Boats for Kids with Blippi | Learn Colors in the Hot Tub

Hello! Come here balls. Look at these colorful balls! And you know what else is colorful? Yeah! This blue and yellow sail boat. Sail boats get powered by the wind. And I’m blowing it like I’m the wind.
Watch! That is so cool! And look, here is another sail boat. This sail boat is the color red
and yellow. Ok, wow, do you see down there? There is some eggs under the water. These boats and these balls flow
on top of the water but… Look down there! Do you see those? There is a green, yellow,
orange, and purple egg! I think we should go under the water
and get the colorful eggs! Hey, we’re going to use
this guy’s help, ok? Here we go. Here we go. Ok, we’re going to go
under the water! Here it goes! He can’t hold his breath
for that long. Alright, let’s go again
and get the green egg. Ok. Yeah, look!
He got the green egg. Ok, green egg. Ok, now, let’s get the yellow egg,
ready? Alright, here I go.
Let me jump off this sail boat. Yeah, woo-hoo! Look! We’ve got the yellow egg.
Wow, good job! Alright, two more eggs. Got to lift that up a little bit. Getting a little wet. Alright, two more eggs. Here we go. Here we go, hold your breath! Hold your breath! Alright. Alright, here we go. Yeah, woo-hoo! Look, we’ve got the orange egg!
Yeah! Alright, one last egg. One more egg,
and it’s the purple egg. This is going to be fun. Alright, construction working guy,
are you ready? I’m ready. Alright, here we go,
hold your breath! Good job, we did it! Look! It’s the purple egg. That was so much fun getting those eggs
from under the water. And look, the boats
and all the colorful balls. Oh, no! The boats are sinking! Ok, I’ll help them out. Oh, look. Alright I’ve got a net. I think we should get all these balls
out of the hot tub Ready? Yeah, that one, yoo-hoo! Yellow! Orange! Pink! Purple! Wow, I have four in one scoop! Red and pink. Blue, and green! Four more.
Red and blue. Green and pink. Green, orange. Orange, blue, pink. And last but not least, purple. I’m going to put my face in the water and you can see what I look like
while I’m under water.

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