cách làm hồ thủy sinh kết hợp non bộ cực đẹp/ make aquatic plants combine very beautiful rockery

Hello everyone, I would like to share with you how to make aquariums combined with rockery With this simple way, you will have a fertile lake with a lively waterfall In particular, the tank has a simple separate filter system for water to be transparent Let’s start working together You cut a side of the stone flat to easily attach it to the glass use glue to attach glass to the glass You are tied so that harmony is possible then attach a small stone to create a cascade that you use cement to put together You attach the water cord to the waterfall After the cement is dry, you use powder color to paint copper color with stone Next, do a separate filter, you use a copper mist sprayer to do it Use an adhesive with a glass attached to the plastic box Put the filter material in the filter box insert mini pump pour two layers of small grindstone into the lake and grow moss You use rock drill to drill glass to make bottom suction hole to filter and finally you put water in and run the filter for clear water and release the fish Wish you success and don’t forget to click register to see the latest shared videos

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