Brightwell Aquatics Reef Code A and B

Reef code a and B is a balance calcium
and alkalinity supplementation system that will provide the necessary elements
that your tank inhabitants require to grow and thrive recode a is the calcium
strontium and magnesium bearing components and recode C contains the
alkalinity mostly carbonate but also bicarbonate sulfates and other important
anions they are dosed in equal amounts to create ionically balanced water
chemistry matching the elemental ratios found in natural seawater the marine
scientists at Brightwell Aquatics formulated the two-part reef code system
to provide all of the fundamental major and minor elements that are used by
coral not just calcium and alkalinity Shake well before use Measure 5 mL (1capful) of each product per 25 gallons of aquarium water Dose into area of high water flow Do not mix products in the same container. Allow 60 seconds to pass between dosing Reef Code A and B. Dosage amounts should be adjusted as needed to maintain the desired calcium and alkalinity levels.

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