Brightwell Aquatics MicroBacter 7

Microbacter seven is a complex system
of non-pathogenic aerobic and anaerobic microbes along with beneficial enzymes
that is specifically formulated to establish a strong and diverse
biological filtration in your aquarium this unique blend will enhance the rate
of nitrification denitrification and organic waste degradation in both marine
and freshwater aquaria the additional benefit of increasing dissolved oxygen
levels improves the quality of life for your entire aquatic ecosystem you can
expect visibly higher water clarity which makes this comprehensive
biological supplement an all-in-one solution for aquarium maintenance
Microbacter 7 can be added to new aquariums in order to rapidly establish
a diverse and stable population of beneficial bacteria it can also be used
on a regular basis to help maintain optimum water quality
and reduce organic waste and established aquariums. Shake well prior to use Add 5mL per 25 US gallons to seed new aquariums and reduce waste in high nutrient aquariums Add 2.5 mL per 25 US gallons to maintain low nutrient levels in established aquariums Mix with 240 mL of aquarium water prior to dosing Add Microbacter 7 directly into biological filtration or into an area of hight water flow Turn Protein Skimmer and UV Sterilizer OFF for 4 hours following addition to the aquarium

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