’re still able to vote on different things that move other things
forward now everything stops because one thing
comes up so I guess the question is how do we hold them accountable yes we’re
doing what they’re told they’re saying they’re gonna do and what I mean that so
this is a first for me working with a municipality that has it
sounds like said they are going to do X and they’re gonna do it by this time so
now that the municipality has not done that
is there any recourse or accountability that we can bring to their attention
they’re working they called last night they’re in the process right now it’s
been about five five six months I don’t can you been on you were downstairs and
Fighting’s only for a year does anything take five or six months
downstairs we have a lot of girls who do I know it doesn’t not to get on the
schedule not to be heard it does not so how can we get Hampstead if they’re
working on it to formally come to us and say they are working on it and here is
the timeline associated with their decisions are they would they be willing
to do that is that I mean or is it just they say they’re working on we just wait
well I don’t precisely the Russian this right now we’re working on some things a
couple months ago make any difference we’re not
well we’ve known as board commissioners the last board to have this looked at I
think it’s a slap in the face that they haven’t even put it under agenda yet
it’s saying us we don’t care what you want we’re not doing it I don’t like it
doesn’t really I mean what happens at the end of as we’ve discussed this this
morning in the budget one two three years runs up runs out if we don’t have
any more money to maintain their building we just going to tear it down
because that’s we Ruiz owned we can’t do anything else with it because that’s our
turn to this I don’t think so I think what we’re actively working on some
things will be coming in the future and the outcome who’s actively working the
tail isn’t actively working to help us yes they are then they could have put
this on the agenda they won’t appropriate on I think about
a four you not see some so the appropriate time for them right I mean
that’s what it comes down to don’t do it when they’re ready to do it well right
do we dictate to them everything do not we don’t dictate anything to them well
then I thought there’s cooperation between us the municipalities I think
it’s just a matter of respect really that’s what I look at it I’m sorry I was
involved in a conversation what was the time on again we asked them to do it
when we filed a petition on October 25th okay what about a is there such a thing
as a polite does status update make it have we ever reached out to the town
okay then you’re you’re back and forth Roberto called yesterday okay I guess
the what was there I said they were in the process right now the process of
what right because I’m viewing this they have some other quite a few issues over
there if you’re not aware right now okay in the process means nothing
they I guess almost a bigger question by the big concern of mine is by them not
making a decision or working towards something is it going to conflict with
our resources and our budgeting process and any funding or anything that we need
to do in deal with North Carroll and make a decision with the budget coming
up I mean that’s the biggest concern is if
they wait till April and we’re through this and we have to make a decision on
North Carroll will we have the wherewithal to make that decision their
work with us in any I think on any zoning I think we but we didn’t know
what we’re asking for wait what no that’s not true
because we asked for specific zoning from the town that’s what we went and
did in October we put together our plan Department went to them with specific
specifically what we wanted for zone use conservation that’s not what we asked
for area have okay but it’s not what we asked for we asked for his own exchange
for that building so we did s so specifically for a zoning change in
October III like I said I’ve been applying
zoning for city Westminister I was the official member here it doesn’t take
five six months to get something on the agenda to get them to talk about look it
over as it’s it’s blatantly that they’re stalling on this for whatever reason and
it’s a slap in the face of the county I don’t see it looking any other way then
they want cooperation from us they want this they want that but hey we’re not
we’re not in any hurry to help you guys out that’s why I look at it what happens
she changed the zoning and it’s not needed then what difference does it make
the zoning that we asked to change to have a absolutely no difference in any
use of thing that they’re looking at right now for that building I mean at
the appropriate time I think you would make request change that’s my opinion
the appropriate time was you voted on in October well the problem is use the
issue with regardless of your opinion we made the decision as the board
have them begin the process of changing the opinions are out of it and they
haven’t done but we put this on yes over asking and why yeah so you said that
that his Windham called them yesterday did we get a why for the conversation
well then we need to know why that’s that’s let’s just do that
right let’s just get the why and see if we can see you know what their what
their time schedule is here I know you don’t like that Dennis but we got to
start somewhere well I agree we have to but I mean back
with them five minutes five months of dragging your feet all right never guess
what’s happened it actually should be comfy Cummings I would think we’re not
planning but for the question right should be going never well we did Linda
called it in in November I believe okay our let’s let’s instruct staff whoever
it is will make the appropriate decision on who that is
let’s instruct staff to call them and get us an answer back by Thursday Linda
Linda called on January 25th okay there’s your update we’ll get him
to call again and I think whoever calls to express the fact you know that’s an
accepting so right so acceptable yeah it’s in a process I think we can also
write that was a baby yes game put it on as a board right can
we also provide them the opportunity to use us as a resource if needed
believe me but I’d be more than happy to let them know again okay you good will
prompt them again yes what else can we be able to mean there’s nothing else we
can do at this point it’s so frustrating all right the next item on our agenda is
amanaki River Plan Update and I had asked to
have this put on the agenda because there’s been a decision made by the
Frederick County Council on whatever light it was and they voted it down so
before we get in I would assume we have public comment so I’ll take public
comment now and then we’ll move from there first colonists from George grill
own good afternoon happy to be back here again it’s one of the former chairman of
the river board yes it was voted down unfortunately specific reasons oh hold
on a minute George start all right not just staying there for all right George
unfortunately it was voted down and as I understand it they’re going to look back
at the 217 plan basically I’m here with some others to be a source of reference
if you so desire it we’re still on board as the board with the 2018 plan though
we surely are adaptable if there are concrete real suggestions offered rather
than just this doesn’t work this doesn’t work this doesn’t work so we do think
it’s in the best interest to have a combined plan that’s good
and will be here this afternoon answer any questions you might have
see that wasn’t so bad you work she got extra time left over yeah
all right Tim go ahead Earl Belle you get two minutes Earl he used up your
minute good afternoon commissioners Earl Belle I am the chairman of the Monocacy
River Board and just to echo what George said we’re just here as a resource I
know you have you have your thoughts on this we have the you know the history
and the continuity in the context of what what’s going on so anything we can
do to help and we have a couple other members here have Bumgarner and Vince
against key all all members of the board and we’re here to do whatever we can to
support you Thanks thanks Pat Baumgartner I’m Pat Baumgartner I always bring vigil
this is the original 1991 plan it’s still in effect right now I need some
color Pat well I’m just a board member I can only do so much but what they give
me so anyway we really worked hard on that 2018 plan we were fair to the
environmental needs as well as to the property rights needs that 2017 plan did
not have property rights in it that’s why it was changed and sent back to us like gentlemen said we’re here to
support you but right now this is right in effect right now and it’s far better
than anything in the 2016 or 2017 plan because this theorem says property
rights and programs are to be voluntary thank you thanks Rhonda beam I’m also on the board and I reiterate
about any kind of information we’ve gone to their meetings we’ve gone to Carroll
County meetings we’ve sat countless hours going over the whole plan and then
when we got back from Carroll County in Frederick County they pretty much was
the same items we did take out wordage corridor that they keep picking apart
but that just brings up that if it was such an issue that’s why we took it out
because they keep picking it apart like it’s supposed to be defined
well you can’t define corridor corridor could mean to a whole panel with
different ideas of what an actual corridor means that’s why we took it out
we wanted to make the plan as simple as it is all the items that were picked
apart that they say they go by the red line where it was itemized as to taking
out items and we put items in or they picked apart we took out items of
Frederick County’s items and not Carroll County’s items we went through every
chapter and we made sure every item was in there updated all the websites if
people didn’t have websites we put throw numbers so all the scientific items that
Byron collects as the scientists are in there they do 3-year studies they do
one-year studies the EPA and all the rest of them do different studies
they’re not yearly or monthly so when they come available all that is updated
ended up into the plan we try to make it as most informational cover everybody’s
issues and Carroll County was right on board with us and accepted it and I
didn’t have a problem with it but apparently there’s an issue with
Frederick County and they are not representing what the plan is they ask
questions that have nothing to do with what’s in the plan they ask questions
like this was taken out when it’s all in there
theologies in there the history’s in there the waters in there the zonings in
there are zoning representative on the Frederick County side gave us all the
information about how their Zoning Department has all the information when
somebody goes to them and has specific items and everybody’s different when
they go for a building or for roads or housing or residential so everything is
individual but what it has to do with the river they just seemed like they
were picking it apart and trying to make it something that wasn’t in there or
that we took it out and we didn’t put it in or it wasn’t in there at all so I
hope that you if you need any more information we’re all here thank you
vincent Baginski good afternoon commissioners Vincent
against kee the 2017 plan is apparently what Frederick County would now like to
go back to the 2017 plan was rejected by Carroll County Commissioner Lantz led to
charge in Taneytown to find out what the concerns were the property owners the
farmers and the general citizenry and we took all of those recommendations and we
plugged them into the plan and Carroll County approved to 2018 plan
Frederick County originally disapproved the 2017 plan and they gave us all their
recommendations from the Planning Commission and the county council we
plugged all that and now they don’t like the 2018 plan they want to go back to
the 2017 plan which everybody rejected and it was so bad of a plan that the
board formally rescinded it so I don’t know how you go back to something that
technically doesn’t exist we’re willing to make whatever changes to the 2018
plan that makes sense to the commissioners and even to the Frederick
County Council but I’m not sure there’s a lot of optimism on the board about
what knowing what Frederick County really wants other than to try to
reverse time and go back to something that doesn’t have much at all in a way
of property rights protection the 2017 plan was rejected by both foreign
bureaus the 2018 plan was approved by both
bureaus so you have a tough nut to crack lot’s of luck Thanks
and those are all the comments we have okay so the reason I brought it up to my
colleagues and I think we voted on this in the fall is that correct so two of my
colleagues but I’m quite frankly up to here with the political gamesmanship
that’s going on pretty much had it what I said we talked about North Carroll I’ve instructed our county attorney to
advise what it would mean if we pulled out of this and had our own Carroll
County Aki’s Monocacy Scenic River plan and Tim has done his due diligence and
there’s been some different varying opinions about you know who’s right he’s
wrong when it comes to what that would mean but I think I will tell you that
I’ve gotten the the I’ve seen what the county attorney said and I’ve seen what
the Carroll County attorney has said and the Carroll County attorney has far
exceeded what the Frederick County attorney has said here although he’s not
necessarily wrong although he’s not necessarily wrong but you’ve you’ve
taken it too many steps past that to explain it much better from the start we have included we have respected and
we have done everything we can for those that are directly associated with
monoxide ever period and our decision was made based on what we heard from the
Farm Bureau from the Realtors Association here in Carroll from the
folks that actually live on on the Monocacy for those that are that have AG
property on the Monocacy and every decision that we’ve made including all
of the stall of the comments that we heard Tom that night in Taneytown we’ve
taken to heart and we put in here I quite frankly do not want to play a game
of going back to the 2017 plan nobody wanted that plan why would we go back to
that and by the way they’ve already said that they’re going to amend the 2017
plan well what does that mean we’re gonna play that game again for another
year and a half so Tim I think just give us that you don’t have to go through all
the details but in your professional opinion what would it mean if we no
longer have this joint effort and it’s just our plan well the natural resources
article was created this this whole Monocacy River board designated Monocacy
River as a Scenic River and allows it doesn’t direct you it allows you to have
a one of these scenic river boards and where that where the river in this case
the naka C River goes through the two counties it allows you it doesn’t
require you to have a scenic river board and you can have if you like you can
have an equal number of members from from each side to form the scenic river
board you don’t have to have a scenic river board does that mean they’ll have to have a
river board plan no you don’t have to have as we could have our County plan
and you could have a county plan it would be the equivalent of the Frizzle
burg plan or the you know the Gambhir plan it would not be this you know there
will be no two separate planes issued by the Monocacy Scenic River board as it
stands now there can’t be so then based that you don’t I guess I thought you
would based on that it would be my suggestion or maybe a little higher than
suggestion that we take the 2018 plan remove everything that has to do with
Frederick County in it and this now becomes the Carroll County Monocacy
Scenic River management plan so I guess why wouldn’t we do that well
why wouldn’t we do that I mean this is you know our county plan I mean I I’m
not sure this should not that be that Harper decision except that it’s
frustrating trying to do something jointly with another jurisdiction okay
thumbs are knows that it only politically by that emotion we need a
second and what’s the procedure we gotta follow yeah well as long as we’re legal
with that and by the way even if they do take the 2017 plan an amendment
amendment amend it there’s a good possibility that the county executive up
there’s gonna be to that so now here we are again so again out of respect for
all those that have grown up their sleeves and done a ton of mountain a ton
of work including our staff and the citizens obviously that were involved
too I’m gonna move hold on I’m gonna wait for Tom Devils to tell me what to
do before I come up to the microphone Tom I think I know where you’re going
think another direction Bowen I need to ask the procedural question so we’re
gonna take the 2018 plan we’re gonna edit it and remove references to maybe
other counties other jurisdictions and make it a Carroll County plan are you
also going to be considering removing ourselves from the scenic river board
and creating our own I mean you know it’s one thing to do something with the
plan but then we had these folks here who are sitting on a sink we’re a board
that you’ve appointed and I guess my question is I think you all need to
maybe before you go too far here to consider what you’re going to do from
that perspective also not just what we’re gonna do with that paper document
right I don’t see it I’ll defer to the county attorney but in my personal
perspective I don’t see a problem with that but you may want to hear from these
folks too but I think you need to consider that
and before you make to this motion right here to do something with the plan all
right that was kind of my intent to follow up
with that no no no that’s good I want to hear that from you I thought you had
something else that we but that was kind of my intent to make it just Carroll
County Scenic River board with the caveat that you know obviously now the
board is for those citizens that that are Carroll County residents because I
think that’s important I mean we might be able to push the gamut a little bit
for those that perhaps owned property on the Carroll County side I’d be open for
perhaps that but that’s kind of something I was gonna bring up and open
at man today as the secondary discussion is part of
this we really don’t have anything on our applications when folks fill them
out for our boards and commissions that say that they’re Carroll County
residents I think perhaps we should do that yeah but in but there are some
boards and commissions where that’s not really necessary but that I’m off on I’m
off on another track there that was my intent yes well we let the firefighters
do it so yeah thank you I was one of the original members of the
board back in 1990 when we wrote the original plan and whether Fred as I
understand it whether Frederick develops their own plan and we develop our own
plan that plan would still would be in existence my issue with I think the
Carroll County individual is well represented by the board we have here in
its members my concern about disbanding or leaving is that there are other
issues this plan has been going on for five years but between 1990 and five
years ago the board did other things and they will continue to to do other things
and it is within everybody’s best interest in my opinion to have that
liaison there to be aware of the other things that are occurring and to address
them as they occur one can imagine that two separate plants could result in high
rises and fredrik across from agricultural land in Carroll County we
don’t want that to happen but we want to be aware if that’s the plan coming up
and as a board on the plan we would we also address things such as recreation
fish not just the plan we take pick up trash down the river there are other
duties or aspects that the plan takes care of and I’d hate to see us though
though I have no problem with a separate board existing as well I would hate to
see us isolate ourselves and not have those advantages do we keep playing this
game I mean I think the game’s over but you’ve made a great decision I don’t
contest the decision I just you just you’re just you just like to
see a liaison there some of some sort that would the plaintiff the board can’t
I don’t think that throwing out the plan means the board has to disband because
the plan was the board was not the plan and the plan was not the board okay so
it would be my intent to continue to have a board on this side well I think
you’re saying that the board the way it is now so we still have some
communication with Frederick County what they’re going to do and have some input
on that yes it is because we are well represented here but the board members
that you have appointed and we’ve taken to heart and represent the county very
well and keep their interest to heart and we could still do what you’re saying
what’s the plan commissioner and take out all reference to the other county
and just have our own particular plan but keep the board make up the way it is
so we have input on what’s going on on the other side for the future
you don’t like that it’s gonna throw us right back into and
he said she said no because once the plan has got the plan once it’s over is
over the fact is the plan has has occupied I know it five years or so here
but from when I was first on the plan on the board and we developed that plan in
1990 those intervening years I’ve been on and off and other people have been on
and off there are other aspects that have come up and come up continuously
that concern the river and having that ability to converse and learn from the
people of the Frederick side what their plans ambitions are etc through the
workings of this joint board not in relationship to the plan the plan at all
is the important part a river board on its own here is going to have to somehow
communicate with Frederick anyhow somehow they will otherwise it’s a won’t
figure we own you know we’re alone possess whatever half of that River we
had our own minority when it comes to the length of the river but half of it
is ours we need as much controlling influence as possible over that part
that’s ours and the best way to maintain that is to have a presence in this joint
plan if we isolate ourselves completely then we’re working from a position that
we’re outside in but if we maintain this plan I’m not saying we can’t develop a
second board or whatever or a separate committee but that board being intact I
believe is very essential for the future to keep things well informed not to do
anything to do with the plan I fully agree with your idea about the plan
that’s if they’re going to go separate might as well be separate to it I think
that’s terrific the intent to establish these boards and councils that we do are
again to advise us and Carroll County so to me it should be a Carroll County
board and not a Joint Board because it should be a Carroll County board that
can advise us for Carroll County’s best interests now part of that
board can have representation on the joint board that’s no problem I mean we
do it all the time with that with other committees so part of that board can be
purchased being in a joint effort with the Frederick County Monocacy Board but
no there is no joint board there should not be a joint board if there’s no joint
effort happening and I think we determined there’s not it’s a county
effort a county interest therefore it should be a county board so I think my
point here maybe I’m missing getting it across as I agree with everything you
say the best way to stay involved is to have members on that on that board and
the members here do counsel you as as we feel we we best can this plan is a small
portion it’s just a plan like you take up every day whether it be the zoning in
one town or another and you don’t disassemble things because of that one
issue this has not been over 30 years the main issue this plan of the board
and after this point in in making a decision it will not be again but there
are many other things that come up besides the plan that involved the river
and protect the citizens the farmers everybody else and the place to be is to
have a seat at the table to have a seat at the table whether we you listen to it
or whether that committee that’s on the board comes back and reports to a
separate river board of Carroll County and it’s a subset of that but somewhere
it’s nice to have a seat at the table to know everything that’s going on before
it goes too far yeah I can I can see that point although
I’d need to I’d need to to look at what that exactly would mean and and and I
have a sense that if Frederick County has their own plan and we have our own
plan Frederick County may very well say we want our own board now and if that’s
the case then then we’d have our own board and maybe the two boards could
meet once a year to talk about stuff you know you get the you get the the
politics out of it and just have the folks that are directly affected by the
river to talk around the table I’m good so separate the plan right now
separately and then address the makeup of the board and the direction of the
board moving forward at a later date you got to come to the microphone and
then I’m gonna I’m gonna soon shut this off because we’ve had mention that you
wanted the board members in Carroll County to be Carroll County residents we
are all Carroll County residents okay some members do have joining properties
in Frederick and Carroll but we are your Carroll County residents no I I know
that I’m only but yeah we know that I just wanted to make sure and if we do
that we’re gonna address the fact that you know
ninety-five percent of our boards and commissions are made up of folks that
actually live breathe and vote and Carol that’s where I was going with that and
that’s kind of the way that it should be although there are other commissions
where there are experts that maybe might live in another state or something that
would help on these boards but as you so you adequately said it you know folks
that are on our board should be folks that actually live in Carroll and vote
in Carroll that’s kind of the way I look at our boards and commissions Tom I’m
going to refer to you on this because you’ve been deep in this home so our
directors never go home Eric well I think I’m a little concerned right now I
kind of I feel like I don’t want to overreact at this point in time and I’m
talking somewhat from a personal perspective here because I have been
involved with the river board for a very long time in fact I was a member at one
point in time and the staff support at one point in time and and it’s some
respects I feel like the ball is still in Frederick County’s Court you all have
adopted the plan the plan that the river board adopted you adopted you’ve got a
plan you’ve got a plan for these folks and for that river board Frederick
County I don’t know where they stand right now I know their council voted it
down five to one to one but I’m not sure what that means politically I don’t know
because you are the overseers of Carroll County you voted for it it hasn’t gotten
to that level in Frederick County so I’m not sure what the vote
the council actually means if that means the plan is dead or not I’m not sure I
know that for absolute sure so my caution would be maybe it’s not time
right now to pull out maybe it’s time to sit back
and say the balls in your court Frederick County we’re still here we
still support everything we’re ready to go where are you at you can always do
what you’re planning to do in the near future or some time and point in the
future so I’m just a little concerned logistically how we make this work
moving forward and I’m always thinking of that type of thing is you know the
details and how we make it work and I think it’s going to be very problematic
to make the board’s function if you’re gonna pull part and we’re going to try
rejoin and I think that’s gonna be very difficult I just think it will be in the
climate rim and so I would just say maybe it’s time to take a deep breath
step back I think today you’ve given your views and your feelings and I hate
to put it this way but like a warning shot that you’re ready you’re ready to
go and but maybe you may not want to do it maybe you want to see what they’re
going to do from the bomb maybe a level above the counts of Frederick County
Council I don’t know and you might know more than I do so that’s kind of where I
stand I I don’t want to I’m a little afraid of responding too quickly here
because I think it leaves us in a big limb bole and I think credit counties in
the limbo I don’t think we are I think we’re
selling where we need to be with this whole issue I think Frederick County’s
got the problem they don’t know where they’re at
okay watching if they’re thinking 2017 they don’t know where they’re at
yeah I know and they don’t know where they’re at now so that’s okay
so Tom if they you know if they’re gonna do what they said they’re gonna do and
take the 2017 plan and attempt to amend it to meet their whatever ideas there
and I had at this point I don’t even know if the folks that live on a river
know what they’re doing because I don’t date
who knows what Frederick County’s doing but but if if and that yeah that’s on
the Mike and if if they would do that they’re gonna want to come back to us
and say okay so we’ve done this now you want to you want to jump in with us
that’s the that’s what’s gonna happen and we hold the line and say nope this
is our plan and then that’s when we say okay now this is our plan I
is that what you’re saying that’s what I would rather you see okay I think
without their on the outside looking in on this issue so I think rather than
pull away and have them accuse you all saying they bailed on us you’re you’re
with the river board you approve the plan let them do something different
okay I’d rather be fishing with Monocacy right there
this gives me a headache how you guys deal with this welcome aboard
oh all right is everybody I mean I’m good with that I’ll back down you know I
just I’m not a big fan of board games as it is when the grandkids pull them out I
try to go to the other way so I’m not a big game player and that’s what this is
turned into so I’ll back down to which time you know they keep playing these
silly games with the 2017 playing that nobody wanted because of political
agendas up there I’ll just wait and see what happens and then I’ll bring it back
to my colleagues at the appropriate time I’m gonna I’m gonna yield to your
expertise on this okay good all right okay thank you we are at the end of it
thank you thank you guys yep all right we are to the end here interestingly
enough I’ve got a couple things for open admin before we get to the agendas I’ve
got a list of those I think Tim and my letter for board consideration that’s
for the renaming of route 75 and 84 we’re gonna make sure we sign that or I
think we already have in some cases we have a set of minutes to adopt that’s
from February the 28th of 2019 when we went into closed for a cyber security
briefing correct I got the email oh man well there’s this there’s one set of
minutes that our bond counsel is requiring us to to adopt you have those
it’s that the bond issue resolution 1040 – 2019 yes if you read that document it
is actually a okay that’s all right so let’s do that one first we’ll adopt I’ll
entertain a motion to adopt the minutes of February 28th at 10:00 a.m. on the
bond issue resolution 1040 – 2019 second got it
all those in favor I now adopt the minutes from the closed
security briefing that we had in reference to cybersecurity motion so
moved and the closing statement I’m sorry and the closing statement which is
a summary of the close minutes got it dad okay what’s your a second all those
in favor aye okay aye
that was five all right you have anything else for open Tim the only
thing that I had is again I brought it up with our fortune Commission’s there
is there is no place on our applications that require our citizens to say even a
little box that says you know are you a Carroll County citizen check no there’s
no there’s no place on reason but it has their address on it well that’s
interesting so is but is your point to make it a
criteria yes I think so if it’s to make it a criteria then it’s got to be clear
on the form yeah yeah I think I think that’s your point yeah I’d like to see
us add whatever the line appropriate line is Tim whether it’s do you vote in
Carroll or do you live in Carroll well what district do you live in
Carroll that would cover both whether you vote or not to be to be placed on
our Appalachian yes there election precinct
short out there registered voter 75% of people don’t know what they are but the
point is not just asking that they’re Carroll County resident but making it
clear on the application that in order to fulfill this position please check
and ensure it you know say that you aren’t ever knew I mean well
Commissioner we did discuss one possible exception so a very specialized board
like the Historic Preservation Commission if someone from Frederick is
really into that stuff and we we have a hard time finding people to serve on
that Commission I don’t know so I mean I understand and that’s why I am concerned
about putting this on an application if we’re not willing to
go all the way through it for and so we would have to have the verbage
appropriate saying very specifically for whichever boards we say you know you are
a Carroll County resident to be considered for this board and for that
one specific board if we don’t believe that it should be only Carroll County or
excluded to Carroll County then we don’t have that on there I mean I mean we have
a reality they have their addresses on on the application but okay when we look
at the boards and commissions we see that if there’s someone from out of the
county on there we can decide right then and there we want that person or not
doesn’t have to be a qualification to be on the board but we can make a decision
or any port can make any future work yeah I don’t want to make this too
complicated yeah but by doing that I feel that um
we’re we’re we’re giving false hopes to folks that are applying to boards and
commissions living outside well and so a little birdie how many do we I can
remember like one well in the case of the Monocacy rule for Denise but were
some there were some calendar and that to me well you know it’s true but
there’s no straight a star forward though either that’s different for both
we put Carroll County citizens on our yeah we did that idea yeah period
Frederick and we put someone on there that is not a Carroll County resident oh
we did yes we did no you didn’t she yeah
so a little bird told me that the applications that are already being
looked at to to put your district on there now okay that’s all oh and again
that’s fine I don’t want to be exclusive you know in the application process if
some if I’m asking Phil to participate and I am NOT saying that you must be a
Carroll County resident and they’re not a Carroll County resident I want to be
able to you know vote them in or out because of their qualifications not
because where they’re resigning because if not then it’s a like is it a false
hope and false expectation I’m still
impressed that Commissioner William speaks bird okay so we’ll just we’ll
just put that on there I think we’re good okay no go all right
this is your first time at going over meetings and agendas and we’re gonna
make this as complicated as we can all right the the week of March 11th Tuesday
the 12th AG center board meeting I attend that 13th Commission on Aging and
disabilities Commissioner Rothstein at 10:00 a.m.
3:30 p.m. governor’s Workforce Development Board Commissioner Rothstein
at 3:30 that’s in Hanover Maryland opioid prevention forum at 4 p.m. at the
Carroll Arts Center commissioners Bechet and Frazier five o’clock the Board of
Education miss that one at 5 p.m. would have education lots of coffee
all right Thursday the 14th 7:00 a.m. BWI Partnership breakfast remind me to
give you a dollar because it’s at the casino right keep going mr. Rothstein
11:30 a.m. I I’ll be at the governor’s Emergency
Management Advisory Council in savage we have open session 10:00 a.m. legislative
briefing public hearing on the IR text amendment
for I believe that was for our breweries right if I’m not mistaken county
transportation priorities winter annexation number 70 Westminster
annexation number 70 on a livestock auction property that’s a briefing in
the second discussion briefing discussion possible decision on the FY
2011 exercise option to purchase for Groves
Mill LLC through the critical forms program and then we go back in at 1:34
culvert rehabilitation on belmont circle paving nicodemus road paving on various
roads east sawmill jason town hold comb station and winners Church briefing
discussion a decision on self health projects as it pertains to record parks
tennis and basketball revitalization at Charles Carroll rec and Parks infrastructure upgrade from our
Department of Technology Services and 2018 traffic barrier improvements
through Department of Public Works that evening at 6:30 p.m. is the Marilyn
Municipal League dinner in New Windsor Lance Boucher Frazier and Weaver take my
name off that Lance Boucher Weaver well actually can add that the was the SOS
medium going to and said at 6:30 yes sir sources sources of strength for the help
from the school system ago going there good okay excellent
all right Friday the 15th get business now Boucher Weaver Lance and Rothstein
that’s at Carroll Community College 7:30 a.m. until and we’ll be visiting there at various
times Saturday the 16th it’s the Hampstead Manchester business and
community Expo myself and Commissioner Weaver and the
Pleasant Valley Fire Company 88 died niversary banquet again Lance and Weaver
and I’ve got the commissioners report any changes other than what we already
changed all right week of the 18th Tuesday the 19th AG Commission 8:00 a.m.
Commissioner Weaver Shock Trauma Center board meeting in Baltimore that’s myself
Planning and Zoning at 9:00 a.m. Commissioner Rothstein the veterans
Advisory Council that afternoon of two commissioners Weaver and Rothstein
Wednesday the 20th Carroll Hospital family birthplace open house
commissioners Wentz and Rothstein they’re all buddies get the organ but I
was there k66 p.m. is Carroll Community College Board meeting Commissioner
Frazier and I’ll be attending a Carroll County Library advantage Carroll Arts
Center that evening at 7:00 to Thursday the 21st open session its approval and
signature of the priority letter for the county transportation priorities will
come back for a decision on the livestock auction property grant
application for script court family law administration and 2019 Community
Interest needs assessment survey from Department of recs and Parks 7:00 p.m.
that evening on Thursday the 21st freedom area rec council mr. Rothstein
Friday the 22nd 10:00 a.m. Carroll County Sheriff’s Office training Academy
graduation Lance read all of us and commissioner Weaver has the
commissioners any Corrections for that alright with
that we are bringing the midnight oil first
and got a motion in second to join all those in favor I have a great week
everybody and

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