Braini Putti Aquatic Review

Come back to guilty pleasures today I’m
gonna be doing a product review for brain putty brain putty was not
something that I probably normally would buy but this week I am in training at
work one thing they do at work is they set silly putty types of things and
play-doh things like that they said those around it like little things to
fidget with while you’re doing the training because you know you’re
listening to people speak and you’re doing like mental exercises and I guess
there’s some study that says that you know if you’re messing around with
something like a putty or playdough or something like that while you’re doing
studying supposedly helps you remember or just get your hands something to do
while you’re studying I don’t know I’m not sure exactly that works but I’m sure
there’s some you know somebody that makes a lot more money than I do
understands how that works but I was not very happy with some of the products
they gave us to play around with it work them and I’m not say anything bad about
work they you know obviously have to provide this stuff for a lot of people
so you’ve got like cheap playdough and no cheap things to play around with and
I’m glad that they did that in the first place but I thought well I’m an adult so
I’m gonna go buy what I want to buy and you know maybe find something that’s a
little funner or maybe has you know a little more life
to it because the play don’t last more than about a couple days I think is
pretty rough so anyway this is the brain putty
and what I’m going to do is I’m looking at the back of it this is the aquatic
brand and I think it just means the color I don’t think it means you put it
in water I don’t see anything on here about that but on the back here you can
see that it’s got some things that says that this brain putty does it says that
you says right here that it snaps it stretches it bounces it melts
it’s elastic it rebound it and it’s fun I’m not sure what all that means but you
see all that on there so like I said not sure what all that and not exactly sure
what all that means but just got those things listed on there so we’re gonna
put it to the test and see what this stuff looks like because I’ve never seen
it before and we’re gonna see what it does and you know the texture and all
that kind of stuff and it says it never dries out right here on the front and
that like I said that was my big complaint about the play-doh is play-doh
dries out and once play-doh dries out it’s not any fun anymore it gets hard
and it’s just kind of riddle and gets cakey and nasty and you get it all over
your desk so anyway I’m gonna be reviewing this
product so here getting race start I’m gonna open it up and we’ll take a look
at it and test out those claims here on the back so anyway we’ll test it out
okay so right now I’m gonna unbox the brain putty let’s open this puppy up and
see what he’s got right off I noticed that it comes in a
little plastic container that’s sill with another round of plastic right here
and I don’t know about you but sometimes these are a lot of fun to open oh this
one’s open it pretty easy get this opened up here let’s open this stuff up have to use my fingernails on this one
okay here we go all right all right you see where it’s settled
it’s got like a little dip here it’s kind of good a film you look here and
pull this out and get to messing with it oh it’s applies a little plastic cover
on top of it so I guess you just take that out they’ll throw that to the side
and let’s get this brain putty out see if it stimulates the brain so we’re gonna test the brain putty to
see if it does everything that it says it does so right here first we’re going
to test this see how it snaps okay let’s try that out real quick so you got the
brain but it’s a real pretty blue color I don’t know if it translates that well
on camera but it is pretty it’s shiny and says it snaps let’s see if it snaps
oh yeah it snaps almost like rubber here but you know we know it’s not rubber but
it has it’s kind of that texture right now definitely doesn’t stink like rubber
it has kind of a pleasant odor to us is very mild not much smell to it at all
and it says that stretches let’s check out the stretching all right and by
golly that stuff does stretch look at that just like chewing gum but not
sticky feels good all right so next we’re gonna check to see if it bounces
bounces all right so let’s roll this stuff up into a ball and see if we can
get a good bounce out of it okay I’ve got a friggin ball here now
and like I said it doesn’t translate very well but it’s kind of a pretty blue
it’s sort of metallic almost anywhere we’re gonna see the bounces here we go
oh by golly that bounces yep bounces almost like a rubber ball and I
can tell you right now I try bouncing the plate ho in training and play-doh
doesn’t bounce very well it does about like not even that good getting like one
bounce out of it it doesn’t go very far and I throw it pretty hard trying to see
if I can get it to bounce this stuff is almost like rubber when he comes to
bouncing so it’s almost like formal full rubber I would say that all right let’s
check the next thing on here it says right here that it melts so let’s check
that melting I think that’s what he’s doing right here the picture watching it
melt so we’ll stretch some of this out here and I’m gonna hold it up I’m not
gonna move my fingers and we’re just gonna see if it melts and it is melting
and I’m not moving my hands at all this is coming down by itself right now so I
would consider that to be there melting I don’t think they probably want you
putting the stuff in a microwave so anyway it’s very slowly going down and
like I said I’m not moving my hands or arms at all so yeah it does melt right
on hey let’s check the other things on here we got to the cracks right there so
I don’t look cracking the snapping are the same thing maybe crack ease wouldn’t
get air bubbles in it let’s try to get an air bubble in here and see if it yeah
you hear yeah guys yeah just crack a little bit yeah I
guess you got a good air bubble in there butt crack pretty good and it says it’s
a last eek I think that just means stretchability so we’ll stretch it in it
sure it’s very elastic and you know it goes right back to its form
so on that that could be parts elastic this to I mean easy form it right back
into a ball and it goes right back together and it says it’s a rebound it
not sure exactly what that means but I think it means it goes back together and
then it says I don’t know exactly what’s that mean means but I know I’m fond of
this product right now I like what it’s doing good for me so I think I’m really
gonna enjoy using this at training so anyway we’ve tested some buildings that
does everything that it says on the package okay so ask okay so after
reviewing the brave putty I’m giving it two thumbs up and that’s because I’m
comparing it to something like a play-doh or maybe a silly putty or
something like that it’s a little funnier than the silly putty I think
just because it’s colorful and it’s bigger
you know silly putty comes with rust small and I think this is gonna hold up
for a while and the play-doh itself like I said the cheap play-doh especially it
dries out very quickly and regular old play-doh the probably holds up for about
four days I’m guessing this is gonna last me for a few weeks or cranny gonna
be in training for a few weeks I think this might do the trick
so anyway brain putty you’re going to training or get kids this stuff’s pretty
good I think it’s long lasting obviously you probably want to get a gravel or
something but it does everything that says it does on the package so I
definitely encourage you to go out and buy this product thank you for watching
please subscribe like share and comment and please come back to watch more of my
videos and I hope you’ve enjoyed this review tonight have a good evening day
morning whatever you got going on right now

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