Brown Algae IN Your Aquarium Fish Tank How to Remove it Organically Nerite Snails

so today we have kind of a fun topic if
you’re keeping tropical fish you may have watched my fish tank video how to
set up a freshwater tank and once you’ve got your tank established and the water
cycles and all your filters are running great and everything else you’re
probably going to get some algae and in this case we’re looking at brown algae
in my fish tank also look at this dive helmet that’s covered with it
part of its clean part of its dark brown with algae and that’s because I have a
little snail that you can see in the lower right and he’s eating the algae
off of that decoration now you got to be careful when it comes time to putting
snails inside your fish tank some snails will just reproduce and
completely overrun your tank and there’s a progress update there more of the
algae’s been eating off and now I did a lot of research on invertebrates for the
tank and specifically snails that will eat brown algae and what I arrived at is
the nerite snail now these are very special snails and there’s a lot of
reasons why the utmost being that nerite snails in a freshwater fish tank
cannot reproduce and start to populate the tank with lots of other snails so if
you buy three snails you’re going to have three snails now the good news is
they can get into every nook and cranny on your tank and eat brown algae they
call the decomposing matter in the tank here’s one on the glass and here’s a
wake-up call when you put a macro lens up to your tank like this you think it
looks nice and clean but look at all the little bits of algae that are waving in
the water they’re also this nerite snail is producing a little white pellet
that it’s sticking on the tank you’re going to see those around the tank and
that happens is kind of some people call them a baler snail because as they go
along they create these little tiny white bales that they stick to things even if
that were an pouch which I don’t believe it is but if
it were it would be infertile again they don’t reproduce in freshwater so this
little guy is doing his best and as you saw we had three of them I got them from
my local pet shop and their kind of ugly to be honest I asked for zebra nerites
they special order them in and what I got were these drab little olive
colored snails also three snails is really not enough for this 54 gallon
tank if you’re going to have decent illumination you’re going to have a
consistent issue with algae brown and green and you’re going to need snails to
keep up with that I try to other things and try to scrub the pieces off and
stuff and what happens is the algae just snaps right back covers everything the
good news too is these snails won’t eat your plants so I got these through the
mail from a place called aquatic and I ordered three they sent me
four and they actually did send what I asked for
zebra nerite snails so let’s take a look and see how they arrived the UPS
guy dropped them off they were sent Priority Mail and these kinds have great
patterns on their shelves and I know you’re probably thinking we need to get
these guys right in the water but I wanted to give you a close-up look
before we put them in the fish tank and they have wonderful striping and if you
look close there’s lots of gradients in these colors and everything and guess
what they’re all alive and they all started moving around even on these damp
paper towels that they were shipped in so very good shipping experience here
and it was really impressed with the colors of these snails and you want to
introduce them to your tank the same way you do with any other fish resident in
your tank gradual temperature acclamation and then mix the water
slowly until they have a balanced experience when they go in with low
stress and these guys went straight to work they’re all over the gravel
and their colors are fantastic even better underwater and I was also
impressed that their striping and coloration continues through the soft
tissue these things are very interesting you can spend a lot of time just looking
at them because they move so slow it’s kind of hypnotic be honest and again
these colors are great I can’t say too many good things about aquatic arts as
the source for them again I just bought them like anyone else they did not send
anything special and I did not get these in order to review or promote them I’m
doing it on my own and this particular specimen while I’m videoing is turning
around showing all of his angles and this is a really fantastic little snail
and if you look at the coloration right where these yellow bands it’ss a zebra nerite
with the yellow bands are adjacent to the black bands they actually have
highlighted little penciling along there and really interesting stuff so I didn’t
expect the snails both to be so functional they’re cleaning the tank at
an incredible rate but they really are fascinating to look
at you can find yourself sitting and just watching them and losing a lot of
time to be honest they’re little antennae come out and that’s how they feel
around for where the algae is located and they can also move pretty fast I was
impressed if you’re trying to take a macro video now having things move in
and out of focus is always a challenge you’d think it snail moving so slow
would be very easy but they actually move in and out of focus fast and now
look at this tank all my fake driftwood my plastic plants my dive helmet
everything is super clean and now I have four that I bought through the mail and
of course I have the three I’m going to give away those three that I got from
the local pet shop because they’re just not as cool looking and they’re cleaning
the gravel they go all over the plants the glass everything so I refer to these
guys is kind of the Scrubbing Bubbles of your fish tank
they do the work so you don’t have to now my water chemistry was all fantastic
so it’s always tested great it looks clear and we got this brown algae anyway
so I needed to do something about it I wasn’t too keen on using chemicals to
clean and scrub with toothbrushes and things like that it just didn’t work so
nerite snails whether you get the you know the
tiger snails or the zebra snails that we showed here it doesn’t matter they
perform the same and you can do a fantastic job of keeping up with brown
algae in your fish tank I hope you enjoyed it
get some snails they’re really cool and they look awesome and I have to say I’m
very happy with aquatic arts com thanks a lot for watching and I hope you’ll
enjoy my other videos

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    How many snails should I keep in it

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  • As soon as you said Aquatic arts, you made my day.. i bought one snail, they shipped two, with excellent shipoimg, also gave me superb support to my questions!! Because of your vid, I’m going to buy two more!! Thanks!!

  • Hi Frederick, very interesting video here thank you, i have a 125litre tank, i went through the water bloom now i have this brown diatom bloom, especially in my gravel, its really annoying me, how many of these little guys do you think i could house in my tropical aquarium please, and also what happens if they eat all the brown algae, do you have to feed them anything else, i would appreciate your help 🙂

  • I have a brown dust like algae I have been battling for over a year and I'm so tired of it but can't really find out how to get rid of it. I do weekly water changes. Is it insufficient light?

  • Thank you a lot for this video, I think snails (for me, as im a beginner and this will be my first planted aquarium) will be the best choice for myself and It'll be interesting to see how my fish will react c:

  • Will YoYo loaches eat these?

  • Great video! I have heard nerite snails are escape artists, have you ever had issues with yours escaping? How many do think would be needed for a 29 gallon aquarium? Keep up the great videos.

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    I also enjoy your soothing voice!

  • What a beautiful video, the best advice I could have asked for. Thank you so much for this!

  • Can they clean your plants with brown algae and hair algae too?

  • I have them snails … I love them!

    I have some fish too 😉

    oh, and brown algae is/are diatoms … they occur naturally in your water, all water, even tap water … they just required an opportunity to grow in our fish tanks. :))

  • My clown pleco doesn’t eat any brown algea

  • On another Youtube channel, the girl says brown alae is because of poor water quality, but my nitites and ammonia stay at zero. The nitrates only at 10 when I do the weekly water change. Is my water really bad quality? Not sure what to believe now. Thanks so much.

  • I've never been so captivated by a video talkinkg about sails wow

  • Brown Algae is not algae. Shocker right? They are diatoms.
     Multi celled chained together. I Can grow it or make it vanish.
    To make Brown Algae ( diatoms ) grow you cut back lighting ( old bulbs ) Over feed the tank to build up phosphates and cause alot of fish waste as well as food rotting in the tank. It loves these conditions as well as if your water contains a build up of silica.
    We can introduce brown algae with ( well water ) as you all know its slimy and grows in dark places. But some fish and lots of snails eat it and yes its ugly but not harmful.
    So when I need to get rid of it I collect rain water and let it sit in a bucket to get to room temperature for my water changes.
     I replace my Light Bulbs with newer brighter ones to encourage Green algae to grow because we know most florescent go bad after 3 to 6 months degrading in Lumens ( I hate buying new bulbs i'm soo cheap!
    This is not about being cheap its about killing diatoms. I clean my gravel and remove waste build up and squeeze out my sponge filter and wash my ceramic stones ( filter media ) in a bucket of old fish water removed from the tank in a 5 gallon pail.
    So now you know how to grow it if you like it or starve it out.

  • Great video, convinced

  • One week later, and my brown algae is almost gone. I don't like using chemicals, so… Thanks!

  • Will Assassin snails eat these snails?

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