Brightwell Aquatics – Koral Recover an All Natural Coral Remedy

Bright well aquatics coral recover is an
all-natural herbal treatment for live corals inside your aquarium that targets
the symptoms caused by disease such as RTN, STN, white band, black band, brown
jelly and white paste it works by inhibiting harmful bacteria and
stimulating the regrowth of lost tissue that occurs during disease fragging or
stress by boosting the immune functions it will also increase a corals ability
to resist infection this means that your corals will recover quicker inside your
tank and you will drastically reduce the risk of spreading any sort of bacterial
infections the product is excellent for use when adding or holding new frags
or anytime your corals show signs of stress coral recover is completely safe
for all reef tank inhabitants will not harm your biological filter and will not
discolor or alter your tank water parameters instructions for use one
shake well to remove chemical filter media such as carbon and resins three
turn off protein skimmer for dosage five milliliters of coral recover per 10
gallons of aquarium water add directly into your aquarium into an area of high
flow 5 treatment dosage repeat dosage daily for seven days to treat an active
infection prophylactic dosage repeat dosage daily for three days as a
preventative measure when adding new corals 6 upon treatment termination
perform a 25% water exchange a second treatment can be implemented if symptoms
persist after a water exchange seven upon final termination of
treatment return carbon and resume normal protein skimmer operation

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