Breathe Less if you’re out of Breath Triathlon Swimming

– They smell like new shorts. Good way to practice that is called ‘sink downs.’ Look at me, I have shorts. Good morning, trainiacs. Today is a bit of a Crackerjack box of a workout. I have no idea what it’s going to be. Pat was talking a little bit yesterday about doing like a two hour swim, but, at the same time, he was also talking about coming down and not having big swims this week. And then, at the same time, we had a bunch of athletes in the group racing the half-marathon yesterday. Don’t know what it could be. Whatever it is, it’s going to be good. Oh, there’s our buddy Brian Lehrer, kicking with six boards. He’s the executive director
of Swimming Manitoba. I’m not going to question it. I’m going to out on a limb here, and say that a good chunk of you have trouble breathing in the water. And I’m going out on that limb because I used to have trouble
breathing in the water. The problem is not getting enough oxygen. The problem is that you
take in too much typically, and, there’s that. All right. So, as I was learning how to swim, I had that really built up
‘oh my god, I need to breathe’ feeling in my chest. That is not a lack of oxygen. That’s that you’re taking on too much, and the carbon dioxide is
building up in your lungs because you’re not blowing it out. So the trick to not losing your breathe is to actually take less. A really good way to do that is to get in the habit of,
as soon as your face enters the water, you start blowing out bubbles, and you blow bubbles just gently out until your face exits the water, and the take a little [Breathes In]. But you almost don’t even think
of the breath that you take. You think of the breath
that you push out, eh? Good way to practice that
is called ‘sink downs.’ You just go into the water. You start blowing out bubbles, and, because you’ll have
less air in your lungs, you’ll start sinking down. Just get used to that. Like so. Do those a whole bunch of times until it’s not scary to
have your face in the water. Blowing out bubbles and sinking down. The more comfortable you can be blowing out bubbles and sinking, the better you’re going to be because, what ends up happening is, you blow bubbles in all back of your chest. You chest will go down. Your legs will come up and float, and you will go faster. And, as far as the breathing goes, when you take a breath, just a little, teeny-tiny breath like. Like I almost don’t even think about it. Not [Gasps]. When you take that, you’re not going to be
able to blow that out for the life of you. Now let’s make it here. Oh, guys, guys, guys, guys. I goofed up big time. It is freezing out there, and I am not dressed for the like, look at me. I got shorts. Shorts on. I brought my Ray Bans, and it’s like five degrees and sleeting out. That’s it. That’s it. Today, I am getting some new, water-proof shorts. I’m going to Mountain Equipment Corp. We are spending money on proper clothes. Somebody get me a sweater. Well, this here and that fancy building is where we going to go do a shoot. We have used this place
because it looks so un-Winnipeg-ish, fancy, I think for four shoots. I’ll show it to you later
today it’s pretty cool. Now to just right the
wrongs done by the rain, and my unpreparedness this morning. (pop music) Automatic door. Quick dry. Goods. Secure your goods. All right, what do you think? Shorts. Or knickers. Felt nice and stretchy. Got reflective little bits on the pockets. Quick dry. I don’t know if I’m ready
to be a knickers guy. I went with the knickers, and a bunch of CO2 cartridges, and a new CO2 cartridge inflater. And a new bike pump in
triathlon, terran red no less. Always an expensive trip when
you walk into the bike store. Never immune to it. (pop music) All right, trainiacs. Let’s just see how the
new knickeroos work. Legs are limber. Waist is wicked. Eh, look at these, look at these. They have pockets. They have zippers. I can twirl in it. Not bad, not bad Mountain Equipment Corp. Ooh, I was worried about that. That is a tight squeeze, okay? Maybe that doesn’t work. We got a little ferdangling
to do around the jewels here with the phone. Home, with time. And minutes from leaving. Literally, minutes from leaving after a I want to say a 12-hour day. 10, 10 for sure. All right, let’s see how
these old knickerbockers handle the first ride. Well, juries out on the knicksons. I mean, they’re a little swooshy,
can you hear this? They’re a little bunchy
in the old pocket here. For the iPhone+. But they look damn good, damn good. All right, Trainiacs. See you tomorrow. Guys. Guys. Guys. Smell like new shorts.

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  • Things I look forward to each day, Morning training session, Triathlon Taren daily Video, family time.

  • Hi from France.
    You're lucky to be able to wear knickers. If I'd wear some, I'd look like a hobbit!
    Otherwise you bought the same CO2 cartridge inflator as I have: very efficient one. Got mine from MEC too. Too bad they don't retail in France. They store some nice stuff….like shorts. Man you should have chosen them!

  • Taren, On there's a 'bodybuilder' named Kris Gethin who's giving himself ((( 6 months ))) of training to do a full Ironman event!!! He can hardly swim, run or bike! You should help him, lol. P.S. I love your videos 🙂

  • why change behind a screen whilst in front of an open window , lol, we may not see you , but a bus full of nuns could be passing by and get a mighty shock !..wahey

  • Thank you! The breathing info is very helpful. I'll have to practice that. My major issue is a severe lack of proper breathing technique. I'm always out of breath and sometimes get lightheaded.

  • Nice content! Keep it up!

  • I watched several "how to breathe during swimming" videos but you explained it in the most simple terms. Kudos for that, it is very easy to understand it and follow.

  • Thanks for taking the time to do these videos dude! Definitely making me want to do a triathlon this year!

  • Was that back to back days getting the yellow kickboard? If so, nice!! Thanks for the breathing explanation. I definitely gulp air, I need to quit that.

  • Man, the lights went on after listening to this tip. Will try tomorrow and report back. Thanks so much👍

  • you sounded so excited to have pockets there!

  • Did the extra 3 inches of fabric in the knickers keep you any warmer than the shorts? Love the videos!

  • Taren, I absolutely love watching these blogs! The are so inspiring and entertaining! Thank you sooo much for making me excited to watch your videos every night. Keep up the GREAT work!👍🏻🏊🏻🚴🏻🏃🏻

  • It appears that this breathing tip was helpful to some. I don't understand. This seemed like utter nonsense to me.

  • "New Kit Day" is ALWAYS a good day! Nice one Taren!
    Back in my youth, I was a provincial swimmer and we used to do "lung busters" – 50m sprints on one breath. Ahh, the memories of nearly dying countless times. haha.

  • Does anyone pin their race numbers to their tri suit in races? I find race belts really annoying. The number flaps around on the bike and spins round and round on the run and rides up. I'd like to pin the number to my tri suit, one on the front and one on the back but worried that the stretch could rip it or I'll end up ripping it off when I pull my wetsuit off. Any tips?

  • Good choice on the knickers. Have you tried pushing the elevator button just once? 😉 lol Good breathing tip

  • This is by far the best piece of advise, anyone has ever given.
    If this was taught, I truly believe a whole lot of bad technique and injury would have been avoided and prevented
    , just with this simple practice. Thanks for sharing.

  • I'm going to give this a go in a couple of hours. I'm curious, I certainly do these desperate, gasping breaths when I swim. And I do feel like I have to take a breath basically right after I breath in. I do some jogging, biking, hiking at a higher HR compared to swimming. I never feel as much out of breath as I do, when I swim. But I actually started learning freestyle technique just a year ago, so I may be lacking strength, fitness. Technique is probably not the best either. But just to be sure, one quick question, I hope it doesn't sound stupid: How would actually being out of breath (lacking) oxygen feel like compared to the feeling you mentioned? If I just need to work on being more durable during swimming, how would I know?

  • How much does fitness level play into this technique? Just getting back into swimming after more than 20 years away. Fitness and technique are slowly returning.

  • Spot on Taren! Really that tiny!! Oh yh I Sooooooo gulp air!! Getting a new wetsuit today Blueseventy Fusion hopefully chose they correct size but wetsuit would be a good vid idea… Oh and to get use to it would practicing in the pool be good?

  • Hi Taren, I'm facing the same fear right now…Learning freestyle swimming… Will try to follow what you told.. but I just need to know how do I come out of water once I breathe out and start sinking ? Maybe this question is stupid… But really need to get an answer as I'm a beginner and need to come out of this fear.

  • Hi Taren, this advice is contrary to what Ive been doing for weeks. I will definitely be giving it a try. Ive been struggling getting past 200-250m without stopping, and at the end my HR is high and I'm panting. I tried a 3breath per stroke pattern but then was recommended to breath every two breaths. I tried that the past 2 days and still not seeing that much improvement.
    I will give this a shot on Saturday. I would usually take a deep breath everytime but will try to take a shallow breath. How empty should my lungs be before the breath, completely empty? Also do you have any tips on how to make my stroke more efficient?

  • Hi Taren bro. You're the best. Most useful tips. Good sense of humor. And you look like a non doped athlete. Pure hard work and technique. Keep up the good work. I'm a pure endurance cyclist. Now will take up triathlons. Cheers

  • Thanks Taren
    Have struggled and kept running out of steam.
    Looked at your video and took your advice. Fastest and easiest 1000m

  • In Europe they put you in jail for wearing that swimming thing, for years jail oxygen. Still, good tip bro.

  • Great video, after seeing this I know for sure I was taking in too much air. Will definitely be conscious of this

  • A lot of pools (military pools) won't let you do that. It's called bobbing. Causes blackout situations.

  • those nickers sure do look good !

  • Can You even say "swooshy" & we don't think Nike, Lance doing Tri & Road, some b-baller dunking?????

  • LOL the huge breath is what I have been doing. Thanks, for the tip!
    I'll try it today

  • I have track tomorrow ur videos have prepared me for it thx

  • Never thought of that! I'll do this tomorrow! Thanks!

  • This explanation is very imp, thanks 🙏

  • Great video and advice. I tried this and my swim was so much better. I even put together my longest set of 700yds. I was only supposed to do 400, but I felt good and kept going. I took a tip from one of your other videos and slowed way down also. Helped me not burn so much energy too fast

  • Thank you for this I was wondering why I was almost drowning cause I felt like I couldn't breath. Definitely taking to big of breaths. It's funny cause some times when I was swimming I wouldn't have a hard time breathing at all and couldn't figure out what the difference was (wasn't intensity) and this was it for sure.

  • This was a game changer! Thanks!!

  • Thanks for the tip, i struggle so much with the breath on the swim, but all the other swim videos, just say to breath in the pocket. i never thought i was breathing to much, but as soon as you said it i knew thats exactly how i try and breath (with big gulps of air)

  • These videos are simply so informative and entertaining! Keep em coming Taren!

  • I find that my breath lasts longer if I'm distracted. Like if someone was doing something weird in the water and I'm distracted watching them. That must be because I stop paying so much attention to my breath and I end up not breathing too much air when I come up. Let me try this next time. Thankyou

  • Thanks so much for this! I have asthma and great technique but am always short of breath. I thought it was the asthma sabotaging my endurance, but I absolutely do gulp! I'm going to go try sink-downs out right now.

  • Such a cuute and entertaining video…nice knickers😀 and TFS the breathing tip

  • This makes so much sense!! Thank you, can't wait to get in the water and try it out.

  • Im jealous of your bike shop. You walk in and spend too much. I walk in and then leave disappointed because they dont have anything i want.

  • I usually take big breaths and today i have a competition lets see how i do

  • Well, time to try this out tomorrow. I can barely go 50m without stopping… I always take a massive breath so… here's hoping this helps.

  • I tried this today and swam 70 x 25m in one hour. My personal best was 60 x 25m. So, a 250m improvement in one session. I know that's still not amazing but I've only one arm so still working hard on it. Thanks!

  • Those are women’s capris. Just sayin 😉

  • One of the best explanations I've found. I've done some triathlons, up to the Olympic distance (I'm by no means an experienced swimmer, I still get anxious in open water) and still can't do the 5-7 stroke drills for more than 50 meters. I guess I'll be doing sink drills until I'm blue in the face (not literally, I hope). Thanks!

  • This video literally resulted in me making a break through in the distance I could swim without (almost) dying or drowning. I was sucking liters of air on each breath then working super hard to exhale that within 2-3 strokes.

  • you're good, taren

  • This explanation along with your other vids on getting comfortable in the water has made all the difference in my swimming. I started training for my 1st half IM in January, the swimming progressed very slowly. For weeks I was only able to swim sets of 50's and maybe a 100 w/o feeling short of breath and having to rest for several minutes in between. Everyone was saying just breath out more but NOT saying to take in LESS air at the same time. The longer I swam, the more I tried to take in more air and this rapidly created an imbalance that forced me to stop. What I came to realize through your vids and further research about the relationship between O2 and CO2 is that the exhale controls everything. There is plenty of oxygen for our needs even in our exhaled breath. I started practicing exhaling techniques and yoga breathing between sets along with all your comfort drills. Within a couple weeks I swam my longest continuous sets, 150's, 250's and a 450 with relative ease and comfort. A total of 2350 yards in less than an hour. This has been an amazing transformation. Now, I look forward to my swim sessions. Thx!

  • Thank you!

  • Triathlees r not swimmers. U really shouldnt be making these kind of videos when u not a trained swimmer, anf have no background in it all. U r also not a biker. Or a runner for that matter. There r plenty videos out here comin from really dedicated swimmers only – who couldnt have care less about open water swimming (btw can u even swim all 4 strokes?) Unsub. Find swimming channels or why not my favourite cloe sutton – those r some expert advice…

  • Gently out, gotcha

  • This has really helped me to breath more efficiently! Haven’t practised the drill, but the taking small breaths in rather than huge gulps has made swimming 400metres much more comfortable. Thanks

  • Great advice, gonna try that. Cheers

  • I have watched so many videos but no one who can share the tips of breathing like you and I have improved my swimming skill of breathing. Thanks so much

  • Thanks, this was really detailed and clear!

  • I’m trying this tomorrow. I’m a 53 year old menopausal woman and I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to be able to swim. I have a goal of getting scuba certified but I can’t swim without my fins. I can swim 100 yds w fins but am dying at the end and gasping for breath.

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